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A list of package vignettes built from knitr on CRAN

Here is a list of package vignettes possibly built with knitr on CRAN.

package type vignette
abbyyR HTML A Worked Out Example of Managing with abbyyR
abbyyR HTML Overview of abbyyR
abbyyR HTML Getting Text from Wisconsin Ads Storyboards Using abbyyR
ABC.RAP HTML Array Based CpG Region Analysis Package (ABC.RAP)
ABHgenotypeR HTML Using ABHGenotypeR
AbSim HTML AbSim vignette
ACMEeqtl HTML ACMEeqtl Overview
acmeR HTML Using Package acmeR
acnr HTML Annotated data sets contained in the 'acnr' package
acnr HTML Autocorrelation structure of the acnr data sets
ACSNMineR HTML ACSN description
ACSNMineR HTML ACSN Map update
adapr HTML Using the adapr package.
adaptiveGPCA HTML adaptvieGPCA vignette
additivityTests HTML Testing for interaction in two-way ANOVA with no replication
adegraphics HTML The 'adegraphics' package
adepro HTML adepro Package Manual
adespatial HTML adespatial: Moran's Eigenvector Maps and related methods in R for the spatial multiscale analysis of ecological communities
AdhereR HTML AdhereR: Adherence to Medications
adjclust HTML Clustering of Hi-C contact maps
adjclust HTML Notes on CHAC implementation in adjclust
adjclust HTML Inferring Linkage Disequilibrium blocks from genotypes
admixturegraph HTML Constructing and fitting admixture graphs to D statistics
ADPclust HTML ADPclust-vignette
advclust HTML Advance Clustering
afex HTML ANOVA and Post-Hoc Contrasts: Reanalysis of Singmann and Klauer (2011)
afex HTML Mixed Model Example Analysis: Reanalysis of Freeman et al. (2010)
afpt HTML Aerodynamic model
afpt HTML Basic Usage
afpt HTML Multiple Birds
agridat PDF Graphical Gems in the 'agridat' Package
ahnr HTML ahnr_vignette
ahp HTML AHP Examples
ahp HTML AHP File Format
airGR HTML airGR
ajv HTML Ajv: Getting started
alakazam PDF Amino acid property analysis
alakazam PDF Diversity analysis
alakazam PDF Gene usage analysis
alakazam PDF Lineage reconstruction
alakazam PDF Topology analysis
alfred HTML alfred
algorithmia HTML Introduction to the Algorithmia R Client
alleHap PDF alleHap vignette
alluvial HTML Creating Alluvial Diagrams
alphabetr HTML Using textsc{alphabetr} to determine $alphabeta$TCR pairs
AlphaVantageClient HTML A simple package for loading data from Alpha Vantage into R objects.
alterryx HTML Using alterryx
AMCTestmakeR HTML Using 'AMCTestmakeR'
ameco HTML AMECO Dataset
amen PDF Dyadic data analysis with amen
analogsea HTML Working with the Digital Ocean API
AncestryMapper HTML AncestryMapper Overview
anchoredDistr HTML anchoredDistr
anim.plots HTML anim.plots
anipaths HTML Vignette Title
ANLP HTML Vignette Title
AnnotationBustR HTML AnnotationBustR Tutorial
anomalyDetection HTML Introduction
antaresProcessing HTML antaresProcessing
antaresRead HTML Vignette Title
Anthropometry PDF Developing statistical methodologies for Anthropometry
aoos HTML Introduction
aoos HTML S4SyntacticSugar
aoos HTML aoosClasses
aoos HTML performance
aoos HTML referenceClasses
aoos HTML retListClasses
aop HTML AOP Vignette
aop HTML AOP Vignette
apa HTML Introduction to apa
apaTables HTML apaTables
apcluster PDF An R Package for Affinity Propagation Clustering
apex HTML apex: Phylogenetic Methods for Multiple Gene Data.
aphid HTML Introduction to the aphid package
aplore3 PDF Examples from the aplore3 package
apsimr PDF Introduction to apsimr
aptg HTML aptg
ArchaeoPhases HTML ArchaeoPhases
ArchaeoPhases HTML ArchaeoPhases
ArchaeoPhases HTML ArchaeoPhases
archivist.github HTML archivist and GitHub integration - archivist.github
argparse HTML argparse Command Line Argument Parsing
ArgumentCheck HTML Checking Arguments in R Functions
ARPobservation PDF Algorithms for direct observation recording
arsenal HTML The compare function
arsenal HTML The freqlist function
arsenal HTML A Few Notes on Labels
arsenal HTML The modelsum function
arsenal HTML The tableby function
arsenal HTML The write2 function
ARTool HTML Interaction Contrasts with ART
ARTool HTML Effect Sizes with ART
aRxiv HTML aRxiv tutorial
asciiSetupReader HTML Vignette Title
ASMap PDF Efficient linkage map construction using R/ASMap
aspi HTML ASPI - Analysis of Symmetry of Parasitic Infections
aSPU HTML gene - multitrait aSPU with GWAS Summary Statistics
aSPU HTML aSPU with GWAS Summary Statistics
assertable HTML assertable template
assertable HTML assertable data assertion intro
assertable HTML assertable file assertion intro
assertive HTML 2. Checking function inputs
assertive HTML 3. Checklists of checks
assertive HTML A1. Exercise answers
assertive HTML 1. Introduction
assertr HTML Assertive R Programming with assertr
ASSISTant HTML Adaptive Subgroup Selection in Sequential Trials
ASSISTant HTML Design of the DEFUSE3 Trial
asymmetry HTML Visualizing asymmetry: start here
atlantistools PDF model-calibration-species
atlantistools PDF model-calibration
atlantistools PDF model-comparison
atlantistools HTML model-preprocess
atlantistools HTML package-demo
atsd HTML How to use the atsd package to fetch data from ATSD
attrCUSUM HTML Tools for Attribute VSI CUSUM Charts
attribrisk PDF An Introduction to Attributable Risk
auk HTML Introduction to auk
auk HTML Introduction to auk
aurelius HTML aurelius Basic Usage
aurelius HTML Major Syntax Changes
AUtests HTML AUtests: approximate unconditional and permutation tests for 2x2 tables
AutoDeskR HTML AutoDeskR
autoimage HTML How to Use the autoimage package
autoimage HTML Producing heat maps with autoimage and ggplot2
AutoModel HTML AutoModel
autothresholdr HTML autothresholdr
aVirtualTwins HTML full-example
aws.alexa HTML Overview of aws.alexa
awsjavasdk HTML AWS Java SDK for R
AzureML HTML Getting Started with the AzureML package
babar HTML Comparing distributions with nested sampling
babar PDF Fitting a single data curve
babar PDF Comparing two growth curves
BACA HTML An Introduction to the BACA package
BacArena PDF BacArena-Introduction
backblazer HTML How to Use backblazer
backpipe HTML Backpipe Operations
backShift HTML backShift demo
bannerCommenter PDF Consistent Banner Comments for R Scripts
banR HTML Geocoding French adresses with BanR
BAS HTML Using the Bayesian Adaptive Sampling (BAS) Package for Bayesian Model Averaging and Variable Selection
base64url HTML Benchmark
baseballDBR HTML Database Loading and Extracting Baseball Data
baseballDBR HTML Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP)
baseballDBR HTML Weighted On-base Average (wOBA)
baseballDBR HTML Weighted Runs Above Average (wRAA) and Weighted Runs Created (wRC)
basictabler HTML 01. Introduction
basictabler HTML 01. Introduction
basictabler HTML 04. Outputs
basictabler HTML 06. Styling
basictabler HTML 07. Finding and Formatting
basictabler HTML 11. Shiny
basictabler HTML 12. Excel Export
BatchGetSymbols HTML How to use BatchGetSymbols
BatchMap HTML BatchMap algorithm for the creation of high density linkage maps in outcrossing species
batchtools PDF batchtools
bayesAB HTML Introduction to bayesAB
BayesCombo HTML BayesCombo
bayesDP HTML Binomial Count Estimation
bayesDP HTML Normal Mean Estimation
bayesDP HTML Survival Outcome Estimation
BayesFactor HTML Demos and comparisons
BayesFactor HTML Vignette menu
BayesFactor HTML User's manual
BayesFactor HTML Odds and probabilities
BayesFactor HTML Prior checks
bayesGDS PDF Estimating Bayesian Hierarchical Models using bayesGDS
bayesGDS PDF Small test example 1
bayesGDS PDF Small test example 2
BayesianNetwork HTML An Introduction to BayesianNetwork
BayesianTools HTML Manual for the BayesianTools R package
bayesImageS PDF Bayesian Methods for Image Segmentation
bayesm HTML Hierarchical Multinomial Logit with Sign Constraints
bayesm HTML bayesm Overview
bayesmeta HTML bayesmeta introduction
bayesplot HTML Graphical posterior predictive checks
bayesplot HTML Plotting MCMC draws
bayesplot HTML Visual MCMC diagnostics
BayesSingleSub HTML Using the BayesSingleSub package, version 0.6.2+
bbmle PDF Examples for enhanced mle code
bbmle PDF quasi: notes on quasi-likelihood/qAIC analysis inR
BCellMA HTML Vignette Title
Bchron HTML Bchron
Bclim HTML Bclim
bcpa PDF Behavioral Change Point Analysis
bcRep HTML bcRep: Advanced Analysis of B Cell Receptor RepertoireData
bcROCsurface HTML Guide for Use bcROCsurface
bdlp HTML Vignette Title
bdscale HTML Business-Day Scaling
beanz HTML beanz: Bayesian Analysis of Heterogeneous Treatment Effect
bedr HTML bedr
benchmarkme HTML Crowd sourced benchmarks
BEQI2 PDF BEQI2: An Introduction
BEQI2 PDF BEQI2: Installation Guide
berryFunctions HTML berryFunctions
BETS HTML "BETS - Brazilian Economic Time Series: Basic Usage""
BeviMed HTML BeviMed Introduction
BeviMed HTML BeviMed with VCFs
BeviMed PDF BeviMed Guide
bib2df HTML bib2df
bibliometrix HTML A brief introduction to bibliometrix
bife HTML bife - Introduction
bigKRLS HTML bigKRLS_basics
BIGL HTML Synergy analysis
BIGL HTML Methodology
bigmemory PDF The Bigmemory Project Overview
bigQueryR HTML bigQueryR
bikedata HTML bikedata
billboarder HTML Introduction - basic use
billboarder HTML Options - styling charts
billboarder HTML Options - styling charts
binman HTML binman: Basics
binomen HTML binomen introduction
bio3d HTML bio3d Vignettes
biogas PDF Getting started with the biogas package
biogas PDF Predicting methane and biogas production
biogram HTML biogram package - an overview
bioimagetools HTML Read, write and plot
bioinactivation HTML bioinactivation: Software for modelling microbial inactivation
BioInstaller HTML Introduction to BioInstaller
BioInstaller HTML Examples of Templet Configuration File
biomartr HTML Ensembl BioMart Examples
biomartr HTML NCBI Database Retrieval
biomartr HTML Functional Annotation
biomartr HTML Introduction
biomartr HTML Meta-Genome Retrieval
biomartr HTML Sequence Retrieval
bioOED HTML Vignette Title
biorxivr HTML Using biorxivr
bioset HTML Introduction
biotic HTML Vignette for 'biotic' package
biwavelet HTML Profiling 'biwavelet' package
bizdays HTML Creating Calendars
bizdays HTML Setting default calendar in .Rprofile
BlandAltmanLeh HTML BlandAltmanLeh Intro
blandr HTML Vignettes for blandr
blink HTML Vignette Title
blkbox HTML Vignette Title
blscrapeR HTML BLS API Employment and Unemployment
blscrapeR HTML BLS API Inflation and Prices
blscrapeR HTML Mapping BLS Data
blscrapeR HTML BLS API Pay and Benefits
blscrapeR HTML Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages API
bmrm HTML bmrm User Guide
bnclassify PDF Introduction
bnclassify PDF Comments on runtime
bnclassify PDF Techical information
bnspatial HTML Overview of package 'bnspatial'
bnstruct PDF texttt{bnstruct}: an R package for Bayesian Network Structure Learning
bodenmiller HTML High Dimensional Single Cell Data Exploration
bold HTML bold vignette
bomrang HTML bomrang
bomrang HTML bomrang use case
boostr HTML User Inputs
boostr HTML Introduction
BoSSA HTML Example of placement analysis using BoSSA
BoSSA HTML Reference package construction from scratch
bossMaps HTML Incorporating Expert Range Maps in MaxEnt-style SDMs
boxr HTML boxr: A high-level R interface for the API
bpa HTML A Guide to Basic Pattern Analysis in R
bpp HTML Sequentially updating the likelihood of success of a Phase 3 pivotal time-to-event trial based on interim analyses or external information
BradleyTerryScalable HTML Fitting the Bradley-Terry model to large and potentially sparse datasets
BrailleR HTML History
BrailleR HTML Example 1: Histograms
BrailleR HTML Example 2: Basic numerical summaries
BrailleR HTML Example 3: Univariate Description
BrailleR HTML Example 4: A single continuous response with one grouping factor
BrailleR HTML GettingStarted
BrailleR HTML IntroWriteR
BrailleR HTML qplot
breathtestcore HTML Data formats
breathtestcore HTML Methods and concepts
brglm2 PDF Bias reduction in generalized linear models
brglm2 HTML Multinomial logistic regression using brglm2
brglm2 HTML Detecting separation and infinite estimates in binomial response GLMs
bridgedist HTML The 'bridgedist' Basics
bridgesampling HTML Hierarchical Normal Example JAGS
bridgesampling HTML Hierarchical Normal Example Stan
bridgesampling HTML Bayesian One-Sample T-Test Stan
bridgesampling PDF bridgesampling: An R Package for Estimating Normalizing Constants
bridgesampling PDF A Tutorial on Bridge Sampling
briskaR HTML briskaR Demonstration
brms HTML Fit Distributional Models with brms
brms HTML Parameterization of response distributions in brms
brms HTML Estimate monotonic effects with brms
brms HTML Fit Non-Linear Models with brms
brms HTML Fit phylogenetic models with brms
brms PDF Multilevel Models with brms
brms PDF Overview of the brms Package
broom HTML Tidy bootstrapping with dplyr+broom
broom HTML Introduction to broom
broom HTML broom and dplyr
broom HTML kmeans with dplyr+broom
brotli HTML Text Compression in R: brotli, gzip, xz and bz2
brotli PDF Comparison of Brotli, Deflate, Zopfli, LZMA, LZHAM and Bzip2 Compression Algorithms
bssm HTML Bayesian Inference of State Space Models
bssm HTML Logistic growth model with bssm
bst PDF Analysis of Cancer Data with Boosting Algorithm for Nonconvex Loss (Long)
bst PDF Classification of Cancer Types Using Gene Expression Data (Long)
bst PDF Classification of UCI Machine Learning Datasets (Long)
bst PDF Analysis of Real Data with Nonconvex Loss Boosting
bst PDF Classification of UCI Machine Learning Datasets (Short)
bst PDF Classification of Cancer Types Using Gene Expression Data (Short)
bst PDF Cancer Classification Using Mass Spectrometry-based Proteomics Data
btf HTML btf
BTR HTML Using BTR to reconstruct asynchronous Boolean models
BTYD PDF Buy 'Til You Die - A Walkthrough
BTYDplus PDF Customer Base Analysis with BTYDplus
bunchr HTML Bunching estimation with bunchr
bunchr HTML Solving for Elasticity in a Notch
burnr HTML Introduction to burnr
bytescircle PDF bytescircle User Manual
c2c HTML c2c workflow
camsRad HTML Working with CAMS solar data
camtrapR HTML 4. Data exploration and visualisation
camtrapR HTML 3. Extracting data from camera trap images
camtrapR HTML 1. Raw camera trap image organisation
camtrapR HTML 2. Species and Individual Identification
candisc HTML Diabetes data: heplots and candisc examples
canprot HTML Basis Species Comparison
canprot HTML Data: Colorectal Cancer
canprot HTML Data: Hyperosmotic Stress
canprot HTML Data: Hypoxia or 3D Culture
canprot HTML Data: Pancreatic Cancer
canprot HTML Potential Diagrams
canvasXpress HTML Additional Examples for canvasXpress in R
canvasXpress HTML Getting Started with canvasXpress in R
captioner HTML Using captioner
captr HTML Using captR
caretEnsemble HTML A Brief Introduction to caretEnsemble
carpenter HTML Introduction to carpenter
caRpools HTML The caRpools package - Analysis of pooled CRISPR Screens
CARS HTML Vignette Title
cartography HTML cartography
casebase HTML Competing risk analysis
casebase HTML Population Time Plots
casebase HTML Introduction to casebase sampling
cate PDF cate vignette
causaldrf PDF Using causaldrf
CausalImpact HTML CausalImpact
causalsens PDF causalsens: Sensitivity Analysis for Causal Effects
Causata PDF Model training and export
cbar HTML contextual-anomaly
cbar HTML quickstart
cbsodataR HTML Vignette Title
ccafs HTML CCAFS Amazon S3 Keys
ccafs HTML ccafs introduction
ccaPP PDF Robust Maximum Association Between Data Sets: The R Package ccaPP
ccRemover HTML sparseDC
cdata HTML Row and Column Operations
cdfquantreg HTML cdf quantile regresson introduction
cdfquantreg HTML IPCC data example
cdfquantreg HTML Juror & Stree data example
cdparcoord HTML Vignette Title
cellranger HTML Classes and methods to deal with cell references
cellWise HTML DDC examples
census HTML Vignette Title
Census2016 PDF Census2016
censusapi HTML Vignette Title
censusr HTML censusr
cetcolor HTML CET Perceptually Uniform Colour Maps
ChainLadder HTML NEWS
ChainLadder PDF ChainLadder: Claims reserving with R
charlatan HTML Introduction to the charlatan package
checkmate HTML checkmate
checkpoint HTML Using checkpoint for reproducible research
checkpoint HTML Managing checkpoint snapshot archives
ChemoSpec PDF An R Package for Chemometric Analysis of Spectra (NMR, IR etc)
chipPCR PDF Supplement to: "chipPCR: an R Package to Pre-Process Raw Data of Amplification Curves"
CHNOSZ HTML An Introduction to CHNOSZ
CHNOSZ HTML Regressing thermodynamic data
CHNOSZ HTML Thermodynamic data in CHNOSZ
CHNOSZ PDF Equilibrium in CHNOSZ
CHNOSZ PDF Hot-spring proteins in CHNOSZ
CHNOSZ PDF Winding journey down (in Gibbs energy)
cholera HTML Duplicate and Missing Cases
cholera HTML Pump Neighborhoods
cholera HTML Roads
cholera HTML Time Series
cholera HTML "Unstacking" Bars
circlize PDF Introduction to circlize package
circlize PDF Circular phylogenetic tree
circlize PDF Make genomic plots
circlize PDF Some interesting graphics
circlize PDF Visualize relations by Chord diagram
cIRT HTML Estimating the Model in the Paper
cIRT HTML Package Overview
cIRT HTML Simulation Study with cIRT
ciTools HTML Introducing ciTools
ciTools HTML Mixed models with 'ciTools'
CityWaterBalance HTML Introduction to the CityWaterBalance package
civis HTML civis_ml
civis HTML Asychronous Programming
civis HTML Civis IO
civis HTML Getting Started
ckanr HTML ckanr vignette
Ckmeans.1d.dp HTML Tutorial: Optimal univariate clustering
Ckmeans.1d.dp HTML Tutorial: Linear weight scaling in cluster analysis
Ckmeans.1d.dp HTML Tutorial: Adaptive versus regular histograms
clarifai HTML Analyzing Politician Instagram Accounts Using clarifai
clarifai HTML Using clarifai
classiFunc HTML classiFunc
classyfire HTML Classyfire Cheat Sheet
cleanEHR HTML Tour
cleangeo HTML cleangeo quickstart guide
cleanNLP HTML Exploring the State of the Union Addresses: A Case Study with cleanNLP
cleanNLP HTML A Data Model for the NLP Pipeline
cleanr HTML An Introduction to cleanr
clhs HTML #intro-clhs
clifro HTML Working with clifro stations
clifro HTML Choosing a clifro datatype
clifro HTML Choosing a clifro station
clifro HTML An introduction to clifro
climbeR HTML climbeR_examples
climwin HTML Advanced climwin
climwin HTML climwin
clubSandwich HTML Cluster-robust variance estimation with clubSandwich
clubSandwich HTML Meta-analysis with cluster-robust variance estimation
clubSandwich HTML Cluster-robust standard errors and hypothesis tests in panel data models
clusterhap HTML Use clusterhap
clustermq HTML narray Usage Examples
clusternomics HTML Using clusternomics
ClusterR HTML Functionality of the ClusterR package
ClustGeo HTML Put the title of your vignette here
clustRcompaR HTML Vignette Title
ClustVarLV HTML Getting started with ClustVarLV. version 1.5.0
clustvarsel HTML A quick tour of clustvarsel
cnbdistr HTML Introduction to cnbdistr
coala HTML Using coala for ABC
coala HTML Calculating Summary Statistics for Genetic Data
coala HTML Examples
coala HTML Extending coala
coala HTML Installing ms, msms and seqgen
coala HTML Introduction
cobalt HTML "Covariate Balance Tables and Plots: A Guide to the cobalt Package"
cobalt HTML "Using cobalt with Complicated Data"
cocoreg HTML COCOREG basics
cocorresp HTML Introduction to cocorresp
CodeDepends HTML CodeDependsIntro
codingMatrices PDF Coding and Contrast Matrices
codyn HTML codyn: Community Dynamic Metrics
codyn HTML Community stability metrics
codyn HTML Temporal diversity indices
coenocliner PDF An R coenocline simulation package
CoFRA HTML CoFRA for complete functional regulation analysis
coga HTML The Description of Algorithm and Correctness
cointmonitoR HTML cointmonitoR
cointReg HTML cointReg
colf HTML colf tutorial
collectArgs HTML Vignette Title
colordistance HTML Pixel Binning Methods
colordistance HTML Color Distance Metrics
colordistance HTML Introduction
colorednoise HTML Simulate noise
colorpatch HTML colorpatch Introduction
colorplaner HTML colorplaner Concepts and Usage
colorplaner HTML Using and Creating Other Color Projections
colorSpec PDF Blue Flame and Green Comet - being a Spectral Analysis of Comet Vapor
colorSpec PDF Viewing Object Colors in a Gallery
colorSpec PDF The Effect of the Aging Human Lens on Color Vision
colorSpec PDF Plotting Chromaticity Loci of Optimal Colors - the MacAdam Limits
colourpicker HTML Package colourpicker
colourvision HTML Using colourvision
colr HTML Vignette Title
compareGroups HTML compareGroups 3.0: Descriptives by groups
complexity HTML complexity
comtradr HTML Intro to comtradr
condformat HTML Introduction to condformat
condir HTML Vignette Title
confidence PDF Confidence-package: An Introduction
config HTML config package for R
configr HTML Usage of configr
configr HTML Configuration file types
confSAM PDF confSAM
congressbr HTML Exploring the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies
congressbr HTML Exploring the Brazilian Federal Senate
ConR HTML ConR for beginners in R
ContourFunctions HTML Introduction to the ContourFunctions R package
convexjlr HTML Convex Optimization by convexjlr
cooccurNet HTML Extending cooccurNet
copula HTML Archimedean Liouville Copulas
copula HTML MLE and Quantile Evaluation for a Clayton AR(1) Model with Student Marginals
copula HTML Generalized Inverse Gaussian Archimedean Copulas
copula HTML Nested Archimedean Lévy Copulas
copula HTML The Copula GARCH Model
copula HTML Densities of Two-Level Nested Archimedean Copulas
copula HTML Log-Likelihood Visualization for Archimedean Copulas
copula HTML Quasi-Random Numbers for Copula Models
copula HTML Copula Constructions for Tail-Dependence Matrices
copula HTML Wild Animals: Examples of Nonstandard Copulas
copula PDF Numerically stable Frank Copulas via Multiprecision (Rmpfr)
copula PDF Nested Archimedean Copulas Meet R
copula PDF Beautiful Spearman's Rho for AMH Copula
CopulaDTA HTML CopulaDTA Package Vignette
coRanking HTML Vignette Title
Corbi PDF MarkRank Tutorial
coreCT HTML Using_coreCT
corpus HTML Chinese text handling
corpus HTML Introduction to corpus
corpus HTML Stemming Words
corpus HTML Text data in Corpus and other packages
corpus HTML Unicode: Emoji, accents, and international text
corr2D HTML Implementation of 2D Correlation Analysis
CorrectOverloadedPeaks HTML CorrectOverloadedPeaks: a computational tool for automatic correction of overloaded signals in GC-APCI-MS
CorReg HTML How to take advantage of CorReg ?
