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Asking for help can be scary! Here's a template I use.

Asking for help can be scary! It can be really uncomfortable to admit you're stuck or that you don't know something. I've noticed this in myself and also had numerous conversations with colleagues who are anxious about requesting assistance. This is the format I use to unstick myself from those feelings. Every section is optional so you can of course omit it!

Hey everyone,

[Brief summary of what you're stuck on.]
[Context about what you're working on]
[What you expect to see and what you actually see]
[What you've tried so far. If relevant, include links to stackoverflow or github issues]

If you're on Slack or a tool like that and it seems like there's too much content for one message, you might conisder using a thread, or opening a ticket in your issue tracking system with the repro steps that you can link to.

This article also lays out "how to ask for help" in a helpful way with a lot of context:

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