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updateNode$11$actions$childrenInHitTestOrder$childrenInTraversalOrder$decreasedValue$flags$id$increasedValue$label$rect$transform$value: function(actions, childrenInHitTestOrder, childrenInTraversalOrder, decreasedValue, flags, id, increasedValue, label, rect, transform, value) {
var t1, matrix32, _null = null;
if (C.JSString_methods.contains$1(H.S(label), "_Required"))
throw H.wrapException(P.Exception_Exception('Value of label is "' + H.S(label) + '" of type ' + J.get$runtimeType$(label).toString$0(0)));
t1 = transform.length;
if (t1 !== 16)
throw H.wrapException(P.ArgumentError$("transform argument must have 16 entries."));
matrix32 = new Float32Array(16);
if (15 >= t1)
return H.ioore(transform, 15);
t1 = transform[15];
if (15 >= matrix32.length)
return H.ioore(matrix32, 15);
matrix32[15] = t1;
matrix32[14] = transform[14];
matrix32[13] = transform[13];
matrix32[12] = transform[12];
matrix32[11] = transform[11];
matrix32[10] = transform[10];
matrix32[9] = transform[9];
matrix32[8] = transform[8];
matrix32[7] = transform[7];
matrix32[6] = transform[6];
matrix32[5] = transform[5];
matrix32[4] = transform[4];
matrix32[3] = transform[3];
matrix32[2] = transform[2];
matrix32[1] = transform[1];
matrix32[0] = transform[0];
C.JSArray_methods.add$1(this._ui$_nodeUpdates, new T.SemanticsNodeUpdate(id, flags, actions, _null, _null, _null, _null, _null, _null, _null, rect, label, _null, value, increasedValue, decreasedValue, _null, matrix32, childrenInTraversalOrder, childrenInHitTestOrder, _null));
updateNode$5$actions$flags$id$rect$transform: function(actions, flags, id, rect, transform) {
return this.updateNode$11$actions$childrenInHitTestOrder$childrenInTraversalOrder$decreasedValue$flags$id$increasedValue$label$rect$transform$value(actions, C.C__Required, C.C__Required, C.C__Required, flags, id, C.C__Required, C.C__Required, rect, transform, C.C__Required);
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