corregp PDF Correspondence regression: A tutorial
corrgram HTML cov2cor() may not give a valid correlation matrix
corrgram HTML Examples for the corrgram package
corrplot HTML An Introduction to the corrplot package
corrr HTML Using corrr
cosinor HTML Usage
Countr PDF Countr_guide
countyfloods HTML Vignette Title
countytimezones HTML countytimezones
countyweather HTML Using the 'countyweather' package
covmat PDF Vignette Title
covr HTML How does covr work anyway
cowbell HTML Computes a response surface as segmented linear regression that resembles a cowbell
cowplot HTML Changing the axis positions
cowplot HTML Introduction to cowplot
cowplot HTML Plot annotations
cowplot HTML Arranging plots in a grid
cowplot HTML Shared legends
cowsay HTML cowsay tutorial
coxphw HTML R code for 'Weighted Cox Regression using the R package coxphw'
CPBayes HTML CPBayes tutorial
cpr HTML The Control Polygon Reduction Package
cr17 HTML Package cr17 - competing risks models and its visualization
credule HTML Credit Curve Bootstrapping
CRF PDF CRF Tutorial
crimelinkage HTML Crime Series Identification and Clustering
crimelinkage HTML Statistical Methods for Crime Series Linkage
cronR HTML cronR
Crossover PDF Crossover - A search algorithm and GUI for cross-over designs
CrossScreening PDF CrossScreening Vignette
crosswalkr HTML Vignette Title
crtests HTML Extending crtests for other algorithms
crtests HTML Classification and Regression Tests
crul HTML async with crul
crul HTML crul introduction
crul HTML How to use crul
crunch HTML Analyzing Crunch Data
crunch HTML Array Variables
crunch HTML Crunch Internals
crunch HTML Importing datasets
crunch HTML Adding Variables
crunch HTML Exporting Data
crunch HTML Filtering Data
crunch HTML Getting Started
crunch HTML Reordering Variables
crunch HTML Crunch Variables
csp HTML csp
ctmcd HTML A ctmcd Guide
ctmcd PDF ctmcd: An R Package for Estimating the Parameters of a Continuous-Time Markov Chain from Discrete-Time Data
ctmm HTML Autocorrelated Kernel Density Estimation
ctmm HTML Periodic movement models
ctmm HTML Variograms and Model Selection
ctsem PDF Continuous time structural equation modelling with ctsem
ctsem PDF Introduction to Hierarchical Continuous Time Dynamic Modelling with ctsem
CUB PDF Analysis of rating data with CUB models
cubature HTML Cubature Vectorization Efficiency
curl HTML The curl package: a modern R interface to libcurl
curstatCI HTML curstatCI
cvequality HTML Testing Coefficients of Variation from multiple samples
cycleRtools HTML Cycling Data Analysis
CytobankAPI HTML CytobankAPI advanced analysis guide
CytobankAPI HTML CytobankAPI quickstart guide
cytometree HTML Userguide for performing automatic gating with 'cytometree'
cytominer HTML Introduction to cytominer
D2C HTML D2C Vignette
D3GB HTML D3GB package
d3heatmap HTML Introduction to d3heatmap
DAAG PDF Sampling Properties of Regression Diagnostics
DAAG PDF Sampling Properties of Variable Selection
DAAGbio PDF Laboratory Notes - Analysis of Microarray Data
dagitty HTML A SEM user's guide to dagitty for R
dams HTML Dams Package Demo
Dark HTML Workflow
Dark HTML Parameters Explained
dartR PDF dartR_Introduction
dat HTML Tools for Data Manipulation
dat HTML Performance Checks
data.table HTML Frequently asked questions
data.table HTML Introduction to data.table
data.table HTML Keys and fast binary search based subset
data.table HTML Reference semantics
data.table HTML Efficient reshaping using data.tables
data.table HTML Secondary indices and auto indexing
data.tree HTML Example applications of data.tre
data.tree HTML Quick introduction to data.tree HTML query HTML quickstart
dataCompareR HTML dataCompareR vignette
DataExplorer HTML Introduction to DataExplorer
datafsm HTML Introduction to datafsm
dataMeta HTML dataMeta: Making and appending a data dictionary to an R dataset
dataone HTML DataONE Federation
dataone HTML dataone R Package Overview
dataone HTML Downloading Data From DataONE
dataone HTML Known Issues With dataone R Packge v2.0
dataone HTML Searching DataONE Data Holdings
dataone HTML Uploading Data to DataONE
dataone HTML Uploading Data to DataONE
datapack HTML datapack R Package Overview
datapasta HTML How to Datapasta
dataPreparation HTML Tutorial
dataRetrieval HTML Introduction to the dataRetrieval package
datarobot HTML Advance Model Insights
datarobot HTML Using Many Models to Compare Datasets
datarobot HTML Datetime Partitioning
datarobot HTML Introduction to the DataRobot R Package
datarobot HTML Interpreting Predictive Models Using Partial Dependence Plots
datarobot HTML Using Reason Codes
datarobot HTML Assessing Variable Importance for Predictive Models of Arbitrary Type
datasauRus HTML The Datasaurus data package
datastepr HTML Data Stepping
datastructures HTML Datastructures tutorial
datasus HTML Introduction to datasus
dataverse HTML 1. Introduction to Dataverse
dataverse HTML 2. Data Search and Discovery
dataverse HTML 3. Data Retrieval and Reuse
dataverse HTML 4. Data Archiving
dbfaker HTML Vignette Title
DBI HTML A Common Database Interface (DBI)
DBI HTML A Common Interface to Relational Databases from R and S – A Proposal
DBI HTML Implementing a new backend
DBI HTML DBI specification
DBItest HTML Testing DBI backends
dbplyr HTML Introduction to dbplyr
dbplyr HTML Adding a new DBI backend
dbplyr HTML SQL translation
dbscan HTML HDBSCAN with the dbscan package
dbscan PDF Fast Density-based Clustering
DCG HTML Introduction to DCG
dcmodify HTML Introduction to dcmodify
ddpcr HTML Algorithms in ddpcr analysis
ddpcr HTML Extending ddpcr by adding new plate types
ddpcr HTML Package ddpcr
ddpcr HTML Implementation technical details
ddR HTML User Guide
deBInfer PDF Chytrid DDE example
deBInfer PDF Logistic ODE example
deBInfer PDF Speeding up parameter inference with compiled models
decoder HTML Vignette Title
decoder HTML Decode coded variables to plain text (and vice versa)
decoder HTML Vignette Title
decomposedPSF HTML Vignette Title
decompr HTML decompr
deconvolveR HTML Empirical Bayes Deconvolution
defrostR HTML Set to 'defrost': How to use defrostR for standardizing amphibian taxonomy
dejaVu PDF User Guide
dejaVu PDF Using dejaVu for imputation of an existing study dataset
DeLorean HTML DeLorean
dendextend HTML Hierarchical cluster analysis on famous data sets
dendextend HTML Frequently asked questions
dendextend HTML A quick introduction to dendextend (start here)
dendextend HTML Introduction to dendextend
dendrometeR HTML Import dendrometer data
dendsort HTML Example Figures from the dendsort manuscript
denoiSeq PDF denoiSeq
denovolyzeR HTML denovolyzeR_intro
densratio HTML densratio - An R Package for Density Ratio Estimation
DEploid HTML dEploid-Arguments
derivmkts PDF derivmkts Package Overview
derivmkts PDF Notes on Vectorization
DescriptiveStats.OBeu HTML Vignette Title
DescriptiveStats.OBeu HTML Vignette Title
DescriptiveStats.OBeu HTML Vignette Title
descriptr HTML Introduction to descriptr
descriptr HTML Exploring Distributions
desctable HTML desctable usage
desiR PDF Gene ranking with desirability functions
DESP PDF Overview of the DESP package
desplot HTML Plotting field maps with the desplot package
detzrcr HTML detzrcr user guide
devRate HTML main
devtools HTML Devtools dependencies
dexter HTML Exploring Differential Items Functioning with Dexter
dexter HTML Plausible Values in Dexter
dexter HTML One theta to rule them all: Test Individual Differences
dexter HTML Data management in dexter
dexter HTML Dexter: The Fundamentals
dexter HTML Profile plots in dexter
DGCA HTML Basic DGCA Vignette
dggridR HTML dggridR: Discrete Global Grids for R
dggridR PDF Kevin Sahr's DGGRID Manual
DHARMa HTML Vignette for the DHARMa package
di HTML Tutorial for di package
diagis HTML Auxiliary functions for importance sampling
diagonals HTML Fat Diagonals
diceR HTML Cluster Analysis using 'diceR'
diezeit HTML Introduction to diezeit
diffobj HTML diffobj
diffobj HTML diffobj
diffpriv PDF bernstein
diffpriv PDF diffpriv
DiffusionRgqd PDF DiffusionRgqd package paper
DiffusionRgqd HTML DiffusionRgqd package paper replication materials
DiffusionRgqd HTML Part 1: Introduction to DiffusionRgqd
DiffusionRgqd HTML Part 2: Generating Transition Densities of Generalized Quadratic Diffusion Processes
DiffusionRgqd HTML Part 3: Performing inference on diffusion processes
DiffusionRgqd HTML Part 4: Scalar First Passage Time Problems
DiffusionRimp HTML Part 1: Introduction to DiffusionRimp
DiffusionRimp HTML Part 2: Generating Transition Densities Using the Method of Lines
DiffusionRimp HTML Part 3: Solving First Passage Time Problems Using the Method of Lines
DiffusionRjgqd HTML Part 1: Introduction to DiffusionRjgqd
DiffusionRjgqd HTML Part 2: Generating Transition Densities of Generalized Quadratic Jump Diffusion Processes
DiffusionRjgqd HTML Part 3: Bivariate Jump Diffusions
DiffusionRjgqd PDF DiffusionRjgqd methodology paper
DiffusionRjgqd HTML DiffusionRjgqd methodology paper replication materials
DiffusionRjgqd HTML Part 4: Performing inference on jump diffusion processes
diffusr HTML The diffusr tutorial
digest HTML sha1() versus digest()
dirmcmc PDF Directional Metropolis Hastings
discreteRV HTML Working with discreteRV
diseasemapping PDF BYM with PC priors
diveMove PDF Dive Analysis
DiversityOccupancy HTML R package DiversityOccu: Alpha diversity modeled from Occupancy
dlstats HTML dlstats introduction
dMod HTML dMod
docker HTML Getting Started with 'docker'
docstring HTML Introduction to docstring
document HTML Introduction to document
docxtools HTML Introduction to docxtools
docxtools HTML Numbers in engineering format
docxtools HTML Put workspace in docx
dodgr HTML benchmark
dodgr HTML dodgr
doRNG PDF doRNG-unitTests
doRNG PDF Using the package doRNG
dosresmeta PDF dosresmeta
dotwhisker HTML dwplot: Dot-and-Whisker Plots of Regression Results
dotwhisker HTML dotwhisker: Remaking the Examples from Kastellec and Leoni (2007)
downsize HTML downsize
dpcR HTML dpcR package - an overview
dplR PDF Chronology Building in dplR
dplR PDF An introduction to dplR
dplR PDF Time Series Analysis in dplR
dplR PDF Crossdating in dplR
dplyr HTML dplyr compatibility
dplyr HTML Introduction to dplyr
dplyr HTML Programming with dplyr
dplyr HTML Two-table verbs
dplyr HTML Window functions
dplyrAssist HTML dplyrAssist
dr4pl HTML dr4pl usage examples
drake HTML caution
drake HTML drake
drake HTML parallelism
drake HTML quickstart
drake HTML storage
drake HTML timing
drat HTML Combining Drat and Travis CI
drat HTML Drat Frequently Asked Questions
drat HTML Drat Basics for Package Authors: Distributing Packages
drat HTML Drat Basics for Package Users: Installing or Updating Packages
drat HTML Why Drat?
DrBats HTML DrBats-Data_Simulation_and_Projection
DrBats HTML DrBats Dimension Reduction
DrBats HTML DrBats Project
DrBats HTML DrBats Model Evaluation
DrBats HTML DrBats Model Fit
DrImpute HTML DrImpute : imputing dropout events in single-cell RNA-sequencing data
drLumi PDF drLumi
DRR HTML Compare DRR and PCA
drtmle HTML drtmle: Doubly-Robust Inference in R
dsrTest HTML dsrTest - example
DSsim HTML DSsim - Truncation Distances
DT HTML An Introduction to the DT Package
dtangle HTML Basic Deconvolution
dtwclust HTML Timing experiments for dtwclust
dtwclust PDF Comparing Time-Series Clustering Algorithms in R Using the dtwclust Package
dtwSat PDF dtwSat: Time-Weighted Dynamic Time Warping for Satellite Image Time Series Analysis in R
DVHmetrics PDF Analyzing dose-volume histograms using DVHmetrics
DVHmetrics PDF Using the DVHmetrics web application
dwapi HTML dwapi quickstart
dynamichazard PDF Comparing methods for time varying logistic models
dynamichazard PDF Diagnostics
dynamichazard PDF ddhazard
dynamichazard PDF Bootstrap illustration
dynamichazard PDF Particle filters in the dynamichazard package
dynamichazard PDF Simulation study with logit model
dynsim PDF An overview of dynsim
EAinference HTML Introduction to EAinference
eAnalytics HTML An Introduction to eAnalytics
earthtones HTML earthtones
easyformatr HTML easyformatr
easypackages HTML easypackages-vignette
easypower HTML Factorial ANOVA Examples
easyPubMed HTML Retrieving and Analyzing PubMed Records via easyPubMed
easyPubMed PDF Retrieving and Analyzing PubMed Records via easyPubMed
easySdcTable HTML easySdcTable Vignette
easyVerification PDF Verification of seasonal forecasts from the ECOMS User Data Gateway: a worked example
EBASS PDF Vignette Title
EbayesThresh HTML EbayesThresh
EBglmnet PDF An Introduction to EBglmnet
ecb HTML Programmatic access to ECB SDW
ECctmc HTML Simulating sample paths for endpoint-conditioned continuous time Markov chains via the ECctmc package
ECharts2Shiny HTML Introduction to ECharts2Shiny
eclust HTML Introduction to eclust
ecodist HTML Dissimilarity Cheat Sheet
ecolottery HTML Example of coalesc_abc() use with Barro-Colorado dataset
ecolottery HTML Introductory vignette for use of 'ecolottery'
econullnetr HTML econullnetr introduction
EcoSimR HTML Co-Occurrence null models
EcoSimR HTML Size Ratio null models
EcoSimR HTML Niche Overlap
EcoSimR HTML Null Model Plug-Ins
ECOSolveR HTML ECOSolveR Examples
ecospace HTML ecospace
ecospat PDF ecospat package
ecr HTML Brief introduction to ecr
edarf HTML Exploratory Data Analysis Using Random Forests
edfReader HTML edfReader vignette
edfun HTML Introduction to edfun
edgarWebR HTML Introducing edgarWebR
edgarWebR HTML Parsing Functions in edgarWebR
editData HTML editData
edstan HTML A brief manual
EdSurvey PDF 1. Introduction to EdSurvey
EdSurvey PDF 2. Advanced Data Manipulation in EdSurvey with getData
EdSurvey PDF 3. Accommodations in NAEP
EdSurvey PDF 4. Statistical Methods
EdSurvey PDF 5. Achievement Levels
eechidna HTML Exploring the 2011 Census data
eechidna HTML Exploring the 2013 Election data
eechidna HTML Exploring the 2016 Election data
eechidna HTML Getting Oz Electorate shapefiles into shape
eechidna HTML Mapping Australia's Electorates
eechidna HTML Plotting Australia's Polling Stations
EEM HTML Importing raw files
EEM HTML Introduction to EEM package
eemR HTML Introduction
eeptools HTML Tools for Education Data in R
eesim HTML Using the eesim package
EFDR HTML Enhanced False Discovery Rate (EFDR) tutorials
effects PDF Partial Residuals
EfficientMaxEigenpair PDF EfficientMaxEigenpair Vignette
ega HTML ega Vignette
egg HTML Laying out multiple plots on a page
egg HTML Overview of the egg package
EGRET HTML gsplot Intro
EGRET PDF Introduction to the EGRET package
EGRETci HTML Introduction to EGRET Confidence Intervals
eha HTML Event History and Survival Analysis
eha PDF Parametric duration models
eHOF PDF Hierarchical logistic regression with package HOF
elasticsearchr HTML Quick Start
electionsBR HTML Introduction to electionsBR
elevatr HTML Introduction to elevatr
ELMSurv HTML Vignette Title
elo HTML The 'elo' Package
EMbC PDF The EMbC R-package: quick reference
EML HTML Metadata-based repositories
EML HTML Working with units
emmeans HTML FAQs for emmeans
emmeans HTML Basics of EMMs
emmeans HTML Comparisons and contrasts
emmeans HTML Confidence intervals and tests
emmeans HTML Interaction analysis in emmeans
emmeans HTML Working with messy data
emmeans HTML Models supported by emmeans
emmeans HTML Sophisticated models in emmeans
emmeans HTML Transformations and link functions
emmeans HTML Transitioning to emmeans from lsmeans
emmeans HTML Utilities and options
emmeans PDF Extending emmeans
emojifont HTML emojifont introduction
emojifont HTML phylomoji
EmpiricalCalibration PDF Empirical calibration of confidence intervals
EmpiricalCalibration PDF Empirical calibration of p-values
emuR HTML Version 2 of the Emu Query Language
emuR HTML emuDB format
emuR HTML emuR introduction
enigma HTML enigma vignette
ENMeval HTML ENMeval Vignette
enpls HTML A Brief Introduction to enpls
enrichR HTML An R interface to teh Enrichr database
enrichwith HTML enriching glm objects
enrichwith HTML Bias reduction in generalized linear models using enrichwith
ensembleR HTML Introduction to ensembleR
ensurer HTML The ensurer
entropart PDF Introduction
entropart PDF User manual
envDocument HTML Using envDocument
epandist HTML Introduction to epandist
EpiBayes PDF Disease Freedom with EpiBayes
EpiBayes PDF Disease Freedom with EpiBayes
EpiBayes PDF Disease Freedom with EpiBayes
epicontacts HTML epicontacts overview
epicontacts HTML epicontacts class
EpiCurve PDF Using EpiCurve
EpiModel HTML EpiModel Introduction
episensr HTML Quantitative Bias Analysis for Epidemiologic Data
episheet HTML pvalueplot
epitable HTML epitable_vignette
eply HTML eply
equaltestMI HTML Supplementary Materials to “Measurement Invariance Via Equivalence Testing
equateIRT HTML The R Package equateIRT: A Tutorial
equateIRT PDF equateIRT: An R Package for IRT Test Equating
errorizer HTML Vignette Title
esaddle HTML esaddle_vignette
ESGtoolkit PDF ESGtoolkit
ESTER HTML Efficient Sequential Testing with Evidence Ratios
EthSEQ HTML EthSEQ: Ethnicity Annotation from Whole Exome Sequencing Data
etl HTML Extending etl
etl HTML Using etl
etma HTML etma
etseed HTML Introduction to etseed
eulerr HTML An introduction to eulerr
europepmc HTML Overview
eurostat HTML eurostat blog posts
eurostat HTML eurostat R package: cheat sheet
eurostat PDF eurostat tutorial
eurostat HTML eurostat blog posts
eva HTML Introduction to 'eva' and its capabilities
evaluator HTML Evaluator Workflow
evclass HTML Introduction to the evclass package
evclust HTML Introduction to the evclust package
eventdataR HTML About eventdataR
eventstudies PDF An R package for conducting event studies and a platform for methodological research on event studies.
eventstudies PDF An R package for conducting event studies and a platform for methodological research on event studies.
