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Created November 14, 2016 01:21
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taiHENkaku B4 Release Notes

大変革 Beta 4

Developers: Please make sure you are using the latest toolchain from ( We made a lot of changes so using an older toolchain to add taiHEN hooks will result in crashes! Also make sure to update your taiHEN development libraries to the latest version.

If you are not interested in helping test the beta, we recommend that you stick with the old stable release at ( instead. To update the beta, reboot and visit from your Vita's browser. To remove the beta, delete molecularShell, reboot, and visit instead.

New Features

  • Fixed many bugs that causes instability, memory leaks, and crashes with hooks. Full details here.
  • Fixed dynarec issue resulting in many emulators including PCSX and mGBA not working.
  • In the HENkaku installer, you can now hold R1 to reinstall everything and reset the configuration files for taiHEN and HENkaku. This will reset your ux0:tai/config.txt in case you added a bad plugin that crashes the system.
  • The installer will now block the PS Button since people still are accidently hitting it.

Missing/Known Issues

  • PSN spoofing WILL break in a couple of days. Access might be restored at a later point, keep tuned.
  • Sometimes, right after successful installation, the browser will either crash or show a black screen. This is okay, just press the PS button to exit manually.
  • molecularShell now only shows ux0:. This is part of the move to molecularShell being a safe homebrew while VitaShell has full powers. Please install VitaShell manually to access other partitions moving forward.
  • If build the offline installer yourself and point it to, you can use offline mode. The release builds will always point to HENkaku stable.

Please report any other issues to the issue tracker

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