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Use Google calculator to convert currency in Ruby
require 'faraday'
require 'faraday_middleware'
require 'json'
# Debug:
# require "pry"
country_code_src = "USD"
country_code_dst = "INR"
connection = Faraday.get("{country_code_src}=?#{country_code_dst}")
currency_comparison_hash = eval connection.body #Google's output is not JSON, it's a hash
dst_currency_value, *dst_currency_text = *currency_comparison_hash[:rhs].split(' ')
dst_currency_value = dst_currency_value.to_f
dst_currency_text = dst_currency_text.join(' ')
puts "#{country_code_dst} -> #{dst_currency_value} (#{dst_currency_text} to 1 #{country_code_src})"

martonpe commented Apr 8, 2015

Found this Gist somewhere on SO, so I thought I'd drop a line that iGoogle has been since decommissioned. You can find a working example with Google's finance calculator here

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