EventStudy HTML Event Study Addin
EventStudy HTML Howto: An Example with Data Preparation
EventStudy HTML Introduction in EventStudy R Package
EventStudy HTML EventStudy: Parameters
exampletestr HTML exampletestr
exams PDF Automatic Generation of Exams in R
exams PDF Flexible Generation of E-Learning Exams in R: Moodle Quizzes, OLAT Assessments, and Beyond
excerptr HTML An Introduction to excerptr
ExomeDepth PDF ExomeDepth
explor HTML [en] Interactive MCA/PCA results exploration with explor
explor HTML [fr] Exploration interactive de résultats d'ACP/ACM avec 'explor'
exploreR HTML The How and Why of Simple Tools
expp HTML Blue Tits Case study
exprso HTML Advanced Topics for the exprso Package
exprso HTML The exprso Cheatsheet
exprso HTML An Introduction to the exprso Package
exprso HTML Use Disclaimer, Please Read
expss HTML Tables with labels in R
ExtDist HTML Distributions-Beta
ExtDist HTML Distributions-Normal
ExtDist HTML Distributions-Index
ExtDist PDF Parameter-Estimation-and-Distribution-Selection-by-ExtDist
extremeStat HTML extremeStat: quantile estimation
eyelinker HTML Loading Eyelink data with eyelinker
eyetrackingR HTML Estimating time windows of divergence
eyetrackingR HTML Performing a growth curve analysis
eyetrackingR HTML Performing an onset-contingent analysis
eyetrackingR HTML Preparing your data for eyetrackingR
eyetrackingR HTML Performing a window analysis
ezec HTML Getting Started with ezec
ezknitr HTML Package ezknitr
ezsummary HTML Introduction to ezsummary 0.2.0
FactoMineR HTML FactoMineR
FactoMineR HTML clustering
factorMerger HTML BRCA - the Cox regression factor merging
factorMerger HTML factorMerger: a set of tools to support results from post hoc testing
factorMerger HTML PISA 2012 - multi dimensional Gaussian merging
fakeR HTML Vignette Title
FAOSTAT PDF Download and harmonize FAOSTAT and WDI data: the FAOSTAT package
fastJT PDF fastJT
fastR PDF Errata
fastR PDF Updates to R Programming in FASt
fastR2 HTML Errata
fastrtext HTML List of commands
fastrtext HTML Supervised learning
fastrtext HTML Unsupervised learning
fbar HTML Introduction
fbar HTML Multi-Objective Optimization case study
fbar HTML Tutorial
fcm HTML Inference of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FCMs)
fcuk HTML Introduction to fcuk
fdapace PDF fdapaceVignette
FDboost PDF FDboost FLAM Canada
FDboost PDF FDboost FLAM fuel
FDboost PDF FDboost FLAM viscosity
FeatureHashing HTML FeatureHashing
FeatureHashing HTML Sentiment Analysis via FeatureHashing
fecR PDF Vignette Title
fecR PDF Vignette Title
fergm HTML Mesa High Vignette
fetchR HTML Calculating Wind Fetch in R
ffstream HTML ffstream_0.1.4
FFTrees HTML Accuracy Statistics
FFTrees HTML FFTrees tree construction algorithms
FFTrees HTML Examples of FFTrees
FFTrees HTML Creating FFTrees with FFTrees()
FFTrees HTML Creating FFTs for heart disease
FFTrees HTML Manually specifying FFTs
FFTrees HTML Visualizing FFTrees with plot()
FFTrees HTML FFTrees package overview
fgpt PDF An Introduction to fgpt
fiftystater HTML Mapping All Fifty U.S. States
filematrix HTML 2 Best practices
filematrix HTML 1 Filematrix overview
filematrix HTML 3 Filematrix vs. bigmemory (packages)
filesstrings HTML Files
filesstrings HTML Strings
fingertipsR HTML Life expectancy by deprivation
fingertipsR HTML Interactively selecting indicators and identifying poorly performing areas
finreportr HTML finreportr
fitbitScraper HTML fitbitScraper Examples
fitdistrplus HTML Frequently Asked Questions
fitdistrplus HTML Which optimization algorithm to choose?
fitdistrplus PDF Fit parametric distributions on non-censored or censored data
fitur HTML Introduction to fitur
fitur HTML Univariate Distributions
fivethirtyeight HTML Bechdel tidyverse analysis
fivethirtyeight HTML Motivation, Principles, and Data Sets Included
fixedTimeEvents HTML The Distribution of Distances Between Discrete Events in Fixed Time
flexsurv PDF flexsurv user guide
flexsurv PDF Supplementary examples of using flexsurv
flexsurvcure HTML Parametric Cure Models
flextable HTML Examples
flextable HTML Format flextable objects
flextable HTML Table layout
flextable HTML flextable overview
flifo HTML The flifo package
FLightR HTML FLightR with black-tailed godwit vignette from MEE 2017
flowr HTML Installation, Configuration and FAQs
flowr HTML Overview
flowr HTML Tutorial on Building Pipelines
flows HTML flows
fmbasics HTML Basic financial market building blocks
fmbasics HTML Rates and Discount Factors
fmdates HTML Dates
fmrs HTML Using fmrs package
foghorn HTML Quick start
fontHind HTML Using fontHind
fontMPlus HTML Using fontMPlus
forecast PDF Automatic Time Series Forecasting: the forecast Package for R (Hyndman & Khandakar, JSS 2008)
ForecastFramework HTML DataPolymorphism
ForecastFramework HTML Forecasting
ForecastFramework HTML Prediction
ForecastFramework PDF ClassDiagram
forecastHybrid HTML Using the "forecastHybrid" package
forestplot HTML Introduction to forest plots
ForestTools HTML Inventory attributes
ForestTools HTML Polygonal crown maps
ForestTools HTML Canopy analysis
formatR HTML An Introduction to formatR
formattable HTML Formattable data frame
formattable HTML Introduction to formattable package
forwards HTML Overview of forwards package
fourierin HTML 'fourierin' package
fpCompare PDF fpCompare: reliable comparison of floating point numbers
fractional HTML 2 Theory and Implementation
fractional HTML 1 Vulgar Fractions in R
frailtypack HTML Package summary
freesurfer HTML Exploring Included Subject Freesurfer Data
FRK PDF Spatial and spatio-temporal kriging with FRK
FSelectorRcpp HTML Microbenchmarks of FSelectoRcpp and FSelector - discretization
FSelectorRcpp HTML Get started: Motivation, Installation and Quick Workflow
fslr HTML DTI Data in fslr
fslr HTML Working with Data in fslr
fulltext HTML Article formats
fulltext HTML fulltext introduction
fulltext HTML Getting full text
FunChisq HTML Using the exact functional test
FunChisq HTML Which statistic to use for functional dependency?
funrar HTML How to use funrar, an example with plant communities dataset
funrar HTML Sparse Marices with funrar
furniture HTML Furniture
furniture HTML Table 1
fuser HTML Fuser Subgroup Prediction
fusionclust HTML demo-fusionclust
futility PDF Bayesian Model for Incidence Rate
futureheatwaves HTML 'futureheatwaves' package vignette
futureheatwaves HTML Starting from netCDF files
fuzzr HTML fuzzr: Fuzz-Testing for R Functions
FuzzyAHP HTML Examples of FuzzyAHP package application
FuzzyAHP HTML Vignette Title
fuzzyjoin HTML Example of 'stringdist_inner_join': Correcting misspellings against a dictionary
FuzzyNumbers PDF A Guide to the FuzzyNumbers Package
fuzzywuzzyR HTML Functionality of the fuzzywuzzyR package
GA HTML A quick tour of GA
GADMTools PDF Vignette Title
gambin HTML Gambin overview
gamclass PDF Key Ideas and Issues (Set 1 Figures)
gamclass PDF Model Output Can Deceive (Set 10)
gamclass PDF Ordination (Set 11)
gamclass PDF Limits of Statistical Learning (Set 2)
gamclass PDF Data-Based Generalization (Set 3)
gamclass PDF Linear Models (Set 4)
gamclass PDF Generalized Linear Models (Set 5)
gamclass PDF Generalized Additive Models (Set 6)
gamclass PDF Time Series (Set 7)
gamclass PDF Tree-based regression (Set 8)
gamclass PDF Discrimination and Classification (Set 9)
gamlss.inf PDF Inflated distributions on the interval [0, 1]
gamlss.inf PDF Zero adjusted distributions on the positive real line
gamlss.spatial PDF The GMRF implementation in GAMLSS
gapmap HTML An Introduction to the gapmap package
gapmap HTML An example with a TCGA dataset
gastempt HTML Fitting gastric emptying curves
gatepoints HTML Select points by drawing a freehand gate
GauPro HTML Leave-one-out cross-validation and error correction
GauPro HTML A Guide to the GauPro R package
GauPro HTML Introduction to Gaussian Processes
GauPro HTML Derivatives for estimating Gaussian process parameters
GauPro HTML Spatial derivatives of Gaussian process models
GBJ HTML Vignette Title
gbp HTML gbp: a bin packing problem solver.
GCalignR HTML GCalignR How does the Algorithms works?
GCalignR HTML GCalignR Step by Step
geex HTML Introduction to geex
geex HTML Calculus of M-estimation examples using geex
geex HTML A comparison of geex and sandwich for robust covariance estimation
geex HTML Root solvers in geex
geex HTML Using weights in geex
geex HTML Finite sample correction API
geex HTML Estimating causal parameters using geex
geex HTML The software design of geex
GEint HTML Vignette Title
gelnet HTML Basics
GenCAT HTML GenCAT Package
gender HTML Predicting Gender Using Historical Data
genderizeR HTML Introduction to genderizeR - tutorial
GENEAclassify HTML GENEAclassifyDemo
genemodel HTML genemodel Tutorial
geneSLOPE HTML Tutorial for GWAS with SLOPE
GeneticSubsetter HTML Using GeneticSubsetter to select informative subsets of germplasm collections
GenomicTools PDF An Introduction to GenomicTools
genotypeR HTML Vignette Title
geoaxe HTML geoaxe introduction
geofacet HTML geofacet Documentation
geofacet HTML geofacet Package Reference
geohash HTML Geohashing in R
geojson HTML geojson operations
geojson HTML geojson package classes
geojsonio HTML GeoJSON Specification
geojsonio HTML geojsonio vignette
geojsonio HTML maps with geojsonio
geojsonlint HTML Introduction to the geojsonlint package
geojsonR HTML Processing of GeoJson data in R
geoknife HTML geoknife package guide
geoknife HTML geoknife plot geotiff
GeoLight HTML "GeoLight2.0"
GeoMongo HTML Geospatial Queries using Pymongo in R
geoops HTML Introduction to the geoops package
geoparser HTML Introduction to geoparser
geostatsp PDF LGCP with PC priors
GERGM HTML getting_started
GerminaR HTML GerminaR 1.0
GESE PDF An R package for Gene-based Segregation test (GESE)
gesis HTML Programmatic access to the GESIS Data Catalogue (DBK)
getCRUCLdata HTML getCRUCLdata
GetHFData HTML Downloading and aggregating order data
GetHFData HTML Downloading and aggregating order data
GetHFData HTML Downloading and aggregating trade data
GetITRData HTML Using GetITRData to obtain quarterly financial reports from Bovespa
getlandsat HTML getlandsat introduction
GetLattesData HTML How to use GetLattesData
getmstatistic HTML The M statistic: A simple method to measure the impact of systematic heterogeneity in GWAS meta-analysis.
GetoptLong HTML Parsing command-line arguments
GetoptLong HTML Simple variable interpolation in R
GetTDData HTML How to use GetTDData
GetTDData HTML Downloading the Current Yield Curve
GFD HTML An Introduction to GFD
gfer PDF gfer easy start
gfmR HTML gfmR Vignette
ggalt HTML ggalt examples
ggCompNet HTML Speed comparisons of graph drawing packages
ggCompNet HTML Examples from the R Journal Paper 'Network Visualization with ggplot2'
ggconf HTML Introduction to ggbash
ggdendro HTML Create Dendrograms and Tree Diagrams using 'ggplot2'
gge HTML Genotype plus Genotype-By-Block-of-Environments Biplots
ggeffects HTML Tidy Data Frames of Marginal Effects
ggenealogy PDF ggenealogy: Visualization tools for genealogical data
ggExtra HTML Package ggExtra
ggfittext HTML Introduction to 'ggfittext'
ggforce HTML ggforce - Visual Guide
ggformula HTML Vignette Title
ggformula HTML Formula Interface for ggplot2
ggfortify HTML Introduction to ggfortify package
ggfortify HTML u4e00u884cRu4ee3u7801u6765u5b9eu73b0u7e41u7410u7684u53efu89c6u5316 (Introduction in Chinese)
ggfortify HTML Plotting Probability Distributions
ggfortify HTML Plotting Diagnostics for LM and GLM
ggfortify HTML Plotting Geospatial Data
ggfortify HTML Plotting PCA, clustering, LFDA and MDS results
ggfortify HTML Plotting Survival Curves
ggfortify HTML Plotting Time Series
gggenes HTML Introduction to 'gggenes'
ggguitar HTML Vignette Title
ggimage HTML ggimage introduction
GGIR HTML Accelerometer data processing with GGIR
ggiraph HTML A quick introduction
ggiraph HTML Custom animation effects
ggiraph HTML ggiraph in shiny
ggiraphExtra HTML package ggiraphExtra
ggjoy HTML Gallery of ggjoy examples
ggjoy HTML Introduction to ggjoy
gglogo HTML Creating a new alphabet for use with 'gglogo'
ggloop HTML Vignette Title
ggmcmc HTML Using the ggmcmc package
ggmcmc PDF ggmcmc: Analysis of MCMC Samples and Bayesian Inference
ggmosaic HTML Mosaic plots with 'ggplot2'
ggmuller HTML Introduction to ggmuller
ggnetwork HTML ggnetwork
ggplot2 HTML Extending ggplot2
ggplot2 HTML Aesthetic specifications
ggpmisc HTML User Guide: 1 Plotting
ggpmisc HTML User Guide: 2 Density-based filtering
ggpmisc HTML User Guide: 3 Debugging ggplots
ggpmisc HTML User Guide: 4 Manipulation of plot layers
ggpolypath HTML ggpolypath
ggpval HTML Title of your vignette
ggraph HTML Edges
ggraph HTML Layouts
ggraph HTML Nodes
ggraptR HTML ggraptR
ggrepel HTML ggrepel Usage Examples
ggridges HTML Gallery of ggridges examples
ggridges HTML Introduction to ggridges
ggsci HTML Scientific Journal and Sci-Fi Themed Color Palettes for ggplot2
ggseas HTML ggsdc - seasonal decomposition on the fly
ggseqlogo HTML ggseqlogo introduction
ggsignif HTML ggsignif intro
ggspectra HTML User Guide: 1 Grammar of Graphics
ggspectra HTML User Guide: 2 Plot Methods
ggswissmaps HTML ggswissmaps intro
ggthemes HTML Introduction to ggthemes
ghibli HTML ghibli guide
gifti HTML Vignette Title
GiRaF PDF GiRaF-introduction
gistr HTML gistr vignette
gitgadget HTML Using Git Gadget
githubinstall HTML A Helpful Way to Install R Packages Hosted on GitHub
gitlabr PDF gitlabr Quick Start Guide
givitiR HTML 'givitiR' package: assessing the calibration of binary outcome models with the calibration belt
gjam HTML Generalized joint attribute modeling - gjam
glarma PDF The glarma package
glassdoor HTML Running the Glassdoor API
glmm PDF intro
glmmsr PDF glmmsr
glmmTMB HTML Vignette Title
glmmTMB HTML post-hoc MCMC
glmmTMB HTML simulate
glmmTMB HTML troubleshooting
glmmTMB PDF basic examples of glmmTMB usage
glmnet PDF An Introduction to Glmnet
glmnet PDF Fitting the Penalized Cox Model
glmnetUtils HTML Introduction
GlobalOptions HTML Generate Global Options
glycanr HTML Vignette title
glycanr HTML Vignette title
gmailr HTML Sending Messages With Gmailr
GMCM PDF An Introduction to GMCM
gMCP PDF gMCP Quick Start Guide
gMCP PDF A Graphical Approach to Weighted Multiple Test Procedures
gMCP PDF Graphical approaches for multiple endpoint problems using weighted parametric tests
gmediation HTML Vignette Title
Gmisc HTML Descriptives statistics for Table 1
Gmisc HTML Transition-class - basic usage
Gmisc HTML Transition-class - basic usage
Gmisc HTML transitionPlot - basic usage
goldi HTML Overexpression of Terms in a Target Set of Abstracts
goldi HTML Quick start guide
GoodmanKruskal HTML The GoodmanKruskal package: Measuring association between categorical variables
googleAnalyticsR HTML googleAnalyticsR
googleAuthR HTML Advanced Google API building techniques
googleAuthR HTML Building your own Google R library
googleAuthR HTML Google authentication types for R
googleAuthR HTML Google API Setup
googleAuthR HTML Troubleshooting authentication
googleCloudStorageR HTML googleCloudStorageR
googleComputeEngineR HTML Creating Virtual Machines (VM)
googleComputeEngineR HTML SSH, Docker, Container Registry and Futures
googleComputeEngineR HTML Docker
googleComputeEngineR HTML Example Workflows - Introduction
googleComputeEngineR HTML Installation and Authentication
googleComputeEngineR HTML Massively parallel processing
googleComputeEngineR HTML OpenCPU Server
googleComputeEngineR HTML Persistent RStudio Server
googleComputeEngineR HTML Remote R cluster
googleComputeEngineR HTML RStudio Server for a team
googleComputeEngineR HTML Scheduled R scripts on Master and Slave Google Compute Engine VMs
googleComputeEngineR HTML Shiny App
googleComputeEngineR HTML Scheduled RStudio
googledrive HTML googledrive
googleLanguageR HTML Google Natural Language API
googleLanguageR HTML Introduction to googleLanguageR
googleLanguageR HTML Google Cloud Speech API
googleLanguageR HTML Google Cloud Translation API
googlesheets HTML Use an alternative browser
googlesheets HTML googlesheets Basic Usage
googlesheets HTML Formulas and formatted numbers
googlesheets HTML Managing Auth Tokens
googleVis HTML Using Roles and Intervals via googleVis
googleVis HTML Using Trendlines with googleVis
googleVis HTML Markdown example with knitr and googleVis
googleVis HTML Demonstration of googleVis
googleVis PDF Introduction to googleVis
googleway HTML Googleway Vignette
GOplot HTML GOplot_0.2
goric HTML goric_vignette
gower HTML Introduction to the gower package
GPareto PDF a guide to the GPareto package
gpg HTML Encryption and Digital Signatures in R using GPG
gphmm HTML gphmm
GPoM HTML Vignette Title
GPoM HTML Vignette Title
GPoM HTML Vignette Title
GPoM HTML Vignette Title
GPoM HTML Vignette Title
GPoM HTML Vignette Title
gpuR PDF Custom OpenCL Kernels
gpuR PDF A Short Introduction to the gpuR Package
grapes HTML grapes
graticule HTML Graticule
grattan HTML Super
grattan HTML Performance-of-project
grattan HTML companion-to-sample-file-1314
grattan HTML Differential Uprating
gRbase PDF gRbase-arrayops: Array operations in gRbase
gRbase PDF gRbase-graphs: Graphs in the gRbase package
Greg HTML Vignette Title
Greg HTML Vignette Title
greta HTML Example models
greta HTML Get started with greta
greta HTML Technical details
grex HTML Gene ID Mapping for Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) Data
gridExtra HTML arrangeGrob: arranging multiple grobs on a page
gridExtra HTML (Unofficial) overview of gtable
gridExtra HTML ngonGrob: regular polygons and ellipses in grid graphics
gridExtra HTML tableGrob: displaying tables as grid graphics
gridsample HTML Rwanda 2010 DHS
gridsampler HTML Intro
GROAN HTML GROAN: Genomic Regression in Noisy Scenarios
groupdata2 HTML Automatic groups with groupdata2
groupdata2 HTML Cross-validation with groupdata2
groupdata2 HTML Description of groupdata2
groupdata2 HTML Introduction to groupdata2
groupdata2 HTML Time series with groupdata2
growthcurver HTML Using growthcurver
growthrates HTML Estimation of Growth Rates, Part 1: Introduction
growthrates HTML Estimation of Growth Rates, Part 2: User-defined Growth Models
grpreg PDF Penalties in grpreg
grpreg PDF Quick start guide
grpSLOPE HTML Basic usage of grpSLOPE
gsDesign PDF Template for time-to-event group sequential design
gsDesign PDF Template instructions for time-to-event group sequential design
gsEasy HTML gsEasy
gsloid HTML Vignette Title
GSODR HTML GSODR use case: Specified years/stations vignette
GSODR HTML Working with spatial and climate data from GSODR
gsrc HTML Introduction
gsrc HTML Synteny Block Calculation
gsw HTML gsw
gt4ireval HTML gt4ireval
guess HTML Using guess
GUILDS HTML Vignette Title
gunsales HTML Monthly Background Checks of Gun Purchases
gutenbergr HTML gutenbergr: Search and download public domain texts from Project Gutenberg
gvc HTML gvc
gWQS HTML How to use gWQS package
h5 HTML h5 Introduction
h5 HTML RFin2016 Slides
hansard HTML Introduction to hansard
haploR HTML Tutorial for haploR package
haplotyper HTML Use haplotyper
happybiRthday PDF happybiRthday
HarmonicRegression PDF Using HarmonicRegression
HARtools HTML HARtools: Basic Use
harvestr HTML Using harvestr for replicable simulations
haven HTML Date times
haven HTML Conversion semantics
hazus HTML Package Demo: hazus
hddplot PDF Feature Selection Bias in Classification of High Dimensional Data
hddtools HTML hddtools: Hydrological Data Discovery Tools
hdm PDF High-Dimensional Metrics, lasso
hdnom HTML An Introduction to hdnom
heatmap3 PDF Introduction for heatmap3 package
heatmaply HTML Introduction to heatmaply
heemod HTML An Introduction to heemod
heemod HTML Time-varying values
heemod HTML Simple Markov Models (Homogeneous)
heemod HTML Time-varying Markov Models (Non-Homogeneous)
heemod HTML Probabilistic Uncertainty Analysis
heemod HTML Deterministic Sensitivity Analysis
heemod HTML Heterogeneity & Demographic Analysis
heemod HTML Tabular Input
heemod HTML Reproducing Exact Results from DMHEE
heemod HTML Survival models
heemod HTML Calibrating heemod models
hei HTML hei Vignette
helixvis HTML Visualization with helixvis
helsinki HTML Helsinki R package tutorial
helsinki HTML Helsinki R package tutorial - data sets todo
heuristica HTML README
heuristica HTML Confusion Matrix
heuristica HTML Comparing performance of simple heuristics
heuristica HTML How to make your own heuristic
heuristica HTML Reproducing Results
hextri HTML Vignette Title
HHG HTML Vignette Title
HIBPwned HTML Have I Been Pwned? API
hierband HTML Using the hierband package
hierfstat HTML The Hierfstat Package
highcharter HTML Replicating Highcharts Demos
highcharter HTML Replicating Highcharts Demos
highcharter HTML Replicating Highcharts Demos
HighDimOut HTML Using Outlier Detection Algorithms to Analyze NBA Players
highlightHTML HTML Vignette Title
highr HTML Customization of the highr package
highr HTML Internals of the highr package
highSCREEN PDF highSCREEN manual
hisse PDF Type I errors, Model rejection, & HiSSE vs. FiSSE
hisse PDF Running hisse
HistData HTML Duplicate and Missing Cases in Snow.deaths
HiveR PDF HiveR: 2D and 3D Hive Plots for R
hmi HTML hmi: hierarchical multiple imputation
hoardeR PDF An Introduction to hoardeR
hoardr HTML Introduction to the hoardr package
homomorpheR HTML Distributed Stratified Cox Regression using Homomorphic Computation
homomorpheR HTML MLE using Homomorphic Computation
homomorpheR HTML Introduction to Homomorphic Computation
hot.deck PDF Using Multiple Hot Deck Data for Inference
hpoPlot HTML Plotting HPO Phenotypes
hrbrthemes HTML Why hrbrthemes?
