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basic python implementation of k-means and online k-means clustering
# Online k-means algorithm
# see
import numpy as np
def k_means(data, k, threshhold=2):
Does k-means clustering of the data.
data - a n x d numpy array, where rows are taken to be samples.
k - integer > 1 - number of clusters
threshhold - integer - higher number -> earlier stopping, but less accuracy
A 1-D numpy array of length n, where the ith element is the
index of the cluster.
n = np.size(data, 0)
# random initial assignment of clusters
cluster_centers = np.random.choice(range(0, n), k)
clustering = np.random.randint(0, k, n)
cluster_means = data[cluster_centers]
old_clustering = np.zeros(n)
# while the clustering has not converged ...
while np.sum(clustering != old_clustering) > threshhold:
# print np.sum(clustering != old_clustering)
old_clustering = clustering
# step 1: Assign points to clusters
cluster_distances = np.zeros((n, k))
for cluster in range(k):
cluster_distances[:, cluster] = np.sum(np.sqrt((data - cluster_means[cluster])**2), 1)
clustering = np.argmin(cluster_distances, 1)
# step 2: re-calculating means
# cluster_means should be a k x d array
cluster_means = np.array([np.mean(data[clustering==c],0) for c in range(k)])
return clustering
def k_means_update(point, k, cluster_means, cluster_counts):
Does an online k-means update on a single data point.
point - a 1 x d array
k - integer > 1 - number of clusters
cluster_means - a k x d array of the means of each cluster
cluster_counts - a 1 x k array of the number of points in each cluster
An integer in [0, k-1] indicating the assigned cluster.
Updates cluster_means and cluster_counts in place.
For initialization, random cluster means are needed.
cluster_distances = np.zeros(k)
for cluster in range(k):
cluster_distances[cluster] = sum(np.sqrt((point - cluster_means[cluster])**2))
c = np.argmin(cluster_distances)
cluster_counts[c] += 1
cluster_means[c] += 1.0/cluster_counts[c]*(point - cluster_means[c])
return c
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