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// saveImage.js
const dataURLtoBlob = (dataurl) => {
var arr = dataurl.split(','), mime = arr[0].match(/:(.*?);/)[1],
bstr = atob(arr[1]), n = bstr.length, u8arr = new Uint8Array(n);
u8arr[n] = bstr.charCodeAt(n);
return new Blob([u8arr], {type:mime});
const saveImage = (canvas, filename) => {
var link = document.createElement("a");
var imgData = canvas.toDataURL({
format: 'png',
multiplier: 4});
var blob = dataURLtoBlob(imgData);
var objurl = URL.createObjectURL(blob); = `${filename}.png`;
link.href = objurl;;
export { saveImage };

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@yiwenl yiwenl commented Sep 6, 2019

When initialize the canvas, if using WebGL need to set preserveDrawingBuffer to true.

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