HSAR HTML Hierarchical Spatial Simultaneous Autoregressive Model (HSAR)
hsm HTML Using the hsm package
htmltab HTML htmltab case studies
htmlTable HTML How-to use htmlTable
htmlTable HTML Tables with htmlTable and some alternatives
htmlwidgets HTML Advanced
htmlwidgets HTML Introduction
htmlwidgets HTML Sizing
hts PDF The hts Package
HTSSIP HTML HTS-SIP data simulation
HTSSIP HTML Beta diversity ordinations
HTSSIP HTML Quantifying isotope incorporation
httk HTML Creating Partition Coefficient Evaluation Plots
httk HTML Age distributions
httk HTML Global sensitivity analysis
httk HTML Global sensitivity analysis plotting
httk HTML Height and weight spline fits and residuals
httk HTML Hematocrit spline fits and residuals
httk HTML Plotting Css95
httk HTML Serum creatinine spline fits and residuals
httk HTML Generating subpopulations
httk HTML Evaluating HTTK models for subpopulations
httk HTML Generating Figure 2
httk HTML Generating Figure 3
httk HTML Plotting Howgate/Johnson data
httk HTML AER plotting
httk HTML Virtual study populations
httpcache HTML Improving API client performance with httpcache
httptest HTML httptest: A Test Environment for HTTP Requests in R
httptest HTML Redacting Sensitive Information from Recorded Requests
httr HTML Best practices for API packages
httr HTML Getting started with httr
httr HTML Managing secrets
humaniformat HTML Introduction to humaniformat
humidity HTML Regression of Influenza Virus Survival on Specific Humidity
hunspell HTML The hunspell package: High-Performance Stemmer, Tokenizer, and Spell Checker for R
hurricaneexposure HTML Using the hurricaneexposure package
hutils HTML hutils
huxtable HTML Design Principles, Comparisons and Limitations
huxtable HTML Regression Tables with huxreg
huxtable HTML Introduction to Huxtable
HWxtest HTML HWxtest
HydeNet HTML Decision Network (Influence Diagram) Analyses in HydeNet
HydeNet HTML Getting Started with HydeNet
HydeNet HTML Building and Customizing HydeNet Plots
HydeNet HTML Working with HydeNetwork Objects
hydroTSM PDF Tutorial for introductory analysis of daily precipitation data with hydroTSM
hyfo PDF hyfo easy start
hysteresis HTML An Introduction to the hysteresis package
IAbin HTML Vignette Title
iadf HTML False-ring proportion
iBUGS PDF An Introduction to iBUGS
icd HTML Charlson and other scores from ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes
icd HTML ICD-10 comorbidities
icd HTML Quick Introduction to icd: ICD-9 and ICD-10 comorbidities, validation and manipulation
icd9 HTML Introducing icd9
IceCast HTML Demo of Contour-Shifting
icosa PDF The R package 'icosa' for global triangular and hexagonal griding
icpsrdata HTML icpsrdata: Reproducible Data Retrieval from the ICPSR Archive
idem HTML idem: Inference in Randomized Controlled Trials with Death and Missingness
ids HTML ids
iemisc HTML iemisc open channel flow examples Gauckler-Manning-Strickler equation
iemiscdata HTML Manning's n Examples
iemiscdata HTML Viewing Manning's n Tables as a PDF
iemisctext HTML Examples using the tm package
iemisctext HTML Viewing Each Written Piece as a PDF
ifaTools PDF Model Builder for Item Factor Analysis with OpenMx
IGM.MEA HTML IGM.MEA: Performing a Comprehensive Analysis of Multiple MEA Recordings
iheatmapr HTML Minimal iheatmpar vignette
imager HTML getting_started
imager HTML pixsets
imaginator HTML Vignette Title
imaginator HTML Vignette Title
imaginator HTML Vignette Title
imagine HTML imagine
IMIFA HTML Infinite Mixtures of Infinite Factor Analysers
imPois PDF imPoisVignette
import HTML import
IMTest HTML Information Matrix Test
inbreedR HTML inbreedR step by step
incadata HTML incadata
incadata HTML incadoc
incadata HTML rccdates
IncDTW HTML Incremental Dynamic Time Warping
incidence HTML Conversions
incidence HTML Customise graphics
incidence HTML Incidence class
incidence HTML Overview
incR HTML "incR Working Pipeline"
inctools HTML Estimating incidence
inctools HTML Overview of inctools
inctools HTML Survey design
inctools HTML Test calibration
IncucyteDRC HTML Exporting From Incucyte Zoom Software
IncucyteDRC HTML Overview of the IncucyteDRC Package
iNEXT HTML A Quick Introduction to iNEXT via Examples
iNextPD HTML A Quick Introduction to iNextPD via Examples
inferference HTML inferference_vignette
inferference HTML inferference_plots
inferr HTML Introduction to inferr
Information HTML Information Package Vignette
InformationValue HTML Vignette Title Subtitle
InformativeCensoring PDF Multiple imputation when relaxing independent censoring assumption tutorial (Jackson 2014)
InformativeCensoring PDF Risk Score Imputation tutorial (Hsu 2009)
infuser HTML Getting started
inpdfr HTML Introduction to inpdfr package
inspectr HTML Example Data Checks with inspectr
intercure HTML Vignette Title
intergraph HTML Short intergraph tutorial
internetarchive HTML Internet Archive API Client
interplot HTML interplot: Plot the Effects of Variables in Interaction Terms
intubate HTML Vignette Title
ipdw HTML Spatial Interpolation via Inverse Path Distance Weighting
iprior HTML An R package for I-prior modelling
iprior HTML Manual for the kernel matrix list
iptools HTML Introduction to iptools
iptools HTML Datasets in the iptools package
iqspr HTML Tutorial
irace PDF irace package: User Guide
IRISSeismic HTML Introduction to the IRISSeismic Package
irtoys HTML Vignette Title
IRTpp HTML Exploratory statistics with IRTpp
IRTpp HTML Estimating Parameters with IRTpp
IRTpp HTML Goodness of Fit-Dichotomous One Dimensional Model
IRTpp HTML Models and Parameters
IRTpp HTML Simulating Tests with IRTpp
isdparser HTML Introduction to the isdparser package
ISOpureR PDF Guide for using ISOpureR
iterpc HTML Examples of generating combinations
iterpc HTML Examples of generating permutations
itsadug HTML ACF: checking & handling autocorrelation
itsadug HTML Visual inspection of GAMM models
itsadug HTML Testing for significance
jaatha HTML Using Jaatha for Demographic Inference
jaatha HTML Introduction to Jaatha
jackstraw PDF jackstraw: Significance test for association between variables and their estimated latent variables
JacobiEigen PDF The Classical Jacobi Algorithm
janitor HTML Introduction
jcolors HTML Using the jcolors Package
Jdmbs PDF How to use package Jdmbs
jiebaR HTML Quick Start Guide
joineR HTML Competing risks
joineR HTML joineR
joineRML HTML joineRML
joineRML PDF Technical details of joineRML
joinXL HTML joinXL Functions
jose HTML Reading/Writing JSON Web Keys (JWK) in R
jose HTML Encoding/Decoding JSON Web Tokens (JWT) in R
jqr HTML jqr introduction
jrvFinance HTML jrvFinance Usage
js HTML Working with JavaScript Syntax in R
jsonlite HTML Getting started with JSON and jsonlite
jsonlite HTML Fetching JSON data from REST APIs
jsonlite HTML Combining pages of JSON data with jsonlite
jsonlite PDF Simple JSON RPC with OpenCPU
jsonlite PDF A mapping between JSON data and R objects
jsonvalidate HTML jsonvalidate
jtools HTML Exploring interactions in linear regression models
jtools HTML summ — An alternative to summary for regression models
jtools HTML Calculate correlations and correlation tables with complex survey data
jug HTML Getting started with jug
JuliaCall HTML JuliaCall Gallery
JuliaCall HTML JuliaCall in Jupyter R Notebook
JumpTest HTML Vignette Title
junr HTML Acceder Datos Abiertos a Través del API de Junar
junr HTML Access Open Data Through the Junar API
kableExtra HTML Create Awesome HTML Table with knitr::kable and kableExtra
kableExtra PDF Create Awesome PDF Table with knitr::kable and kableExtra
kableExtra HTML Use kable in Shiny
kangar00 HTML Kernel Approaches for Nonlinear Genetic Association Regression
kantorovich HTML The 'kantorovich' package
kelvin HTML Kelvin curves
keras HTML About Keras Layers
keras HTML About Keras Models
keras HTML Using Pre-Trained Models
keras HTML Keras Backend
keras HTML Writing Custom Keras Layers
keras HTML Frequently Asked Questions
keras HTML Guide to the Functional API
keras HTML Getting Started with Keras
keras HTML Guide to the Sequential Model
keras HTML Training Callbacks
keras HTML Training Visualization
kerasR HTML R Interface to the Keras Deep Learning Library
KernelKnn HTML binary classification using the ionosphere data
KernelKnn HTML Image classification of the MNIST and CIFAR-10 data using KernelKnn and HOG (histogram of oriented gradients)
KernelKnn HTML Regression using the Housing data
keyringr HTML Avoiding plain text passwords in R with keyringr
KFAS PDF KFAS: Exponential Family State Space Models in R
kfigr HTML kfigr-intro
kitagawa PDF Comparison of response functions
Kmisc HTML Introduction to Kmisc
knitcitations PDF An introduction to knitcitations
knitLatex HTML lTab
knitLatex HTML sTab
knitLatex HTML xTab
knitr HTML Custom Print Methods
knitr HTML Not an Introduction to knitr
knitr PDF knitr Reference Card
knitr HTML Display Tables with the JavaScript Library DataTables
knitr HTML Templating with knit_expand()
knitr HTML An R HTML Vignette with knitr
knitr HTML An R Markdown Vignette with knitr
knitr HTML R Markdown with the Docco Classic Style
knitr HTML R Markdown with the Docco Linear Style
knitrBootstrap HTML Cars example
knitrBootstrap HTML Illusions example
knitrBootstrap HTML Map examples
knitrBootstrap HTML Math expressions example
knitrBootstrap HTML 2D Graphs
knockoff HTML Advanced Usage of the Knockoff Filter for R
knockoff HTML Controlled variable Selection with Fixed-X Knockoffs
knockoff HTML Analysis of HIV Drug Resistance Data
knockoff HTML Controlled variable Selection with Model-X knockoffs
KODAMA PDF Knowledge Discovery by Accuracy Maximization
komadown PDF KOMA-script articles with komadown
KoNLP HTML Introduction to KoNLP API
kpcalg PDF kpcalg tutorial
KraljicMatrix HTML A Quantified Kraljic Matrix
KSEAapp HTML KSEAapp Package Vignette
labelled HTML labelled
labelrank HTML Vignette Title
landscapeR HTML Overview of package 'landscapeR'
languagelayeR HTML Introduction to languagelayeR
lans2r HTML Calculate
lans2r HTML HMR files
lans2r HTML Introduction
largeList HTML Introduction to largeList
largeVis HTML largeVis
largeVis HTML largeVisnewfeatures
lasvmR HTML lasvmR
later HTML Using later from C++
latex2exp HTML Vignette Title
lavaanPlot HTML Vignette Title
lawn HTML Introduction to the lawn package
lazyeval HTML Lazyeval: a new approach to NSE
lazyeval HTML Non-standard evaluation
lazyrmd HTML lazyrmd_example
LBSPR HTML LBSPR: An R package for simulation and estimation using life-history ratios and length composition data
lctools PDF Spatial Autocorrelation
lctools PDF Spatial Inequalities with R
ldamatch HTML ldamatch demos
ldatuning HTML Number of topics
LDAvis PDF LDAvis details
ldhmm PDF ldhmm: Hidden Markov Model for Financial Time Series and In-Depth Analysis on S&P 500 Index
leabRa HTML LeabRa: Biologically realistic neural networks based on Leabra in R
leaflet.minicharts HTML introduction
LEANR HTML LEAN on simulated subnetworks
LearnGeom HTML Vignette Title
learningCurve HTML learningCurve
learnrbook HTML Installation and use
lemon HTML Capping axis lines
lemon HTML Show gtable names and grill
lemon HTML Working with legends
lemon HTML Lemon print – pretty printing data frames and tables
LendingClub HTML LendingClub Quick Start Guide
lettercase HTML FAQ
lettercase HTML lettercase
LexisPlotR HTML Vignette Title
lfe PDF Limited mobility bias correction
lfe PDF Multicollinearity, identification, and estimable functions
lfe PDF How lfe works
lfe PDF Convergence rate with examples
lifecontingencies PDF An introduction to lifecontingencies package
lifecontingencies PDF Mortality projection using lifecontingencies package
lifecontingencies PDF Intro to the lifecontingencies R package
lifecontingencies PDF Pension Funding with lifecontingencies
lifelogr PDF Introduction to lifelogr
lifelogr PDF Visualization Functions
liftr HTML A Quick Introduction to liftr
lightsout HTML Package lightsout
likelihoodAsy PDF Likelihood Asymptotics in R
lime HTML Understanding lime
linbin HTML Example applications
linbin HTML Introduction to linbin HTML vignette
lineup HTML R/lineup user guide
lingtypology HTML 'lingtypology': easy mapping for Lingustic Typology
LinkageMapView HTML LinkageMapView Examples
linl PDF linl
lintools HTML Introduction to the Successive Projection Algorithm
lintr HTML Creating new linters
liquidSVM HTML liquidSVM Demo
liquidSVM HTML liquidSVM Documentation
list HTML Combined Lists
littler HTML Littler Examples
lme4 HTML lmer Performance Tips
lme4 PDF Fitting Linear Mixed-Effects Models using lme4
lme4 PDF PLS vs GLS for LMMs
lme4 PDF Computational Methods
lmem.gwaser HTML Vignette Title
lmem.qtler HTML Vignette Title
lmvar HTML Introduction to the package
lmvar PDF Math details
localsolver HTML An introduction to 'localsolver' library
LocFDRPois HTML Introduction to the LocalFDRPois package
LogisticDx PDF plotGlm
logisticPCA HTML An Introduction to the 'logisticPCA' R Package
logitnorm HTML Using logitnorm package)
logmult HTML Short Reference for logmult
longpower PDF Power calculations for longitudinal data
loo HTML Example
loon HTML Visible minorities in Canadian cities
loon HTML Smoothers and Bone Mineral Density
loopr HTML Looping
LowWAFOMNX HTML Low WAFOM Niederreiter-Xing Sequence
LowWAFOMSobol HTML Low WAFOM Sobol sequences
lplyr HTML Dplyr verbs for lists and other verbs for data frames
lsgl HTML Quick Start
lsgl HTML Quick Start
lspline HTML lspline
ltbayes HTML User-Defined Models
ltbayes HTML Plots from Johnson & Kuhn (2014)
LTRCtrees HTML LTRCtrees
lubridate HTML Lubridate
lucid HTML Lucid printing of floating-point vectors
lumberjack HTML Adding your own loggers
lumberjack HTML Getting started with lumberjack
luzlogr HTML intro-luzlogr
LW1949 HTML Introduction to LW1949
m2b HTML m2b tutorial
macleish HTML Using MacLeish Weather Data
maddison HTML Vignette Title
madness PDF Madness: a package for Multivariate Automatic Differentiation
MADPop HTML Bayesian Testing of Equal Genotype Proportions between Multiple Populations
madrat HTML Data preparation with MADRaT
magclass HTML Concept behind magclass
magclass HTML MAGPIE Class Tutorial
magicfor HTML Magic Functions to Obtain Results from for Loops in R
magick HTML The magick package: Advanced Image-Processing in R
MAGNAMWAR HTML Using MAGNAMWAR: a case study with Drosophila melanogaster
magrittr HTML Introducing magrittr
MakefileR HTML Creating Makefiles
MALDIquant PDF MALDIquant: Quantitative Analysis of Mass Spectrometry Data
MALDIquantForeign PDF MALDIquantForeign: Import/Export routines for MALDIquant
MALDIrppa HTML Robust MALDI mass spectra data pre-processing pipeline with MALDIrppa
manhattanly HTML Introduction to manhattanly
manifestoR PDF Working with the manifestoR package
manipulateWidget HTML Getting started with manipulateWidget
mapfuser HTML Working with the MapFuser package
mapmisc HTML Examples of map layers
mapmisc PDF Overview of mapping with mapmisc
mapmisc HTML Mapping Hans Island
mapmisc HTML Space Station Map Projections
mapr HTML Introduction to mapr
mapsapi HTML Introduction to package 'mapsapi'
marcher HTML marcher
margins HTML Introduction to 'margins'
margins HTML Comparison with Stata's 'margins' command
margins PDF Technical Implementation Details
marinespeed HTML MarineSPEED quickstart guide
markdown HTML Some Markdown Examples
markdown HTML HTML Output from Markdown Examples
markmyassignment HTML markmyassignment
markophylo HTML Markov Chain Analysis on Phylogenetic Trees
markovchain PDF An introduction to markovchain package
markovchain PDF Higher order markov chains
markovchain PDF GSoC-2017_Additions
markovchain PDF Complicate Steady States Analysis
markovchain PDF Crash Introduction to markovchain R package
MarkowitzR PDF Asymptotic Distribution of the Markowitz Portfolio
MarkowitzR PDF Using the MarkowitzR Package
mason HTML Introduction to mason
mason HTML Specific flows for each statistical method
matchingMarkets PDF Analysis of Stable Matchings
matchingR HTML Matching Algorithms in R and C++: An Introduction to matchingR
matchingR HTML Matching Algorithms in R and C++: Computational Performance
matchMulti PDF multiMatch
matconv HTML Overall design
matconv HTML Overall design
matconv HTML Overall design
mateable HTML Investigate mating scenes
matlib HTML Properties of determinants
matlib HTML Evaluation of determinants
matlib HTML Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors: Properties
matlib HTML Eigenvalues: Spectral Decomposition
matlib HTML Generalized inverse
matlib HTML Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalization and Regression
matlib HTML Inverse of a matrix
matlib HTML Matrix inversion by elementary row operations
matlib HTML Solving Linear Equations
matrixpls PDF Introduction to matrixpls
matrixStats HTML matrixStats: Summary of functions
MAVE PDF Use Guide of Package
MazamaSpatialUtils HTML Introduction to MazamaSpatialUtils
mbbefd PDF Exposure rating, destruction rate models and the mbbefd package
mbgraphic HTML Explore univariate and bivariate structures of new datatsets with the package mbgraphic
MBHdesign PDF Spatially-Balanced Design with Legacy Sites
mbir HTML Introduction to mbir
mcglm HTML Multivariate Covariance Generalized Linear Models
mcglm HTML Multivariate Covariance Generalized Linear Models
mcglm HTML Multivariate Covariance Generalized Linear Models
mclcar PDF Introduction to mclcar
mclust HTML A quick tour of mclust
mcmcse PDF Using mcmcse
mcMST HTML Generating benchmark graphs
mcMST HTML Brief introduction to mcMST
mcprofile HTML An introduction to the mcprofile package
MDMR HTML Using the MDMR Package
mdpeer HTML Intro and usage examples
MeanShift HTML Vignette Title
MeanShift HTML Vignette Title
meaRtools HTML meaRtools: Performing a Comprehensive Analysis of Multiple MEA Recordings
meaRtools HTML meaRtools: Basics of correlating spike trains
MedDietCalc HTML "MedDietCalc"
Mediana HTML Case studies
Mediana HTML Mediana: an R package for clinical trial simulations
medicalrisk HTML medicalrisk: Correlating ICU days with mortality risk and comorbidities
medicalrisk HTML medicalrisk: Calculating risk and comorbidities from ICD-9-CM codes
medicare HTML Extracting Variables from Cost Reports
medicare HTML Parsing POS Layout Files for Descriptive Names
MEGENA HTML MEGENA pipeline overview
Meiosis HTML Meiosis: Simulation of meiosis in plant breeding research
memgene PDF MEMGENE tutorial
memisc HTML Analysing the American National Election Study of 1948 with "memisc"
memisc HTML Combining flattened contingency tables (and other tables)
memisc HTML Handling questionnaire items with "memisc"
memisc HTML "mtable" results in HTML format
memo HTML Vignette Title
MendelianRandomization PDF Mendelian randomization vignette
merTools HTML Prediction Intervals from merMod Objects
merTools HTML An Introduction to merTools
MESS HTML Vignette Title
metaBMA HTML metaBMA: Model Averaging for Meta-Analysis
metacart PDF Vignette Title
metacoder HTML An introduction to MetacodeR
MetaCycle HTML Introduction to implementation steps of MetaCycle
metafolio PDF An introduction to the metafolio R package
metaheur HTML Metaheur
MetaIntegrator HTML Analysis of gene expression data
metaMix PDF metaMix User Guide
metaplotr HTML Vignette Title
metaviz HTML rainforest (package metaviz)
meteR HTML An Overview of meteR: testing the Maximum Entropy Theory of Ecology
MetProc HTML MetProc Tutorial
metricsgraphics HTML Introduction to metricsgraphics
mev PDF Exact unconditional sampling from max-stable random vectors
mfe HTML Vignette Title
MFKnockoffs HTML Using the Model-Free Knockoff Filter
MFKnockoffs HTML Advanced Usage of the Model-Free Knockoff Filter
MFKnockoffs HTML Using the Knockoff Filter with a Fixed Design Matrix
mglR HTML Vignette Title
mhtboot PDF A Bootstrap Based Multiple Hypothesis Testing Procedure
mi PDF An Example of mi Usage
MIAmaxent HTML A modeling example
mice HTML Create simulation data
micompr PDF micompr: An R Package for Multivariate Independent Comparison of Observations
micompr PDF Examples of generated Latex tables
microclass HTML Vignette Title
microplot PDF Microplots in LaTeX tables, useR2016 poster
milr HTML milr: Multiple-Instance Logistic Regression with Lasso Penalty
miniCRAN HTML Using miniCRAN to identify package dependencies
miniCRAN HTML Using miniCRAN to create and maintain a local CRAN repository
miniCRAN HTML Using repositories other than CRAN with miniCRAN
MInt HTML MInt - A package for learning direct interaction networks.
