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ymoslem /
Last active May 4, 2024 16:50
Minimal working code for translation with GPT-4, "gpt-3.5-turbo" (a.k.a. ChatGPT) and "text-davinci-003"
# pip3 install openai
import openai
import time
OPENAI_API_KEY = "your_api_key_here"
openai.api_key = OPENAI_API_KEY
prompt = """French: La semaine dernière, quelqu’un m’a fait part de sa gratitude envers notre travail.
ymoslem /
Last active December 27, 2023 03:50
Bilignual Terminology Extraction with GPT-3 and Streamlit GPU
import streamlit as st
import openai
# Change to your OpenAI API key
OPENAI_API_KEY = "your_OpenAI_API_key_here"
openai.api_key = OPENAI_API_KEY
# Set the page layout to wide
st.set_page_config(page_title="Extract Terms", page_icon=None, layout="wide")
import ctranslate2
# Replace with your tokenize function and source tokenization model
def tokenize(input_sentences):
tokens = [input_sentence.split(" ") for input_sentence in input_sentences]
return tokens
# Replace with your detokenize function and target tokenization model
def detokenize(outputs):
ymoslem /
Last active May 17, 2024 09:49
Example of translating a file with M2M-100 using CTranslate2
# This example uses M2M-100 models converted to the CTranslate2 format.
# Download CTranslate2 models:
# • M2M-100 418M-parameter model:
# • M2M-100 1.2B-parameter model:
import ctranslate2
import sentencepiece as spm
### Loader functions:
_VERSION = '2.0.0'
def setversion(version):
if version != _VERSION:
raise ValueError('Dynamic versioning not available')
def setalphaversions(*alpha_versions):
if alpha_versions != ():
ymoslem /
Last active January 5, 2022 00:59
Use nBART pre-trained multilingual model for translation
#!pip install transformers sentencepiece torch -U -q
# Replace "test_source.txt" with your source file.
# Change src_lang, tgt_lang, and lang_code_to_id to the source and target languages you need.
from transformers import MBartForConditionalGeneration, MBart50TokenizerFast
import torch
from tqdm import tqdm
# Function to split source lines into chunks to avoid out-of-memory errors
ymoslem /
Last active January 18, 2023 00:23
Example of using CTranslate2 as a translation inference engine
# First convert your OpenNMT-py or OpenNMT-tf model to a CTranslate2 model.
# pip3 install ctranslate2
# • OpenNMT-py:
# ct2-opennmt-py-converter --model_path --output_dir enja_ctranslate2 --quantization int8
# • OpenNMT-tf:
# ct2-opennmt-tf-converter --model_path model --output_dir enja_ctranslate2 --src_vocab source.vocab --tgt_vocab target.vocab --model_type TransformerBase --quantization int8
import ctranslate2
import sentencepiece as spm
# Spanish:
# Extract text from the JSON files
import os
import json
from sentence_splitter import split_text_into_sentences
from tqdm import tqdm
# Remove duplicate, lines with bad characters, and shuffle
# Find the number of CPUs/cores to add to parallel: nproc --all
# sort -S 50% --parallel=4 | uniq -u >
# shuf >
# !perl -ne '/�/ or print' >
import re
import fasttext
ymoslem /
Last active March 13, 2022 15:53
Runtime test of language detection libraries.
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# pip3 install gdown langdetect fasttext pycld2 py3langid
import gdown
from datetime import datetime
# Download fasttext models
url = ""
output = "lid.176.ftz", output, quiet=False)