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Turn Andre Simon's highlight themes to CSS files for knitr
## put Simon's theme files under ./themes-andre/, and CSS files under ./themes/
## then run generate_css()
## author: Ramnath Vaidyanathan
#' Parses theme files from Highlight v3.06 by Andre Simon
#' @param theme_name name of the theme to parse
#' @return a list containing the theme specifications
theme_to_list <- function(theme_name){
theme <- readLines(sprintf('themes-andre/%s.theme', theme_name))
y <- theme[grep("\\{.*\\}", theme)]
y <- gsub("[{]", 'list(', y)
y <- gsub("^(.*)\\}.*$", '\\1)', y)
y <- gsub("[;]", "", y)
y <- paste(y, collapse = ",")
y <- gsub("true", "TRUE", y, fixed = TRUE)
y <- eval(parse(text = paste('list(', y, ')')))
names(y)[names(y) == ""] <- paste('Keyword', 1:4, sep = "")
#' Convert theme files from Highlight v3.06 by Andre Simon to CSS
#' @param theme_name name of the theme to parse
#' @return NULL
theme_to_css <- function(theme_name){
theme <- theme_to_list(theme_name)
css_folder <- "themes"
css_file <- file.path(css_folder, sprintf("%s.css", theme_name))
template <- file.path(css_folder, 'highlight3.brew')
brew::brew(template, css_file)
cat('Theme', theme_name, 'saved to', css_file)
#' Generate CSS files for all themes in the highlight3 package
generate_css <- function(){
`%oo%` <- function(x, f){
true <- TRUE
themes_folder <- file.path('themes-andre')
themes <- themes_folder %oo% list.files %oo% file_path_sans_ext
l_ply(themes, failwith(NULL, theme_to_css), .progress = 'text', .print = TRUE)
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