minval HTML Introduction to MINVAL
minval HTML Characterize Reactions
mirt HTML Online Vignettes
mirtCAT HTML Online Vignettes
miscset HTML miscset
misreport HTML misreport Vignette
mitml HTML Introduction
MittagLeffleR HTML Vignette Title
MittagLeffleR HTML Vignette Title
MittagLeffleR HTML Vignette Title
mixedMem PDF mixedMem
mixpack HTML Merging mixture components
MixSIAR HTML MixSIAR Script Example (Cladocera)
MixSIAR HTML MixSIAR Script Example (Geese)
MixSIAR HTML MixSIAR Script Example (Isopod)
MixSIAR HTML MixSIAR Script Example (Killer Whale)
MixSIAR HTML MixSIAR Script Example (Lake)
MixSIAR HTML MixSIAR Script Example (Wolves)
mize HTML Convergence
mize HTML Mize
mize HTML Metric MDS
mize HTML Stateful Optimization
mkin HTML Example evaluation of FOCUS Example Dataset D
mkin HTML Example evaluation of FOCUS Laboratory Data L1 to L3
mkin HTML Example evaluation of FOCUS dataset Z
mkin HTML Performance benefit by using compiled model definitions in mkin
mkin HTML mkin - Kinetic evaluation of chemical degradation data
mkin HTML Calculation of time weighted average concentrations with mkin
MlBayesOpt HTML R package to tune parameters for machine learning, using bayesian optimization with gaussian process
mldr PDF Working with Multilabel Datasets in R: The mldr Package
MLID HTML Fitting a multilevel index of segregation in R
MLPUGS HTML Multi-label Classification with MLPUGS
mlr HTML mlr
mlrMBO HTML Quick introduction
mlsjunkgen HTML mlsjunkgen
mlt.docreg PDF mlt
MM2S PDF MM2S An Introduction (HowTo)
MM2S PDF MM2S An Introduction (HowTo) from Raw Data
mmpf HTML Monte-Carlo Methods for Prediction Functions
mnis HTML Introduction
mockery HTML Mocks: Integrating with testthat
modcmfitr PDF Fitting modified Connor-Mosimann distributions
modeval HTML An introduction to the modeval package
modifiedmk HTML Vignette Title
MODIStsp PDF "MODIStsp: A Tool for Automatic Preprocessing of MODIS Time Series - v1.3.3"
modmarg HTML Delta Method
modmarg HTML Modmarg Usage
modules HTML Modules in R
MOEADr HTML Basic Usage of the MOEADr Package
MOEADr HTML Fine tuning MOEADr using irace
MOEADr HTML Testing New Operators using the MOEADr Package
MOEADr HTML Defining Problems in the MOEADr Package
MOEADr HTML Writing Extensions for the MOEADr Package
moko HTML Multiobjective Optimization of the Nowacki Beam
molaR HTML Using molaR
momentuHMM PDF Guide to using momentuHMM
Momocs HTML Momocs speed dating
monitoR PDF monitoR Quick Start
monkeylearn HTML intro
monographaR HTML A quick guide to monographaR
MonoPhy HTML MonoPhy Tutorial
MonteCarlo HTML Vignette: The MonteCarlo Package
moonBook HTML Vignette Title
morse HTML Tutorial
morse PDF Models
mortAAR HTML Vignette >>Create a lifetable from an ordinary burial dataset<<
mortAAR HTML Vignette >>Extended discussion<<
MortalitySmooth PDF MortalitySmooth: Additional examples
mosaic PDF ggformula/lattice Comparison
mosaic HTML Resources Related to the mosaic Package
mosaic HTML Using plotModel
mosaic PDF Minimal R (lattice version)
mosaic PDF Minimal R (ggformula version)
mosaic PDF Randomization-based inference
mosaicModel HTML Using mosaicModel
mountainplot HTML Introduction to the mountainplot package
moveHMM PDF Guide to using moveHMM
moveWindSpeed HTML Estimating wind speed
moveWindSpeed HTML Estimating wind speed
mozzie HTML Vignette Title
mpath PDF Classification of Cancer Patients with Penalized Robust Nonconvex Loss Functions (with Results)
mpath PDF Variable Selection for Health Care Demand in Germany (with Results)
mpath PDF Variable Selection for Health Care Demand in Germany (without Results)
MPSEM PDF Phylogenetic modeling in R
MPTinR PDF MPTinR: Analysis of Multinomial Processing Tree Models
mptools HTML Introduction to mptools
mra PDF mra_CJSModeling
mrbsizeR PDF 'mrbsizeR': Scale space multiresolution analysis in R
mRchmadness HTML Win your office pool with mRchmadness
mregions HTML mregions introduction
msaenet HTML A Quick Introduction to msaenet
msaR HTML Using msaR
mschart HTML Introduction
MSCMT HTML Checking and Improving Results of package Synth
MSCMT HTML SCM Using Time Series
MSCMT HTML Working with package MSCMT
mscstexta4r HTML mscstexta4r vignette
mscsweblm4r HTML mscsweblm4r vignette
msde HTML Example models provided by msde
msde HTML Getting started with msde
msgl HTML Quick Start
msgl HTML Quick Start
msgtools HTML Tools for Developing Diagnostic Messages
msmtools HTML Using msmtools with longitudinal data
mstherm HTML Thermal proteome profiling with MSTherm
MTA HTML Historical and Conceptual Background
MTA HTML Scenario - Income Inequalities in the Metropolis of Greater Paris
mtconnectR HTML create_mtc_device
mtconnectR HTML simulate_map_gcode
MullerPlot HTML Vignette Title
MultiBD PDF bdsem_tutorial
multipanelfigure HTML Positioning of Panels
multipanelfigure HTML Positioning of Panels
multiplex PDF Working with Two-Mode Networks in multiplex
multiplyr HTML Multiplyr basics
multirich HTML Vignette Title
multisensi PDF Quick guide
musica HTML Using musica package
MVLM HTML Using the MVLM Package
mvMonitoring HTML Workflow
mvMORPH PDF How to use mvMORPH?
mvMORPH PDF mvMORPH: an R package for fitting multivariate evolutionary models
MVN PDF MVN: An R Package for Assessing Multivariate Normality
mvnfast HTML mvnfast_vignette
mvQuad HTML mvQuad_intro
mvtboost HTML mvtboost example 1: mpg
mvtboost HTML mvtboost example 2: Well-being
mwaved HTML mWaveD - Multichannel Wavelet Deconvolution with Long Memory Errors
mycor PDF package mycor
myTAI HTML Advanced Phylotranscriptomics Analyses
myTAI HTML Enrichment Analyses
myTAI HTML Gene Expression Analysis
myTAI HTML Intermediate Phylotranscriptomics Analyses
myTAI HTML Introduction to the myTAI package
myTAI HTML Taxonomic Information
NAM HTML Introduction to NAM
NAM HTML Background for Meta-analysis
nandb HTML Number and Brightness Image Analysis
naniar HTML Getting Started with naniar
naniar HTML Gallery of Missing Data Visualisations
naptime HTML Why and How to Nap
narray HTML narray Usage Examples
nat HTML Installation Details
nat HTML Introduction to neurons and neuronlists
nat.nblast HTML Hierarchical clustering of neurons by NBLAST scores
nauf HTML Using the nauf package
nCal PDF nCal: Nonlinear Calibration
ncappc HTML ncappc
ncvreg PDF Quick start guide
ndtv PDF Using ndtv
NEArender PDF NEArender R-package
neat HTML neat
neighbr HTML Neighbr Help
nestedRanksTest HTML Using nestedRanksTest
netCoin HTML netCoin package
netdiffuseR HTML netdiffuseR showcase: Medical Innovations
netdiffuseR HTML Simulating diffusion networks: Using the 'rdiffnet' function
netdiffuseR HTML Not-Lost in translation: Importing and exporting graph
netdiffuseR HTML Time Discounted Infection and Susceptibility
NetRep HTML NetRep
NetWeaver HTML Circular Visualization of Network Module Features
NetworkInference HTML NetworkInference: Inferring Latent Diffusion Networks
networkreporting HTML network scale-up
networktools PDF impact
neurobase HTML NIfTI Basics
neurobase HTML Sending Messages With Gmailr
neurohcp HTML Getting Data from the Human Connectome Project (HCP)
neuroim HTML Working with Image Volumes
neuroim HTML The neuroim package
neuroim HTML Regions of Interest
nhanesA HTML Introducing nhanesA
nhstplot HTML Using 'nhstplot'
nicheROVER HTML An Ecologist's Guide to nicheROVER
NIPTeR HTML NIPTeR: fast and accurate trisomy prediction in non-invasive prenatal testing
nlsr HTML Specifying Fixed Parameters
nlsr HTML nlsr Derivatives
nlsr HTML nlsr Background, Development, Examples and Discussion
nlstimedist HTML Package Overview
NlsyLinks PDF FAQ for NLSYLinks
NlsyLinks PDF The NLS Investigator
NlsyLinks PDF ACE Models with the NLSY
nLTT HTML Trees with a root edge
nLTT HTML How to visualize nLTT values distributions
nLTT HTML How to plot multiple nLTTs and their average
nLTT HTML How to stretch an nLTT timepoints matrix
nLTT HTML Walkthrough
NMF PDF NMF-unitTests
NMF PDF An introduction to the package NMF
NMF PDF NMF: generating heatmaps
NNLM HTML Fast and versatile NMF
NNS HTML Getting Started with NNS: Clustering and Regression
NNS HTML Getting Started with NNS: Correlation and Dependence
NNS HTML Getting Started with NNS: Forecasting
NNS HTML Getting Started with NNS: Partial Moments
NNTbiomarker HTML The biomarker crisis
NNTbiomarker HTML Using the NNTbiomarker package
NNTbiomarker HTML The debugTools component
noaastormevents HTML Details of noaastormevents
noaastormevents HTML Overview of noaastormevents
NoiseFiltersR PDF The NoiseFiltersR Package: Label Noise Preprocessing in R
noncomplyR HTML Introduction to noncomplyR
nonlinearTseries HTML Quickstart
nonmemica HTML Creating a Nonmem Parameter Table
nonnest2 PDF Getting Started with nonnest2
NormalizeMets HTML User Manual
NORTARA HTML Vignette Title
nplr PDF R package nplr
nproc PDF nproc demo
npROCRegression HTML The npROCRegression package
nucim HTML Chromatin compaction classification using DAPI intensity
nullabor HTML An Introduction to the nullabor package
nzelect HTML nzelect - convenient access to New Zealand election-related data
oai HTML oai introduction
OasisR HTML Vignette Title
obAnalytics HTML obAnalytics Guide
observer HTML Check your data in R
oce HTML Oce
oddsratio HTML function-tutorial
odr HTML Package 'odr'
OECD PDF Reproducible and programmatic access to OECD data
oem HTML Usage of the oem Package
officer HTML Office scraping
officer HTML PowerPoint
officer HTML Word
olctools HTML Introduction to olctools
olsrr HTML Heteroscedasticity
olsrr HTML Measures of Influence
olsrr HTML Introduction to olsrr
olsrr HTML Collinearity Diagnostics, Model Fit & Variable Contribution
olsrr HTML Residual Diagnostics
olsrr HTML Variable Selection Methods
OmicsPLS PDF Vignette Title
onemap HTML Inbred Based Populations
onemap HTML Introduction to R
onemap HTML Outcrossing Populations
onemap HTML Overview
OneR HTML OneR - Establishing a New Baseline for Machine Learning Classification Models
ontologyIndex HTML Introduction to ontologyX
ontologyIndex HTML Creating an ontology_index
ontologyPlot HTML Plotting Ontological Terms
ontologyPlot HTML Plotting Term Grids
ontologySimilarity HTML Gene Ontology data objects
ontologySimilarity HTML Examples
ontologySimilarity HTML Introduction
opencage HTML Vignette Title
opencpu PDF The OpenCPU System: Towards a Universal Interface for Scientific Computing through Separation of Concerns
openEBGM HTML Introduction to openEBGM
openEBGM HTML Processing Raw Data with openEBGM
openEBGM HTML Hyperparameter Estimation with openEBGM
openEBGM HTML Empirical Bayes Metrics with openEBGM
openEBGM HTML openEBGM Objects, Class Functions and Individual Calculations
OpenImageR HTML Functionality of the OpenImageR package
OpenML HTML OpenML Tutorial
OpenML PDF OpenML Cheatsheet
openssl HTML Fun with bignum: how RSA encryption works
openssl HTML Cryptographic Hashing in R
openssl HTML Importing and exporting RSA/DSA/EC keys
openssl HTML Generating Secure Random Numbers in R
openSTARS HTML Error and Warning Messages
openwindfarm HTML API Client for ENGIE's Open Wind Farm
openxlsx PDF Examples
openxlsx PDF Formatting Examples
openxlsx PDF Examples
opera HTML Vignette Title
optband HTML
optigrab HTML Vignette Title
optigrab HTML Vignette Title
optimr PDF Using and extending the optimr package
optimus HTML Optimus workflow
optional HTML Vignette Title
optiRum HTML optiRum
optiRum HTML Presentation components
optiSel HTML 3. Optimum Contribution Selection
optiSel HTML 1. Pedigree-based Evaluations
optiSel HTML 2. Marker-based Evaluations
optmatch PDF Matching with Optmatch
optmatch PDF Using Optmatch with Foreign Software
optparse HTML optparse Command Line Option Parsing
ores HTML Using ORES
OrgMassSpecR HTML OrgMassSpecR Examples
origami HTML Generalized Cross-Validation with Origami
orsifronts HTML orsifronts
OrthoPanels HTML Introduction to OrthoPanels
oshka HTML Introduction
oshka HTML NSE Functions with oshka
osi HTML Getting license information with the osi package
osmdata HTML 2. OSM to Simple Features
osmdata HTML 1. osmdata
osmplotr HTML Basic Maps
osmplotr HTML Data Maps
OutbreakTools PDF Handling disease outbreak data
OutliersO3 HTML Drawing O3 plots
oXim HTML oXim
PAC HTML Using the PAC package
packcircles HTML Graph-based circle-packing
packcircles HTML An introduction
packcircles HTML Progressive circle packing
pacman HTML Introduction to pacman
pacman HTML pacman Functions: Quick Reference
padr HTML Implementation Information of 'padr'
padr HTML Introduction to 'padr'
pafdR HTML How to use pafdR
pagenum HTML Using the pagenum package
pageviews HTML Accessing Wikimedia Pageviews Data
palr HTML NASA ocean colour
palr HTML Colour palettes
pals HTML Bivariate choropleth maps
pals HTML A Color-Caused Optical Illusion
pals HTML Overview of the 'pals' package
pander HTML Capturing evaluation information with evals
pander HTML Using pander with knitr
pander HTML Rendering markdown with pander
pander HTML Rendering tables with pandoc.table
PANICr HTML Panel Analysis of Nonstationarity in Idiosyncratic and Common Components
papeR HTML Using papeR with Markdown
papeR PDF Using papeR with LaTeX
ParallelForest HTML Introduction to the ParallelForest Package
parlitools HTML British Election Study variables
parlitools HTML British Election Study variables
parlitools HTML British Election Study variables
parlitools HTML Introduction to parlitools
parlitools HTML Mapping Local Authorities
parlitools HTML Using cartograms with parlitools
parsemsf HTML Introduction to ParseMSF
partialCI HTML A partialCI Guide
passport HTML passport
patchDVI PDF Using Sweave and patchDVI with Japanese text
patchDVI PDF The patchDVI package
patentsview HTML patentsview
patentsview HTML patentsview
patentsview HTML Writing queries
pathological HTML 1. Introduction
patternplot HTML An Introduction to the patternplot package
pavo HTML pavo
PBD HTML pbd_ML demo
pbo HTML Using the PBO package
pca3d PDF Principal Component Analysis
pcaBootPlot HTML How to use pcaBootPlot
pcadapt HTML pcadapt
PCAmixdata HTML How to Use the PCAmixdata Package
PCAmixdata HTML Supplementary Observations, Variables or Groups
pcev PDF Principal Component of Explained Variance
pdftables HTML Convert PDF Tables
PDQutils PDF Using the PDQutils Package
pdSpecEst HTML "Data depth and rank-based tests for HPD matrices"
pdSpecEst HTML "Wavelet-based multivariate spectral analysis"
peakPick HTML Vignette Title
peakRAM HTML Tracking Peak RAM Use and Minimizing Overhead
PepSAVIms PDF Kirkpatrick et al. (2016) data analysis
PepSAVIms PDF PepSAVIms introduction
Perc HTML Introduction to Perc Package
perccalc HTML "Calculating percentile differences from ordered categorical and continuous variables"
perccalc HTML "Warning message with perccalc package"
pergola HTML Polyploid Linkage Mapping
permPATH PDF permPATH manual
personalized HTML Usage of the Personalized Package
pewdata HTML pewdata: Reproducible Retrieval of Pew Research Center Datasets
pez PDF pez-intro
pez PDF pez-pglmm-overview
PGRdup PDF Introduction
phangorn PDF Ancestral Sequence Reconstruction
phangorn PDF Constructing phylogenetic trees
phangorn PDF Advanced features
phangorn HTML IntertwiningTreesAndNetworks
phangorn HTML Splits and Networx
phantom HTML An Introduction to Phantom
PhenotypeSimulator HTML Flexible phenotype simulation with PhenotypeSimulator
philentropy HTML Distances
philentropy HTML Information Theory
philentropy HTML Introduction
phonenumber HTML phonenumber
phonics HTML Vignette Title
photobiology HTML User Guide 1: Introduction
photobiology HTML User Guide: 2 radiation
photobiology HTML User Guide 3: astronomy
photobiologyInOut PDF User guide
photobiologyLamps HTML Data Catalogue
photobiologyLamps HTML User Guide
photobiologyLEDs HTML Data Catalogue
photobiologyLEDs HTML User Guide
photobiologyPlants PDF Plots of the included data
photobiologyPlants PDF User Guide
photobiologyWavebands HTML User Guide
phrasemachine HTML getting_started_with_phrasemachine
phybreak HTML Introduction to phybreak package
phylobase PDF phylo4: classes and methods for phylogenetic trees and data
phylocanvas HTML AdvancedUse
phylocanvas HTML BasicUse
PhylogeneticEM HTML Tutorial
phylogram HTML Introduction to the phylogram package
phylopath HTML binary_models
phylopath HTML phylopath
physiology HTML Compare Ideal Weight Formulae
piecewiseSEM HTML piecewiseSEM
pifpaf HTML Introduction to the pifpaf package: Estimating Potential Impact and Population Attributable Fractions from Cross-Sectional data
pinbasic HTML pinbasic: An R Package for Fast and Stable Estimation of Static Models for the Probability of Informed Trading
pinp PDF pinp
pipeliner HTML Introduction
pivottabler HTML 01. Introduction
pivottabler HTML 02. Data Groups
pivottabler HTML 03. Calculations
pivottabler HTML 04. Outputs
pivottabler HTML 05. Latex Output
pivottabler HTML 06. Styling
pivottabler HTML 07. Finding and Formatting
pivottabler HTML 08. Cell Context
pivottabler HTML 09. Irregular Layout
pivottabler HTML 10. Performance
pivottabler HTML 11. Shiny
pivottabler HTML 12. Excel Export
pixiedust HTML Advanced Magic with pixiedust
pixiedust HTML Creating Magic with pixiedust
pixiedust HTML Sprinkles
pkggraph HTML vignette_pkggraph
pkgmaker PDF pkgmaker-unitTests
pkgmaker PDF Overview of Utilities in the pkgmaker Package
PKNCA HTML Data Cleaning in PKNCA
PKNCA HTML Computing NCA Parameters for Theophylline
PKNCA HTML Introduction to PKNCA and Usage Instructions
PKNCA HTML Methods Used for Dose-Aware Concentration Interpolation/Extrapolation
PKNCA HTML Options for Controlling PKNCA
PKNCA HTML Writing PKNCA Parameter Functions
PKNCA HTML Superposition of Pharmacokinetic Data
PKNCA HTML Writing PKNCA Parameter Functions
PKPDmisc HTML Multiplot
PKPDmisc HTML Simple Noncompartmental Analysis
planar HTML decay_rates
planar HTML fresnel
planar HTML gaussian beam
plantecophys HTML A quick introduction to fitaci
plantecophys HTML Fitting A-Ci curves - FAQ
plater HTML Getting started with 'plater'
pleiades HTML pleiades introduction
PLmixed HTML PLmixed: An Introduction
plotfunctions HTML plotfunctions: Examples of the functions in the package plotfunctions
plotluck HTML Plotluck
plotROC HTML plotROC Examples
plspm PDF Introduction to plspm
pmc HTML PMC Vignette
pmmlTransformations HTML Introduction to FunctionXform
pointRes HTML Introduction to pointRes
polidata HTML Vignette Title
pollen HTML Introduction to the pollen package
pollstR HTML PollstR Usage
polmineR HTML Introduction to polmineR
Polychrome HTML Polychrome
Polychrome HTML Polychrome
polyfreqs HTML An introduction to polyfreqs
polyPK HTML polyPK vignette
polypoly HTML polypoly package overview
PopED HTML 1. Introduction to PopED
popEpi HTML Standardised incidence and mortality ratios
popEpi HTML survtab examples
PopGenReport PDF PopGenReport Introduction
PopGenReport PDF Tutorial landgenreport
PopGenReport PDF Tutorial Optimizer
poppr HTML Multilocus Genotype Analysis
poppr HTML Data Import and Manipulation
poppr PDF Algorightms and Equations
popprxl HTML How to use and cite popprxl
postGIStools HTML postGIStools-vignette
POUMM HTML A User Guide to The POUMM R-package
poweRlaw PDF 1. An introduction to the poweRlaw package
poweRlaw PDF 2. Examples using the poweRlaw package
poweRlaw PDF 3. Comparing distributions with the poweRlaw package
poweRlaw PDF 4. Journal of Statistical Software Article
powerlmm HTML Tutorial: Evaluation the Models Using Monte Carlo Simulations
powerlmm PDF Details on the Power Calculations
powerlmm HTML Tutorial: Three-level Longitudinal Power Analysis
powerlmm HTML Tutorial: Two-level Longitudinal Power Analysis
PowerUpR HTML PowerUpR Vignettes
PP HTML Getting started with Person-Fit in PP
PP HTML Getting started with PP
PP HTML Analyzing a dataset
prcbench HTML Introduction to prcbench
prcr HTML Introduction
precrec HTML Introduction to precrec
predatory HTML How to use predatory
prefeR HTML Motor Trend Cars
preference HTML The preference Package Vignette
preprocomb HTML Preprocomb
preprosim HTML Preprosim
preproviz HTML Preproviz
preText HTML getting_started
prettydoc HTML Creating Pretty Documents from R Markdown - The Architect Theme
prettydoc HTML Creating Pretty Documents from R Markdown - The Cayman Theme
prettydoc HTML Creating Pretty Documents from R Markdown - The HPSTR Theme
prettydoc HTML Creating Pretty Documents from R Markdown - The Leonids Theme
prettydoc HTML Creating Pretty Documents from R Markdown - The Tactile Theme
PrevMap PDF R packages: LaTeX vignettes
printr HTML An Introduction to the printr Package
prioritylasso HTML prioritylasso Vignette
prism HTML Download and plot PRISM data
PRISMAstatement HTML Vignette Title
processmapR HTML Constructing Process Maps
processmonitR HTML Introduction to processmonitR
prodigenr HTML Introduction to prodigenr
ProFit HTML ProFit Galaxy Fitting Example
ProFit HTML ProFit: Making a Complex Model Image
ProFit HTML ProFit: PSF Fitting Example
proftools PDF Using proftools
ProliferativeIndex HTML ProliferativeIndex Vignette
prophet HTML Quick Start Guide to Using Prophet
propr HTML 1. An Introduction to Proportionality
propr HTML 2. Understanding Proportionality through Visualization
propr HTML 3. How Proportional Is Proportional Enough?
