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List of all Scala-related IRC channels.

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Please help compile a list of all Scala-related IRC rooms.
All of these channels are on Freenode.
#akka | concurrency & distribution framework
#argonaut | json library
#fp-in-scala | the book Functional Programming in Scala
#geotrellis | geoprocessing library
#indyscala | regional scala group
#json4s | json library
#lift | web framework
#pdxscala | regional scala group
#playframework | web framework
#progfun | Coursera course Functional Programming Principles in Scala
#psug | regional scala group
#sbt | build tool
#scala | official scala language channel | Polish
#scalate | templating library
#scalathon | annual scala hackathon event
#scalatra | web framework
#scalaz | purely functional scala
#spray | rest-on-akka libraries
#swagger | rest documentation & generation framework

You can add #pdxscala, as well.

"/msg alis list * -topic scala" finds some others. and #progfun look like they should be counted. The others are either almost empty, or are not exclusively about scala.

I really thought there was a lift channel, but I don't seem to find one.


duh, the lift channel is #lift

Don't forget #psug | paris scala user group ;)

peltchu and I are the only ones in it currently, but #spray would be a cool place to chill!

#progfun renamed to #courseraprogfun

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