propr HTML 4. A Brief Critique of Proportionality
propr HTML 5. Calculating Differential Proportionality
propr HTML Frequently Asked Questions
PROscorer HTML Descriptions of Instruments Scored by PROscorer
PROscorer HTML Introduction to PROscorer
PROscorerTools HTML Introduction to PROscorerTools
prospectr PDF prospectr: a R package for processing and calibration sampling of vis-NIR spectroscopic data
protr HTML protr: R package for generating various numerical representation schemes of protein sequences
proustr HTML Getting started with proustr
PSAboot HTML Bootstrapping for Propensity Score Analysis
PSAboot HTML Bootstrapping for Propensity Score Analysis
psd PDF DFT benchmarks: fft vs FFT
psd PDF Normalization of power spectral density estimates
psd PDF An overview of psd
pseval HTML introduction
PSF HTML Vignette Title
psycho HTML Overview
ptest HTML Introduction to the ptest package
ptstem HTML Vignette Title
PTXQC HTML Basic R-Usage Guide for PTXQC
PTXQC HTML Customizing PTXQC reports
PTXQC HTML Drag'n'drop Usage Guide for PTXQC
PTXQC HTML Frequently asked questions for PTXQC
PTXQC HTML Input/Output data for PTXQC
pubprint PDF An Introduction to Pubprint
pulsar HTML Other selection criteria with pulsar
pulsar HTML Graphical model selection with pulsar
pulver HTML Introduction to pulver
pumilioR HTML Setting up Pumilio for pumilioR and usage
purrr HTML Functional programming in other languages
pvar PDF The brief intro into the package
pweight HTML iGWAS example - Coronary Artery Disease
pweight HTML Pweight Basics
PWFSLSmoke HTML Data Model
PWFSLSmoke HTML Maps and Timeseries Plots
pwr HTML Getting started with the pwr package
pxweb HTML pxweb
qcc HTML A quick tour of qcc
qdap PDF Cleaning Text & Debugging
qdap HTML An Introduction to qdap
qdap PDF qdap-tm Package Compatibility
QFASA HTML Modeling Workflow
qfasar HTML qfasar
qgam HTML qgam_vignette
QICD PDF vignette
QICD PDF vignette
qicharts HTML controlharts
qicharts HTML runcharts
qicharts2 HTML Vignette Title
qlcData HTML Specifying orthography
qlcData HTML Specifying orthography tokenization
qlcMatrix HTML Transforming data into sparse matrices
QoLR HTML Using QoLR package
qqman HTML Intro to the qqman package
qrmdata HTML Fetching the Datasets of qrmdata
qrmtools HTML Fitting and Predicting VaR based on an ARMA-GARCH Process
qrmtools HTML Geometric Risk Measures
qrmtools HTML Worst Value-at-Risk under Known Margins
qte HTML ddid2
qte HTML panel.qtet
qualpalr HTML An introduction to qualpalr
qualtRics HTML Vignette Title
qualvar HTML Indices of Qualitative variation
quanteda HTML Getting Started Guide
QuantumClone HTML Release
QuantumClone HTML Use case
questionr HTML Recoding addins
queuecomputer HTML Using the queuecomputer package
queuecomputer HTML MMk queues
quickPlot HTML 03 Plotting with quickPlot
quickReg HTML quickReg
quipu PDF Quipu tutorial
qwraps2 HTML summary-statistics
r.jive HTML Example with TCGA Data
R2admb PDF Basic examples of R2admb/AD Model Builder use
R2DGC PDF Vignette Title
R2ucare HTML Session examples
R6 HTML Debugging methods in R6 objects
R6 HTML Introduction to R6 classes
R6 HTML R6 and Reference class performance tests
R6 HTML Portable and non-portable R6 classes
R6Frame HTML Introduction
rabi HTML Tweaking Coding Schemes: Bird Tagging Example
RADanalysis HTML An introduction to the RADanalysis package
radarchart HTML Preparing Data
radiant HTML Programming with Radiant
radiomics HTML Texture Analysis
radmixture HTML Introduction
Radviz HTML Visualizing Multivariate Data with Radviz
ragtop PDF ragtop: Pricing equity derivatives with extensions of Black-Scholes
raincpc HTML Package Demo: raincpc
rainfreq HTML Package Demo: rainfreq
rAltmetric HTML Introduction to Altmetric
Ramble HTML High Order Functions for Parsing in R
ramcmc HTML Robust Adaptive Metropolis
ramify HTML Introduction to ramify
randgeo HTML Introduction to the randgeo package
randomForestExplainer HTML Understanding random forests with randomForestExplainer
randomizeR PDF Assessment and Implementation of Randomization in Clinical Trials
randomizeR PDF Comparing randomizaton procedures
randomizeR PDF Desirability Index
randomizeR PDF randomizeR Quick Reference Guide
randomizr HTML Design and Analysis of Experiments with Randomizr
randomNames HTML Getting started with randomNames
rangeMapper HTML Different biodiversity hotspots and their congruence
rangeMapper HTML Geographical variation in the relationship between range size and body size
rangeMapper HTML The influence of grid size on the relationship between species richness and body size
rangeMapper HTML The influence of range size on the relationship between species richness and body size
RankingProject HTML Introduction to the 'RankingProject' package
RankingProject PDF Figures for 'A Primer on Visualizations for Comparing Populations...'
raptr HTML raptr
ratelimitr HTML Introduction to ratelimitr
RATest PDF rdperm: Permutation Test for Sharp RDD
raw HTML raw
RBesT HTML Customizing RBesT plots
RBesT HTML Getting started with RBesT (binary)
RBesT HTML RBest for a Normal Endpoint
RBesT HTML Using RBesT to reproduce Schmidli et. al "Robust MAP Priors"
rbgm HTML BGM and Spatial
rbgm HTML BGM examples
rbgm HTML BGM Files
rbhl HTML rbhl vignette
rbison HTML Other functions
rbison HTML rbison introduction
Rblpapi HTML Introducing Rblpapi
rbokeh HTML rbokeh Function Reference
rbokeh HTML rbokeh Package Tutorial
Rborist HTML The Rborist package
rCAT PDF R packages: rCAT
rccdates HTML rccdates
Rcereal HTML Introduction of Rcereal
RClone PDF RClone part 2
RClone PDF RClone part 1
RcmdrPlugin.aRnova HTML "RcmdrPlugin.aRnova: a Tutorial (in progress...)"
RcmdrPlugin.BiclustGUI PDF BiclustGUI Full Guide
RcmdrPlugin.FuzzyClust HTML Rcmdr Fuzzy Clustering Plugin Analysis
RcmdrPlugin.KMggplot2 HTML Extend with the 'extrafont' package
RcmdrPlugin.KMggplot2 HTML The geom_stepribbon
RcmdrPlugin.KMggplot2 HTML Dataset requirements for Kaplan-Meier plot
RCMIP5 HTML Atmospheric CO2
rcongresso HTML Introdução ao rcongresso
rcongresso HTML Usando purrr + rcongresso para analisar votações
rcoreoa HTML Introduction to the rcoreoa package
Rcpp PDF Rcpp-attributes
Rcpp PDF Rcpp-extending
Rcpp PDF Rcpp-faq
Rcpp PDF Rcpp-introduction
Rcpp PDF Rcpp-modules
Rcpp PDF Rcpp-package
Rcpp PDF Rcpp-quickref
Rcpp PDF Rcpp-sugar
Rcpp PDF Rcpp-JSS-2011
Rcpp PDF Rcpp-unitTests
RcppAPT HTML Vignette Title
RcppArmadillo PDF RcppArmadillo-sparseMatrix
RcppArmadillo PDF RcppArmadillo-introduction
RcppArmadillo PDF RcppArmadillo-unitTests
RcppClassic PDF RcppClassic
RcppClassic PDF RcppClassic-unitTests
RcppCNPy PDF RcppCNPy-intro
RcppFaddeeva HTML voigt
RcppGSL PDF RcppGSL-unitTests
RcppHoney HTML RcppHoney - Custom Functions
RcppHoney HTML RcppHoney Introduction
RcppMsgPack HTML Using msgpack2R
RcppNumerical HTML Rcpp Integration for Numerical Computing Libraries
RcppOctave PDF RcppOctave-unitTests
RcppOctave PDF RcppOctave
RcppShark HTML RcppShark Tutorial
RcppTN PDF Performance
RcppTN PDF Using RcppTN
RcppZiggurat PDF RcppZiggurat-Intro
rcrossref HTML Crossref filters
rcrossref HTML Crossref vignette
Rcssplot PDF Styling R plots with cascading style sheets and Rcssplot
Rd2md PDF Introduction Rd2md
Rd2roxygen HTML Rd2roxygen: Convert Rd to roxygen documentation and utilities to enhance R documentation
rddtools HTML Morocco
rddtools HTML Data entry
rdefra HTML rdefra: Interact with the UK AIR Pollution Database from DEFRA
Rdice PDF Rdice vignette
Rdistance PDF Rdistance_BeginnerTutorial
Rdistance PDF Rdistance_CustomDetectionFunction
Rdistance PDF Rdistance_BeginnerTutorial
RDML HTML Creating RDML file from raw data
RDML HTML Using RDML package
RDML HTML Using RDML with other R packages
rdnb HTML Introduction to rdnb
rdomains HTML Illustrating use of rdomains
RDota2 HTML Documentation and Examples for RDota2
rdpla HTML Introduction to rdpla
rdpla HTML rdpla use case: vizualize churches across DPLA holdings
rDVR HTML rDVR basics
rdwd HTML mapDWD
rdwd HTML rdwd: climate data from the German Weather Service
re2r HTML Introduction to RE2
re2r HTML RE2 Syntax
reactR HTML Intro to reactR
readJDX PDF Import data in the JCAMP-DX format
readr HTML Locales
readr HTML Introduction to readr
readtext HTML Readtextfiles
readxl HTML Cell and Column Types
readxl HTML Sheet Geometry
realestateDK HTML realestateDK
REBayes PDF Bayesian Deconvolution
REBayes PDF MEDDE: Penalized Renyi Density Estimation
REBayes PDF REBayes: Empirical Bayes for Mixtures
rebird HTML rebird vignette
recexcavAAR HTML Vignette >>Semiautomatic spit attribution<<
recexcavAAR HTML Vignette >>Trench visualisation<<
recexcavAAR HTML Vignette >>Transforming coordinates<<
recipes HTML Custom Steps
recipes HTML Ordering of Steps
recipes HTML Selecting Variables
recipes HTML Basic Recipes
recmap HTML recmap primer
reconstructr HTML Session reconstruction in R
recosystem HTML recosystem: Recommender System Using Parallel Matrix Factorization
reda HTML Introduction to reda by Examples
REDCapR HTML Basic REDCapR Operations
REDCapR HTML Security Database
REDCapR HTML Troubleshooting REDCap API Calls
REDCapR HTML Advanced REDCapR Operations
redland HTML redland RDF
redlistr HTML Calculating spatial metrics for IUCN red list assessments
rEDM HTML rEDM User Guide
redux HTML Low level implementation details
redux HTML Using Redis with redux
refimpact HTML refimpact
RefManageR HTML RMarkdown Citations - Alphabetic Style
RefManageR HTML RHTML Citations Example
RefManageR HTML RMarkdown Citations Example
RefManageR PDF RefManageR User Manual
refset HTML refset
regtools HTML regtools
RegularizedSCA HTML SCAdata - an R package for multi-block data integration with sparsity
rehh PDF How to use rehh
ReinforcementLearning HTML Reinforcement Learning in R
ReIns HTML Using the ReIns package
relMix HTML relMix 1.2
remindR HTML remindR: In Code Text Reminders To Aid Code Development
remoter HTML Guide to the remoter Package
rentrez HTML Rentrez Tutorial
repijson HTML Vignette Title
replyr HTML Join Dependency Sorting
replyr HTML NA rm
replyr HTML Parametric Programming in R
replyr HTML coalesce
replyr HTML Join Controller
replyr HTML let Example
replyr HTML replyr
replyr HTML summary
repo HTML Getting started with Repo
represtools HTML represtools
requireR HTML RequireR
rerddap HTML Using rerddap to Access Data from ERDDAP Servers
rerddap HTML rerddap introduction
reticulate HTML Arrays in R and Python
reticulate HTML R interface to Python
reticulate HTML Using reticulate in an R Package
reticulate HTML Python Version Configuration
reval HTML quickstart
revdbayes HTML Posterior Predictive Extreme Value Inference using the revdbayes Package
revdbayes HTML Faster simulation using revdbayes
revdbayes HTML Introducing revdbayes: Ratio-of-Uniforms Sampling for Bayesian Extreme Value Analysis
RevEcoR HTML Revse Ecology Analysis on Microbiome
rex HTML Server Log Parsing
rex HTML URL Validation
RFinfer HTML Infinitesimal Jackknife
RFinfer HTML Introduction to RFinfer
rfishbase HTML rfishbase 2.0
rfml HTML Statistical functions
rfml HTML Data Mining Algorithms
rfml HTML Introduction to rfml
RGA HTML Authorization
RGA HTML Management API
RGA HTML Reporting API
rgbif HTML Cleaning data using GBIF issues
rgbif HTML rgbif introduction
rgbif HTML Taxonomic Names
RGCCA PDF The RGCCA package for Regularized/Sparse Generalized Canonical Correlation Analysis
rgeolocate HTML IP Geolocation with rgeolocate
rgho HTML Introduction
rgho HTML Dimension Names
rgho HTML Codes for the GHO Dimension
rgho HTML Codes for the COUNTRY Dimension
rgho HTML Details
rgl HTML User Interaction in WebGL (updated)
rgl HTML User Interaction in WebGL
rgl HTML rgl Overview
rglobi HTML Introduction to the rglobi package
rhandsontable HTML rhandsontable Introduction
RHPCBenchmark HTML R HPC Benchmark
RHRV HTML RHRV-quickstart
RIA HTML RIA package manual
rich PDF ggene_introduction
riem HTML riem intro
rif HTML Introduction to the rif package
rinat HTML Access iNaturalist data through APIs
ring HTML ring
ring HTML ring_applications
rio HTML Introduction to 'rio'
ritis HTML ritis introduction
riverdist HTML riverdist_vignette
rivr HTML publication-reproduction
rivr HTML quickstart
rivr HTML technical-vignette
rjade HTML Introduction to Jade Templating in R
RJafroc PDF Analysis of Data Acquired Using ROC Paradigm and Its Extensions
rjmcmc PDF R Package rjmcmc: The Calculation of Posterior Model Probabilities from MCMC Output
rKIN HTML Vignette Title
Rknots HTML Rknots
rLakeAnalyzer HTML Vignette Title
rLakeAnalyzer HTML Vignette Title
rlang HTML Tidy evaluation
Rlda PDF Bayesian LDA for mixed-membership clustering analysis
Rlinsolve HTML Rlinsolve_basics
RLumModel HTML RLumModel - Getting started with RLumModel
RLumModel HTML RLumModel - Simulating luminescence in Al<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub>
RLumModel HTML RLumModel - Using own parameter sets
rmapshaper HTML rmapshaper Basics
RmarineHeatWaves HTML Extreme event detection in gridded data
rmcorr HTML Reproduce results of rmcorr paper
rmdformats HTML rmdformats usage
rmetasim HTML Apply population thinning to one stage
rmetasim HTML How to set up a simulation
rmetasim HTML more complex sexuality than hermaphrodites
rmetasim HTML Running simulations
rmetasim HTML rmetasim overview
rmonad HTML Cheatsheet
rmonad HTML Case Study: GFF processing
rmonad HTML Introduction
rmonad HTML What is a monad?
rMouse HTML rMouse - Introduction
rmsfuns HTML rmsfuns
RNAseqNet PDF Log-Linear Poisson Graphical Model with Hot-Deck Multiple Imputation
rnaturalearth HTML Introduction to rnaturalearth.
rnaturalearth HTML What is a country ?
RndTexExams HTML How to use RndTexExams
RndTexExams HTML Testing for visual cheating with RndTexExams
rnetcarto HTML Getting Started with rnetcarto
RNewsflow HTML Introduction to RNewsflow
RNeXML HTML Handling Metadata in RNeXML
RNeXML HTML The nexml S4 Object
RNeXML HTML Extending NeXML to simmap
rngtools PDF rngtools-unitTests
rnn HTML GRU units
rnn HTML LSTM units
rnn HTML Recurrent Neural Network
rnn HTML RNN units
rnn HTML sinus
rnoaa HTML buoy vignette
rnoaa HTML HOMR metadata
rnoaa HTML NOAA NCDC dataset attributes
rnoaa HTML ncdc vignette
rnoaa HTML ncdc workflow
rnoaa HTML air_quality_and_weather_data
rnoaa HTML Sea ice vignette
rnoaa HTML NOAA storms
rnoaa HTML SWDI vignette
roadoi HTML Introduction to roadoi
roahd HTML roahd
robCompositions PDF Imputation Methods in robCompositions
robCompositions PDF Overview of the robCompostions package
robotstxt HTML using_robotstxt
rococo PDF RoCoCo - An R Package Implementing a Robust Rank Correlation Coefficient and a Corresponding Test
Rodam HTML Wrapper Functions for ODAM (Open Data for Access and Mining) Web Services
RODBCext HTML Parameterized SQL queries
rODE HTML Comparison of ODE solvers
rODE HTML Falling Particle ODE
rODE HTML Kepler. Interaction between two planets.
rODE HTML Pendulum with Euler-Richardson ODE solver
rODE HTML Planet orbiting. ODE solver Euler
rODE HTML Projectile with RK4 solver
rODE HTML Chemical Reaction
rodeo PDF R package rodeo: Basic Use and Sample Applications
rodham HTML rodham
rollply HTML rollply
rolypoly HTML Introduction to rolypoly
roots HTML Infer biologically plausible journeys through single cell data
rope HTML A Brief Introduction to ROPE
ropenaq HTML R Package ropenaq
ropenaq HTML A few graphics of PM2.5 concentrations in different countries
ropenaq HTML World Map of Open AQ Monitors
ropenaq HTML Using the R package openair
ropercenter HTML ropercenter: Reproducible Retrieval of Roper Center Datasets
rorcid HTML Introduction to the rorcid package
rosetteApi HTML Rosette API R Binding
rotations PDF Introduction to rotations
rotl HTML Connecting data to Open Tree trees
rotl HTML How to use rotl?
rotl HTML Using the Open Tree synthesis in a comparative analysis
roxygen2 HTML Collation order
roxygen2 HTML Text formatting reference sheet
roxygen2 HTML Write R Documentation in Markdown
roxygen2 HTML Package namespace
roxygen2 HTML Generating Rd files
roxygen2 HTML Rd keywords
roxygen2 HTML Introduction to roxygen2
rpatrec HTML Generating and Recognising Visual Charting Patterns
rpatrec HTML Recognising Visual Charting Patterns in the Dow Jones Industrials Index
rpcdsearch HTML Vignette Title
rpf HTML Custom Item Models (HTML)
rpf HTML Item Factor Analysis diagnostics (HTML)
rpf HTML Basic 1 dimensional plots (HTML)
rpivotTable PDF Vignette Title
rpivotTable HTML Vignette Title
rplos HTML Faceted and highlighted searches
rplos HTML Full text
rplos HTML rplos introduction
rpostgisLT HTML rpostgisLT: Database model
rpostgisLT HTML rpostgisLT: Use cases
rPref HTML Introduction to rPref
rPref HTML Visualization of Preferences
rprev HTML rprev User Guide
rprime HTML Working with multiple files
rprime HTML Parsing summary
rprime HTML Quick start demonstration
rprojroot HTML Finding files in project subdirectories
RProtoBuf PDF RProtoBuf-intro
RProtoBuf PDF RProtoBuf-quickref
RProtoBuf PDF RProtoBuf-paper
RProtoBuf PDF RProtoBuf-unitTests
rpsftm HTML rpsftm: rank-preserving structural failure time models for survival data
rptR HTML An introduction to repeatability estimation with rptR
RQGIS HTML (R)QGIS installation guide for Windows, Mac & Linux"
rrecsys HTML Introduction and Installing rrecsys
rrecsys HTML A data set in rrecsys
rrecsys HTML Evaluation
rrecsys HTML Non-personalized recommendations
rrecsys HTML Item-based k-nearest neighbors
rrecsys HTML User-based k-nearest neighbors
rrecsys HTML Simon Funk's SVD
rrecsys HTML Weighted Alternated Least Squares
rrecsys HTML Bayesian Personalized Ranking
rrecsys HTML Dispacher and registry
rrecsys HTML Predicting & recommending
rrecsys HTML Extendind rrecsys
rrefine HTML rrefine
rroad HTML Road Condition Analysis
rrr HTML rrr for Multivariate Regression
RRreg HTML An Introduction to the RRreg package
RRTCS PDF RRTCS package. Application of Horvitz model to a real survey
RSAGA PDF Introduction to Terrain Analysis with RSAGA: Landslide Susceptibility Modeling
rsample HTML Basics
rsample HTML Working with rsets
Rsampling HTML Introdução ao Rsampling (PT-BR)
Rsampling HTML Introduction to Rsampling
Rsampling HTML Regression and ANCOVA
Rsampling HTML Regressão e Ancova com o Rsampling (PT-BR)
rsatscan HTML rsatscan
rsatscan HTML Simulation
rscala PDF Integration of R and Scala Using rscala
rscorecard HTML rscorecard
rsdmx HTML rsdmx quickstart guide
RSelenium HTML Orange County R Users Group (OC-RUG): RSelenium Webinar
RSelenium HTML RSelenium: Basics
RSelenium HTML RSelenium: Docker
RSelenium HTML Shiny Testing
RSelenium HTML RSelenium: Headless browsing.
RSelenium HTML RSelenium: Driving OS/Browsers local and remote
RSentiment HTML Introduction to RSentiment
rslurm HTML Parallelize R code on a Slurm cluster
rsnps HTML rsnps tutorial
RSNPset PDF rsnpset
RSpectra HTML Large Scale Eigenvalue Decomposition and SVD with RSpectra
rSQM HTML Vignette Title
rstan HTML Interfacing with External C++ Code
rstan HTML RStan
rstan HTML stanfit objects
rstanarm HTML stan_aov: ANOVA Models
rstanarm HTML stan_betareg: Models for Rate/Proportion Data
rstanarm HTML stan_glm: GLMs for Binary and Binomial Data
rstanarm HTML stan_glm: GLMs for Continuous Data
rstanarm HTML stan_glm: GLMs for Count Data
rstanarm HTML stan_glmer: GLMs with Group-Specific Terms
rstanarm HTML stan_lm: Regularized Linear Models
rstanarm HTML stan_polr: Ordinal Models
rstanarm HTML Hierarchical Partial Pooling
rstanarm HTML Prior Distributions
rstanarm HTML How to Use the rstanarm Package
rstansim HTML Model Fitting
rstansim HTML Model Fitting
rstansim HTML Model Fitting
rstansim HTML Model Fitting
rstansim HTML Using rstansim
rstantools HTML Developer Guidelines
rstudioapi HTML File Dialogs
rstudioapi HTML Document Manipulation
rstudioapi HTML Introduction to rstudioapi
rstudioapi HTML Interacting with RStudio Projects
rstudioapi HTML Interact with the R Session
rstudioapi HTML Interacting with Terminals
rsunlight HTML rsunlight vignette
RSwissMaps HTML Vignette Title
rtdists HTML Reanalysis of Ratcliff and Rouder (1998) with Diffusion Model and LBA
Rtextrankr HTML Rtextrankr
rtimes HTML NYTimes Civil Rights
rtimes HTML rtimes vignette
rtimicropem HTML 2. MicroPEM data Cleaning process developed through the CHAI project
rtimicropem HTML 1. Introduction
rtrie HTML Trie Usage
rtrim HTML trim-by-example
rtrim HTML Working with TRIM command files and TRIM data files
rtrim HTML trim-for-r
rtweet HTML Obtaining and using access tokens
rtweet HTML Intro to rtweet
rtweet HTML Live streaming tweets
rucm HTML Unobserved Component Models in R
rucrdtw HTML Using rucrdtw
runjags HTML A quick-start guide to running models in JAGS
runjags PDF Using the runjags package
rust HTML Rusting Faster: Simulation using Rcpp
rust HTML Introducing rust: Ratio-of-Uniforms Simulation with Transformation
rvertnet HTML rvertnet introduction
rvest HTML Selectorgadget
Rvmmin PDF Rvmmin15
RVPedigree PDF Using RVPedigree
rwars HTML Using rwars
rWBclimate PDF rWBclimate
RWildbook HTML Demo of pulling and searching data from Wildbook framework
RWildbook HTML Linking RWildbook and marked via RWildbook
RxODE HTML Introduction to RxODE
RxODE HTML RxODE Modeling Syntax
rYoutheria HTML rYouteria Guide
sadists PDF The sadists package
saeRobust HTML fixedPoint
saeSim HTML Introduction
SAGA PDF SAGA tutorial
samplesize4surveys HTML Power and sample size in complex surveys
samplingDataCRT PDF Using samplingDataCRT
satellite HTML Landsat-8 Calibration
satellite HTML satellite - Classes and Methods for Satellite Data
sBIC PDF Binomial Mixtures
sBIC PDF Factor Analysis
sBIC PDF Gaussian Mixtures
sBIC PDF Latent Class Analysis
sBIC PDF Reduced Rank Regression
sBIC HTML Introduction to sBIC
scanstatistics HTML Introduction to scanstatistics
scatterD3 HTML scatterD3 : A Visual Guide
scatterpie HTML scatterpie introduction
scdhlm HTML "Estimating design-comparable standardized mean differences"
scenario HTML Vignette Title
SCGLR PDF Introduction to SCGLR
SchemaOnRead HTML SchemaOnRead Vignettes
schumaker HTML Schumaker Spline
scidb PDF scidb
SciencesPo HTML Measures of Political Behavior
SciencesPo HTML Concepts and Basics of the SciencesPo Package
SciencesPo HTML The Anatomy of a Plot
scifigure HTML Vignette Title
scmamp HTML Data loading and manipulation with scmamp
scmamp HTML Statistical Assessment of the Differences
scoringRules HTML CRPS formulas
scoringRules HTML Getting Started
SCORPIUS HTML Investigating dendritic cell maturation in dendritic cell progenitors
SCORPIUS HTML Trajectory inference from simulated data
scrm HTML scrm-Arguments
scrm HTML scrm-TreesForApe
scrubr HTML scrubr introduction
sdcMicro HTML Vignette Title
sdcMicro PDF Guidelines for statistical disclosure control using sdcMicro
SDEFSR PDF Subgroup Discovery with Evolutionary Fuzzy Systems in R: the SDEFSR Package
sdm HTML getting started with sdm package
SDMPlay HTML Vignette Title
sdmpredictors HTML sdmpredictors quickstart guide
searchConsoleR HTML searchConsoleR demo
secr PDF Data input for secr
secr PDF Spatially explicit capture–recapture in R
secrdesign PDF Sampling design for spatially explicit capture–recapture
secret HTML Share Sensitive Information in R Packages
secrlinear PDF Spatially Explicit Capture–Recapture for Linear Habitats
seleniumPipes HTML seleniumPipes - Basics
semver HTML semver: Basics
SentimentAnalysis HTML Introduction to SentimentAnalysis
seplyr HTML String Algebra
seplyr HTML Named Map Builder
seplyr HTML rename_se
seplyr HTML seplyr
seplyr HTML Using seplyr
seqHMM PDF Mixture Hidden Markov Models for Sequence Data: the seqHMM Package in R
seqHMM PDF The main algorithms used in the seqHMM package
seqHMM PDF Examples and tips for estimating Markovian models with seqHMM
seqHMM PDF Visualization tools in the seqHMM package
SeqKat PDF SeqKat
sequences PDF Brief overview of the 'sequences' package
sequoia PDF Using sequoia
seroincidence HTML R Package - seroincidence
seroincidence PDF Seroincidence package installation manual
seroincidence PDF Seroincidence package methodology
seroincidence PDF Seroincidence package tutorial
settings HTML Option settings management with the settings package
sf HTML 1. Simple Features for R
sf HTML 2. Reading, Writing and Converting Simple Features
sf HTML 3. Manipulating Simple Feature Geometries
sf HTML 4. Manipulating Simple Features
sfdct HTML constrained-triangulation-simple-features
sfinx HTML Vignette SFINX (Straightforward Filtering INdeX)
sglOptim HTML Quick Start
sgmcmc HTML Gaussian Mixture
sgmcmc HTML Logistic Regression
sgmcmc HTML Multivariate Gaussian
sgmcmc HTML Bayesian Neural Network
sgmcmc HTML Getting Started
shadow HTML Introduction to package 'shadow'
SharpeR PDF Using the SharpeR Package
SharpeR PDF Notes on the Sharpe ratio
shazam PDF Selection quantification
shazam PDF Distance to nearest neighbor
shazam PDF Mutation analysis
shazam PDF SHM targeting models
SHELF PDF Eliciting a Dirichlet Distribution
SHELF PDF Eliciting Dependent Distributions using Multivariate Normal Copulas
SHELF PDF Getting Started with SHELF
shinyFeedback HTML ShinyFeedback Introduction
ShinyImage HTML Vignette Title
shinyjqui HTML Introduction to shinyjqui
shinyjqui HTML The orderInput
shinyjs HTML shinyjs example app walk-through
shinyjs HTML extendShinyjs - Calling your own JavaScript functions from R
shinyjs HTML Including shinyjs in different types of apps
shinyjs HTML Package shinyjs
shinystan HTML ShinyStan: Deploying to
shinystan HTML Getting Started
shotGroups PDF Analyzing shooting precision and accuracy using shotGroups
showtext HTML showtext: Using Fonts More Easily in R Graphs
shrink HTML JSS Example Code
SIBER HTML Introduction to SIBER
SIBER HTML Customising Plots Manually
SIBER HTML Ellipse Overlap
SIBER HTML Introduction to SIBER
SIBER HTML Points Inside or Outside Ellipse
sicegar HTML Calculation of additional parameters of interest
sicegar HTML Identifying the best-fitting model category
sicegar HTML Fitting individual models
sicegar HTML Introduction
sicegar HTML Plotting the fitted models
sidrar HTML Introduction to sidrar
sigmoid HTML sigmoid
sigQC HTML "sigQC: Gene Signature Quality Control"
sigr HTML lm example
sigr HTML sigr formatting
Sim.DiffProc HTML The Sim.DiffProc Package
Sim.DiffProc HTML Constructs and Analysis of Bridges Stochastic Differential Equations
Sim.DiffProc HTML Parametric Estimation of 1-D Stochastic Differential Equation
Sim.DiffProc HTML Monte-Carlo Simulation and Kernel Density Estimation of First passage time
Sim.DiffProc HTML Parallel Monte-Carlo and Moment Equations for SDEs
Sim.DiffProc HTML Monte-Carlo Simulation and Analysis of Stochastic Differential Equations
sim1000G HTML Quickstart2
simcausal PDF simcausal Package: Simulations with Complex Longitudinal Data (Technical Details and Extended Examples)
SimCorMultRes PDF Simulating Correlated Binary and Multinomial Responses
SimDesign HTML Online Vignettes
simglm HTML Simulate generalized linear models with simglm
simglm HTML Introduction to simglm
simglm HTML Simulate Missing Data
simglm HTML Power with simglm
simglm HTML Unbalanced Data
simmer HTML Introduction to simmer
simmer HTML Terminology
simmer HTML Advanced Trajectory Usage
simmer HTML The Bank Tutorial: Part I
simmer HTML The Bank Tutorial: Part II
simmer HTML Other SimPy Examples
simmer HTML Queueing Systems
simmer HTML Continuous-Time Markov Chains
simmer.plot HTML Plotting simmer statistics
simmer.plot HTML Plotting simmer trajectories
simmr HTML simmr
SimMultiCorrData HTML Benefits of SimMultiCorrData and Comparison to Other Packages
SimMultiCorrData HTML Comparison of Simulated Distribution to Theoretical Distribution or Empirical Data
SimMultiCorrData HTML Overview of Error Loop
SimMultiCorrData HTML Functions by Topic
SimMultiCorrData HTML Comparison of Method 1 and Method 2
SimMultiCorrData HTML Using the Sixth Cumulant Correction to Find Valid Power Method Pdfs
SimMultiCorrData HTML Variable Types
SimMultiCorrData HTML Overall Workflow for Data Simulation
simPH PDF An overview of simPH
SimPhe HTML SimPhe
simpleCache HTML Generating caches on a cluster
simpleCache HTML Sharing caches across projects
simpleCache HTML An introduction to simpleCache
simpleRCache HTML Using simpleRCache
simputation HTML Getting started with simputation
simr HTML Test examples
simr HTML Power analysis from scratch
SimReg HTML Similarity Regression - Introduction
SimReg HTML Prior phenotypic information
simstudy HTML Simulating study data
simTool HTML simTool
simTool HTML JSS Essay
simulator HTML The Elastic Net with the Simulator
simulator HTML Benjamini-Hochberg Procedure with the Simulator
simulator HTML Getting Started with the Simulator
simulator HTML James-Stein with the Simulator
simulator HTML The Lasso with the Simulator
sinaplot HTML sinaplot
sitmo HTML ‘sitmo'’s BigCrush Results
sitmo HTML Deployment of 'sitmo' within C++ Code
sitmo HTML Making a Uniform PRNG with 'sitmo'
sitree HTML sitree: An Individual Tree Open Source Simulator
sizeMat HTML sizeMat
sjlabelled HTML Labelled Data and the sjlabelled-Package
sjlabelled HTML Working with Labelled Data
sjmisc HTML The Design Philosophy of Functions in sjmisc
sjmisc HTML Exploring Data Sets
sjPlot HTML Black & White Figures for Print Journals
sjPlot HTML Customize Plot Appearance
sjPlot HTML Plotting Estimates (Fixed Effects) of Regression Models
sjPlot HTML Plot-Types for Generalized Linear Models
sjPlot HTML Plotting Random Effects of Mixed Models
sjPlot HTML Basics of the sjt Table Functions
sjPlot HTML Item Analysis of a Scale or an Index
sjPlot HTML Summary of Linear Regression Models as HTML Table
sjPlot HTML Summary of Linear Mixed Regression Models as HTML Table
sjstats HTML Statistics for Anova Tables
sjstats HTML Statistics for Mixed Effects Models
skeleSim HTML Running forecasting simulation
skeleSim HTML Installing
skeleSim HTML Sample size simulation
skeleSim HTML Running simulations
skellam PDF The Skellam Distribution
skm HTML skm: selective k-means.
skyscapeR HTML "How to use skyscapeR"
sla PDF Introduction to sla
Sleuth2 PDF Chapter 01, Horton et al. using mosaic
Sleuth2 PDF Chapter 02, Horton et al. using mosaic
Sleuth2 PDF Chapter 03, Horton et al. using mosaic
Sleuth2 PDF Chapter 04, Horton et al. using mosaic
Sleuth2 PDF Chapter 05, Horton et al. using mosaic
Sleuth2 PDF Chapter 06, Horton et al. using mosaic
Sleuth2 PDF Chapter 07, Horton et al. using mosaic
Sleuth2 PDF Chapter 08, Horton et al. using mosaic
Sleuth2 PDF Chapter 09, Horton et al. using mosaic
Sleuth2 PDF Chapter 10, Horton et al. using mosaic
Sleuth2 PDF Chapter 11, Horton et al. using mosaic
Sleuth2 PDF Chapter 12, Horton et al. using mosaic
Sleuth2 PDF Chapter 13, Horton et al. using mosaic
Sleuth3 PDF Chapter 01, Horton et al. using mosaic
Sleuth3 PDF Chapter 02, Horton et al. using mosaic
Sleuth3 PDF Chapter 03, Horton et al. using mosaic
Sleuth3 PDF Chapter 04, Horton et al. using mosaic
Sleuth3 PDF Chapter 05, Horton et al. using mosaic
Sleuth3 PDF Chapter 06, Horton et al. using mosaic
Sleuth3 PDF Chapter 07, Horton et al. using mosaic
Sleuth3 PDF Chapter 08, Horton et al. using mosaic
Sleuth3 PDF Chapter 09, Horton et al. using mosaic
Sleuth3 PDF Chapter 10, Horton et al. using mosaic
Sleuth3 PDF Chapter 1, Horton et al. using mosaic
Sleuth3 PDF Chapter 12, Horton et al. using mosaic
Sleuth3 PDF Chapter 13, Horton et al. using mosaic
slim PDF slim: Singular Linear Models
SLOPE HTML Using the SLOPE package
slowraker HTML FAQs
slowraker HTML Getting started
smacof PDF SMACOF in R
smcfcs HTML smcfcs
smooth HTML ces() - Complex Exponential Smoothing
smooth HTML es() - Exponential Smoothing
smooth HTML ges() - Generalised Exponential Smoothing
smooth HTML simulate(),, sim.ssarima(), sim.ces() - simulate functions for ETS, SARIMA and CES
smooth HTML sma() - Simple Moving Average
smooth HTML smooth
smooth HTML ssarima() - State-Space ARIMA
smooth HTML ves() - Vector Exponential Smoothing
smpic HTML Make a Social Media Plot
snakecase HTML Caseconverters
snht PDF Pairwise SNHT
snht PDF snht: Robust and non-robust SNHT tests for changepoint detection.
snp.plotter HTML Using snp.plotter
SNPknock HTML Using SNPknock in R
snplist PDF snplist
snpReady HTML snpReady-vignette
snpStatsWriter HTML snpStatsWriter vignette
SobolSequence HTML Sobol sequences with better two-dimensional projections
sodium HTML How does cryptography work
sodium HTML Introduction to Sodium for R
sofa HTML CouchDB Queries
sofa HTML sofa introduction
softermax HTML Exporting SoftMax Pro Data as XML
softImpute HTML An Introduction to softImpute
soilcarbon HTML Launch shiny app
solr PDF Local Solr setup
solr PDF Solr vignette
solrium HTML Cores/collections management
solrium HTML Document management
solrium HTML Local Solr setup
solrium HTML Solr search
SOMbrero HTML SOMbrero package
SOMbrero HTML A basic vignette on grids in SOMbrero
SOMbrero HTML SOM for contingency tables
SOMbrero HTML SOM for numeric data
SOMbrero HTML SOM for dissimilarity data
sommer PDF Quantitative genetics using the sommer package
sommer PDF Quick start for the sommer package
sophisthse HTML Введение в пакет sophisthse
sorvi HTML sorvi Markdown Vignette
sorvi PDF netresponse
sotkanet HTML sotkanet R vignette
soundecology HTML Differences of ACI values between seewave and soundecology
soundecology HTML Changes in the Acoustic Diversity Index
soundecology HTML An Introduction to the soundecology package
soundgen HTML Acoustic analysis with soundgen
soundgen HTML Sound generation with soundgen
spacetime HTML Spatial and spatio-temporal objects in Google charts
spacetime PDF spacetime: Spatio-Temporal Data in R
spacetime PDF Spatio-temporal overlay and aggregation
spacetime PDF Spatio-temporal objects to proxy a PostgreSQL table
spacetime PDF Subsetting of spacetime objects
spAddins HTML 1 Workflow and Examples
SpaDES HTML 03 Caching SpaDES simulations
SpaDES.addins HTML Using SpaDES.addins with RStudio
SpaDES.core HTML 01 Introduction to SpaDES
SpaDES.core HTML 02 Building SpaDES modules
spaero PDF Getting Started with spaero
spant HTML Introduction to spant
spark.sas7bdat HTML Read in SAS data in parallel into Spark
sparkline HTML Introduction to Sparkline
sparsebn HTML Introduction to sparsebn
SparseDC HTML sparseDC
sparseHessianFD PDF sparseHessianFD
sparseMVN PDF Using sparseMVN
sparsevar PDF Using sparsevar
spartan HTML Spartan: Expedited and Enriched Analyses Using Emulations & Ensembles
spartan HTML Analysing Netlogo Simulations Using Netlogo
spartan HTML Applying spartan to Understand Parameter Uncertainty in Simulations: Sensitivity Analysis
SpatialEpiApp PDF SpatialEpiApp: A Shiny Web Application for the Analysis of Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Disease Data
SpatialPosition HTML Calling SpatialPosition from within QGIS
SpatialPosition HTML Introduction to the SpatialPosition package
SpatialPosition HTML Stewart Potentials: a Use Case
spbabel HTML Speaking simple features
spbabel HTML spbabel
spBayesSurv PDF spBayesSurv
spcadjust HTML CUSUM Chart based on Linear Regression Models with Estimated Parameters
spcadjust HTML CUSUM Chart based on Logistic Regression Models with Estimated Parameters
spcadjust HTML CUSUM Chart with estimated In-Control State
spcadjust HTML EWMA Chart with estimated In-Control State
spcadjust HTML Extensions
spcadjust HTML Shewhart Chart with estimated In-Control State
spdep HTML Spatial weights objects as sparse matrices and graphs
spdep PDF The Problem of Spatial Autocorrelation
spdep PDF Moran Eigenvectors
spdep PDF Creating Neighbours
spdep PDF North Carolina SIDS data set
spdplyr HTML spdplyr
spduration HTML Introduction to spduration
spdynmod PDF spdynmod slides
speaq HTML classic speaq vignette
speaq HTML speaq 2.0 function illustrations
spectrolab HTML Advanced spectrolab
spectrolab HTML Introduction to spectrolab
spectrolab PDF Introduction to spectrolab
sperrorest HTML Custom Predict and Model Functions
sperrorest HTML Parallel Modes of 'sperrorest'
sperrorest HTML Spatial Modeling Using Statistical Learning Techniques
spiders HTML Vignette Title
spind HTML Intro to spind
splashr HTML Introduction to splashr
splashr HTML splashr Helper Functions and Data
splashr HTML Working With the splashr DSL
splines2 HTML Introduction to splines2
splithalf HTML DPsplithalf() Vignette
spm HTML A Brief Introduction to the spm Package
spm12r HTML fMRI Preprocessing using SPM 12
spocc HTML Introduction to the spocc package
sppmix HTML Tutorials for the 'sppmix' package
sprinter PDF A vignette for R package sprinter
spsann PDF spsann: Optimization of Sample Configurations Using Spatial Simulated Annealing
spThin HTML spThin example
spup HTML Case study with cross-correlated variables
spup HTML Case study with spatially variable standard deviation - slope calculations
spup HTML Case study with calling external model
spup HTML Case study with categorical data - calculating tax depending on a building function
SqlRender PDF Using SqlRender
srvyr HTML databases-srvyr
srvyr HTML srvyr Compared to the survey Package
ss3sim HTML An introduction to ss3sim
ss3sim HTML Creating new ss3sim functions
ss3sim HTML Creating new ss3sim model setups
ss3sim HTML Modifying existing ss3sim model setups
ssizeRNA PDF Sample Size Calculation for RNA-Seq Experimental Design
SSM HTML Smooth supersaturated models
SSRMST HTML Restricted mean survival time
stabs HTML Stability selection - Using stabs
stabs HTML Graphical networks with stabs
standardize HTML Using the standardize package
starmie HTML starmie Admixture models
starmie HTML starmie Basic Usage
statar HTML Data.frames function
statar HTML Graph
statar HTML Panel data
statar HTML Summary function
statesRcontiguous HTML Title of your vignette
statisticalModeling HTML Functions for Statistical Modeling
statsDK HTML Get started with statsDK
STEPCAM HTML Example Workflow
STEPCAM HTML Plotting results
stepR PDF R package stepR
Stickbreaker HTML Stickbreaker Vignette
sticky HTML Introduction to Sticky Attributes
StMoMo PDF StMoMo: An R Package for Stochastic Mortality Modelling
stormwindmodel HTML Details of stormwindmodel package
stormwindmodel HTML Using the stormwindmodel package
storr HTML external
storr HTML storr
stoRy PDF An intorduction to the stoRy package
stplanr HTML Introducing stplanr
stplanr HTML stplanr A Package for Transport Planning
stpm HTML stpm
stR HTML Package stR
strataG HTML 6. Installing External Programs
strataG HTML 1. Creating and Manipulating gtypes Objects
strataG HTML 4. Tests of Population Structure
strataG HTML 5. Quality Assurance / Quality Control
strataG HTML 3. Working With Sequences
strataG HTML 2. By-Locus Summaries
Strategy HTML The Strategy - Package
stringgaussnet PDF User's guide
stringr HTML Regular expressions
stringr HTML Introduction to stringr
stripless HTML Stripless: An Alternative Display for Conditioning Plots
StructFDR HTML Illustration of StructFDR package for microbiome-wide association studies
structree PDF Examples to use TSC in Fixed Effects Models
stubthat HTML stubthat - Stubs for unit testing in R
subprocess HTML Introduction to Sub-Processes in R
SubVis HTML SubVis
sugrrants HTML frame-calendar
summarytools HTML Introduction to summarytools
supc HTML supc
SuperExactTest HTML SuperExactTest User Guide
SuperGauss HTML SuperGauss
SuperLearner HTML Guide to SuperLearner
SuperLearner PDF SuperLearner Presentation
surveillance PDF algo.glrnb: Count data regression charts using the generalized likelihood ratio statistic
surveillance PDF hhh4: An endemic-epidemic modelling framework for infectious disease counts
surveillance PDF Monitoring count time series in R: Aberration detection in public health surveillance
surveillance PDF Getting started with outbreak detection
surveillance PDF hhh4 (spatio-temporal): Endemic-epidemic modeling of areal count time series
surveillance PDF twinSIR: Individual-level epidemic modeling for a fixed population with known distances
surveillance PDF twinstim: An endemic-epidemic modeling framework for spatio-temporal point patterns
surveydata HTML Introduction to the surveydata package.
survivALL HTML Basic Usage
survivALL HTML Bootstrapping and hazard ratio thresholds
survivALL HTML Rationale
survminer HTML Survival plots have never been so informative
survminer HTML Playing with fonts and texts
survminer HTML Specifiyng weights in Log-rank comparisons
survMisc PDF plots
SurvRank HTML SurvRank
survRM2 HTML Restricted mean survival time
survSNP PDF survSNP
survtmle HTML Targeted Learning for Survival Analysis with Competing Risks
sValues PDF Brief Introduction to the sValues Package
svdvis PDF svdvis Vignette
svglite HTML Specifying fonts
svglite HTML Scaling Issues
sweep HTML Introduction to sweep
sweep HTML Forecasting Time Series Groups in the tidyverse
sweep HTML Forecasting Using Multiple Models
sweidnumbr HTML sweidnumbr
synlik HTML synlik_vignette
systemicrisk HTML Example: Hierarchical Models
systemicrisk HTML Some Introductory Examples
syuzhet HTML Introduction to the Syuzhet Package
tableHTML HTML gallery
tableHTML HTML make_css and shiny
tableHTML HTML tableHTML tutorial and shiny
tableMatrix HTML Overview
tableone HTML Introduction to tableone
tableone HTML Using standardized mean differences
tables HTML HTML Tables
tables PDF About the tables package
tabplot HTML Timings with tabplot
tabplot HTML Visualization of large datasets with tabplot
tabularaster HTML Raster Abstraction Functions
tabularaster HTML Using tabularaster
tadaatoolbox HTML Function Overview
tadaatoolbox HTML Markdown Test Output
tagcloud PDF Tag and Word Clouds
tangram HTML Table Grammar Examples
tangram HTML FDA Work Examples
tangram HTML Global Style Example
tangram HTML Summary Examples
tatoo HTML tatoo
taxa HTML Introduction to the taxa package
taxize HTML Strategies for programmatic name cleaning
taxize HTML Key functions
taxize HTML taxize vignette
taxlist HTML Applying taxlist to species lists on diversity records
taxonomizr HTML taxonomizr usage
tbl2xts HTML Moving From Tbl To Xts Easily
TCIApathfinder HTML Introduction to TCIApathfinder
TCIApathfinder HTML TCIApathfinder and downstream analysis
Tcomp HTML Analysis with the 2010 tourism forecasting competition data
tcR HTML tcR vignette
TeachBayes HTML Beta Example
TeachBayes HTML Finite Sampling Example
TeachBayes HTML Spinner Example
TeachBayes HTML Introduction to TeachBayes
TeachBayes HTML Two Proportions
templates HTML Template Programming in R
tensorr HTML Introduction to tensorr
tensr HTML Equivariant Estimation
tensr HTML Likelihood Inference
TESS PDF Bayesian Diversification Rate Analysis
testassay HTML Validation of Growth Inhibition Assay
tester PDF Introduction to tester
TestFunctions HTML An Introduction to TestFunctions
text2vec HTML Advanced topics
text2vec HTML GloVe Word Embeddings
text2vec HTML Analyzing Texts with the text2vec Package
textreg HTML Vignette Title
textreuse HTML Text alignment
textreuse HTML Introduction to the textreuse packages
textreuse HTML Minhash and locality-sensitive hashing
textreuse HTML Pairwise comparisons for document similarity
textTinyR HTML Functionality of the textTinyR package
tfruns HTML Managing Runs
tfruns HTML Introduction to tfruns
themetagenomics HTML Predicting Functional Content
themetagenomics HTML Finding Thematic Structure in the David Dataset
ThreeArmedTrials HTML An introduction to planning and analyzing three-arm trials using the package ThreeArmedTrials
threshr HTML Introducing threshr: Threshold Selection and Uncertainty for Extreme Value Analysis
tibble HTML Extending tibble
tibble HTML Tibbles
tibbletime HTML Introduction to tibbletime
tibbletime HTML Time-based filtering
tibbletime HTML Changing periodicity
tibbletime HTML Rolling calculations in tibbletime
TiddlyWikiR HTML Getting started with TiddlyWikiR
tidygenomics HTML Tidy Genomics
tidyquant HTML Introduction to tidyquant
tidyquant HTML Core Functions in tidyquant
tidyquant HTML R Quantitative Analysis Package Integrations in tidyquant
tidyquant HTML Scaling Your Analysis with tidyquant
tidyquant HTML Charting with tidyquant
tidyquant HTML Performance Analysis with tidyquant
tidyr HTML Tidy data
tidyRSS HTML Analysing RSS data with tidyRSS
tidystringdist HTML Getting started
tidytext HTML Tidy Term Frequency and Inverse Document Frequency (tf-idf)
tidytext HTML Converting to and from Document-Term Matrices and Corpus objects
tidytext HTML Introduction to tidytext
tidytext HTML Tidy Topic Modeling
tidyverse HTML The tidy tools manifesto
tidyxl HTML Tidyxl
tigger PDF Polymorphism detection and genotyping
tikzDevice PDF The tikzDevice Package
tilegramsR HTML Using Tilegrams in R
timelineR HTML timelineR
timeSeq HTML Inferring differential expressed genes in time course RNA-Seq data with the timeSeq package
timetk HTML Time Series Coercion Using timetk
timetk HTML Working with the Time Series Index using timetk
timetk HTML Making a Future Time Series Index using timetk
timetk HTML Forecasting Using a Time Series Signature with timetk
timevis HTML Package timevis
TippingPoint HTML TippingPoint
titrationCurves PDF Titration Curves
Tlasso HTML Tlasso
tlm PDF User's manual for the tlm package
TLMoments HTML Comparison of computation time
TLMoments HTML Short introduction
tmap HTML tmap modes: plot and interactive view
tmap HTML tmap in a nutshell
tmle.npvi PDF tmle.npvi
tmod PDF Transcriptional Modules Enrichment Analysis
tokenizers HTML Introduction to the tokenizers Package
toOrdinal HTML Getting started with toOrdinal
TopKLists PDF Usage of TopKLists
toxboot HTML Toxboot: A Field Guide
toxplot HTML Vignette Title
trackeR HTML Tour de trackeR
trackeR PDF Infrastructure for Running and Cycling Data
traits HTML BETYdb Tutorial
traits HTML traits Intro
transcribeR HTML Transcribing Audio with transcribeR
treebase HTML Treebase Tutorial
TreeBUGS HTML TreeBUGS: Introduction
TreeBUGS HTML TreeBUGS: Extended Modeling
treeDA HTML treeDA vignette
treemap HTML treemap: mapping to color palettes
treemapify HTML Introduction to 'treemapify'
TreeSimGM HTML Introduction to TreeSimGM
treespace HTML treespace worked example: Dengue trees
treespace HTML treespace worked example: Transmission trees
treespace HTML treespace: exploration of landscapes of phylogenetic trees
trelloR HTML R API for Trello
TriadSim PDF TriadSim
triebeard HTML Radix trees in R
triebeard HTML Radix trees in Rcpp
trimr HTML Vignette Title
trip HTML trip
TropFishR HTML tutorial
tRophicPosition HTML Use of multiple models in tRophicPosition
tRophicPosition HTML Multiple species tRophicPosition
tRophicPosition HTML Short guide to the use of tRophicPosition
tropr HTML Quick start
trustOptim HTML Using trustOptim
trustOptim HTML Quick demo
TSCS PDF Theory, workflow and example
tsdf HTML %VignetteEngine{knitr::knitr}Quick Start Guide
TSMining HTML Mining Univariate and Multivariate Motifs in Time-Series Data
tsna HTML tsna vignette
TSTr HTML Ternary Search Tree
tuber HTML Using tuber
tubern HTML Using tuber
tufterhandout HTML Tufte-style HTML in rmarkdown
tukeytrend PDF Examples of Tukey's trend test in general parametric models
turner PDF Introduction to turner
TurtleGraphics PDF A guide to the TurtleGraphics package
tutorial HTML Basics
tvm HTML Vignette Title
twfy HTML twfy
uavRmp PDF Unmanned Aerial Vehicle R based Mission Planning
ucbthesis HTML UC Berkeley Templates README
udpipe HTML UDPipe Natural Language Processing - Annotating text
udpipe HTML UDPipe Natural Language Processing - Model Building
uGMAR HTML Introduction to uGMAR
ukbtools HTML Explore UK Biobank data
ukds HTML ukds: Reproducible Retrieval of UK Data Service Datasets
UNF HTML The UNF Algorithm
UNF HTML Data Citation with UNF
ungeneanno HTML UNGeneAnno: Complete example
ungeneanno HTML UNGeneAnno: PubMed Journal Query example
unifDAG PDF A Guide to the unifDAG Package
unitedR PDF unitedR
unitizer HTML 1 - Introduction
unitizer HTML 0 - Contents
unitizer HTML 3 - Interactive Environment
unitizer HTML 5 - Miscellaneous Topics
unitizer HTML 4 - Reproducible Tests
unitizer HTML 2 - Test Details
units HTML Measurement units in R
units HTML Units of Measurement for R Vectors: an Introduction
unpivotr HTML Compass Directions
unpivotr HTML Compass Directions
unpivotr HTML Small Multiples
unrepx HTML Overview of the unrepx package
unvotes HTML The unvotes package
upmfit HTML upmfit Primer
UpSetR HTML Attribute Plots
UpSetR HTML Basic Usage
UpSetR HTML Querying the Data
UpSetR HTML Incorporating Set Metadata
urlshorteneR HTML Tutorial for urlshorteneR
urltools HTML urltools
usl PDF Using the USL Package to Analyze System Scalability
usmap HTML Introduction
usmap HTML Mapping the US
utiml PDF utiml: Utilities for Multi-label Learning
uwIntroStats HTML Regression in uwIntroStats
uwIntroStats HTML Using uwIntroStats
uwIntroStats HTML Multiple-Partial F-tests in Regression
V8 HTML Using NPM packages in V8
V8 HTML Introduction to V8 for R
valaddin HTML Using valaddin
validaRA HTML Introduction
validate HTML 02_Indicators
validate HTML 01_Introduction
validate HTML Rules in text files
validatejsonr HTML Vignette Title
valr HTML valr-overview
valuer HTML Introduction to valuer
vanddraabe HTML vanddraabe: Vignettes
varband HTML Using the varband package
varbvs HTML Crohn's disease demo
varbvs HTML QTL mapping demo
varbvs HTML Cytokine signaling genes demo
varbvs HTML varbvs leukemia demo
VarfromPDB HTML VarfromPDB: Disease-Gene-Variant Relations Mining from the Public Databases and Literatures
VARsignR HTML Using VARsignR
vcfR HTML Converting data
vcfR HTML Filtering data
vcfR HTML Introduction to vcfR
vcfR HTML Ranking data
vcfR HTML Sequence coverage
vcfR HTML vcf data
vcfR HTML Visualization 1
vcfR HTML Visualization 2
vcfR HTML vcfR workflow
vdg PDF An R package for Flexible Graphical Assessment of Experimental Designs
vdmR PDF vdmR: Generating web-based visual data mining tools with R
vegalite HTML Introduction to vegalite
vegan PDF Design decisions and implementation
vegan PDF Diversity analysis in vegan
vegan PDF Introduction to ordination in vegan
vegan PDF Partition of Variation
vegan HTML vegan FAQ
vegdata PDF An R package for vegetation data access, formatting and taxonomic enhancement
vembedr HTML Helper functions
vembedr HTML Video services
vennLasso PDF Using the vennLasso Package
vetr HTML alike
vetr HTML vetr
viridis HTML Intro to the viridis color palette
virustotal HTML Using virustotal
visdat HTML Using visdat
ViSiElse HTML ViSiElSe_Step_by_Step
visNetwork HTML Introduction to visNetwork
visreg PDF Quick start guide
vortexR HTML vortexR: user's guide
vqtl HTML "vQTL Vignette"
VSE HTML Variant Set Enrichment
vtreat HTML Saving Treatment Plans
vtreat HTML vtreat package
vtreat HTML vtreat cross frames
vtreat HTML vtreat grouping example
vtreat HTML vtreat overfit
vtreat HTML vtreat Rare Levels
vtreat HTML vtreat scale mode
vtreat HTML vtreat significance
vtreat HTML vtreat data splitting
vtreat HTML Variable Types
VWPre HTML Basic VWP Preprocessing for SR Eyelink Data
VWPre HTML Relabeling Interest Areas or Defining New Post-hoc Interest Areas for SR Eyelink Data
VWPre HTML Aligning Sample Data to a Specific Sample Message in SR Eyelink Data
VWPre HTML Plotting SR Eyelink Data Processed with VWPre
waccR HTML Calculate WACC in R
walker HTML Efficient Bayesian generalized linear models with time-varying coefficients
walkr PDF walkr
warbleR HTML warbleR workflow
water HTML Landsat 8
water HTML METRIC advanced
water HTML METRIC simple
WaterML HTML WaterML R Package Tutorial
Wats HTML Figures for the MBR Manuscript
Wats HTML Assesing OKC Fertility with Intercensal Estimates
wbstats HTML Using_the_wbstats_package
wCorr HTML wCorr Arguments
wCorr HTML wCorr Formulas
wdman HTML wdman: Basics
weathermetrics HTML weathermetrics
webglobe HTML webglobe: Interactive 3D Maps
webreadr HTML Introduction to webreadr
webshot HTML An Introduction to the webshot Package
weco HTML Vignette Title
WeightedCluster PDF WeightedCluster Library Manual: A practical guide to creating typologies of trajectories in the social sciences with R
WeightedCluster PDF Le manuel de la librairie WeightedCluster: un guide pratique pour la creation de typologies de trajectoires en sciences sociales avec R
WeightedCluster PDF WeightedCluster Preview
wellknown HTML wellknown introduction
WhiteStripe HTML Running WhiteStripe on T1- and T2-weighted Imaging
WHO HTML WHO package
whoapi HTML Whoapi Functionality
wicket HTML Vignette Title
widgetframe HTML Using widgetframe
widgetframe HTML widgetframe and knitr
widyr HTML Vignette Title
widyr HTML United Nations Voting Correlations
WikidataR HTML Introduction to WikidataR
wikilake HTML Scrape Michigan Lakes
WikipediR HTML WikipediR
wikitaxa HTML Introduction to the wikitaxa package
wildcard HTML wildcard
wildlifeDI PDF Analysis of dynamic interactions in wildlife
wiod HTML wiod
WiSEBoot PDF WiSEBoot Vignette
Wmisc HTML Using Automat
Wmisc HTML Strings
womblR HTML womblR-example
wooldridge PDF wooldridge-vignette
wordbankr HTML Accessing the Wordbank database
wordcloud2 HTML Introduction
WordR HTML WordR Package
wordspace HTML Vignette Title
worrms HTML Introduction to the worrms package
wql HTML wql: Exploring water quality monitoring data
wrapr HTML Corner Cases
wrapr HTML Debug
wrapr HTML Substitution Modes
wrapr HTML Dot Pipe
wrapr HTML lambda Function Builder
wrapr HTML let
wrapr HTML Named Map Builder
wrassp HTML An introduction to the wrassp package
WRS2 PDF WRS2: Robust Statistical Methods
wrswoR PDF Accelerating weighted random sampling without replacement
wsrf HTML A Quick Start Guide for wsrf
WufooR HTML Vignette Title
WVPlots HTML WVPlots concept
WVPlots HTML WVPlots examples
xaringan HTML An Introduction to xaringan
xaringan HTML xaringan 中文简介
xbreed PDF xbreed-Genomic simulation of purebred and crossbred Populations
xesreadR HTML xesreadR
xgboost HTML Discover your data
xgboost HTML Xgboost presentation
xgboost PDF xgboost: eXtreme Gradient Boosting
xml2 HTML Node Modification
XNomial HTML XNomial
xseq PDF xseq – Assessing Functional Impact on Gene Expression of Mutations in Cancer
xtable PDF xtable List of Tables Gallery
xtable PDF xtable List of Tables Gallery
xtable PDF xtable margintable
xtable PDF xtable Gallery
xtractomatic HTML Usingxtractomatic
xyloplot HTML Examples
xyz HTML Vignette Title
yakmoR HTML yakmoR
yarrr HTML Package guide
yarrr HTML Pirate-y color palettes
yarrr HTML pirateplot: The plotting choice of R pirates
yCrypticRNAs PDF yCrypticRNAs
yummlyr HTML Accessing API with YummlyR
zeallot HTML Unpacking Assignment
zebu HTML "zebu: Local Association Measures"
zenplots HTML %VignetteEngine{knitr::rmarkdown}Introduction to zenplots
zFactor HTML ANN
zFactor HTML Beggs-Brill
zFactor HTML Dranchuk-AbouKassem
zFactor HTML Dranchuk-Purvis-Robinson
zFactor HTML Hall-Yarborough
zFactor HTML Papp-correlation-PP
zFactor HTML Plot Standing-Katz low-pressure charts
zFactor HTML Shell-correlation-SH
zFactor HTML Standing-Katz chart data
zFactor HTML Selecting the Best Correlation
zFactor HTML Vignette Title
zonator HTML Working with Zonation projects
zonator HTML Working with Zonation results
zooaRch HTML zooaRch
zoocat HTML Vignette Title
zoon HTML Building modules
zoon HTML Basic zoon usage
zoon HTML Interactive zoon usage
ztable HTML ztable

There are 2475 packages and 3777 vignettes.

Here is a list of package vignettes _possibly_ built with **knitr** on CRAN.
```{r fetch-pkgs, include=FALSE}
pkgs = available.packages(contrib.url('', 'source'))
deps = tools::package_dependencies('knitr', pkgs, which = 'all', reverse = TRUE)[['knitr']]
deps = setdiff(deps, 'R.rsp') # packages that do not use knitr
deps = sort(c(deps, 'knitr'))
```{r vig-list, include=FALSE, echo=FALSE, cache=TRUE, cache.extra=deps, message=FALSE, error=FALSE}
vigs = lapply(deps, function(pkg) {
url = sprintf('', pkg)
txt = try(readLines(url))
if (inherits(txt, 'try-error')) return()
i = grep('<td>Vignettes:</td>', txt)
if (length(i) > 1) stop('something is wrong on the CRAN page of ', pkg)
if (length(i) == 0) return()
j = grep('</td>', txt)
txt = txt[seq(i + 1, min(j[j > i]) - 1)]
pat = '<a href="([^"]+)">(.*?)</a><br/>'
txt = grep(pat, txt, value = TRUE)
x1 = sub(pat, '\\1', txt) # link
x2 = sub(pat, '\\2', txt) # title
x2 = gsub('\\', '', x2, fixed = TRUE) # mcprofile has something weird in the title
package = pkg,
type = toupper(tools::file_ext(x1)),
vignette = sprintf('[%s](', x2, pkg, x1)
```{r output, results='asis', echo=FALSE}
vigs =, vigs)
vigs = rbind(vigs, cbind(package = setdiff(deps, vigs[, 1]), type = '', vignette = ''))
res = knitr::kable(vigs, align = c('r', 'l', 'l'), output = FALSE)
res = gsub('^\\|\\s*|\\s*\\|$', '', res)
res[2] = gsub('^(-+):', '\\1-', res[2])
cat(res, sep = '\n')
There are `r length(deps)` packages and `r sum(nzchar(vigs[, 2]))` vignettes.
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