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Talking REPL. Experimental interaction of different Lisp implementations. In this case CL, elisp and Scheme.

Talking Lisps

My lisp terminal

This is a sketch illustrating dynamic interactions between three different implementations of Lisp.
Common Lisp, Emacs Lisp, and an very old Scheme are engaged in a conversation and producing a very crude talking REPL.

It's by no means complete nor useful at this point but it's a good starting point.

You will need:

  • Emacs
  • Common Lisp
  • Festival
  • scheme functions: map, filter, and iota
  • the files in this gist. (rename festivalrc.scm to .festivalrc and place it in your $HOME)

Good luck!

very short demo:

(load "srfi-1.scm") ;;you pretty much have to roll your own stripped down version of list library
(define (apropos sym)
(let ((name (format nil "%s" sym)))
(filter (lambda (x)
(symbol-bound? x)
(format nil "%s" x)
(string-append ".*" name ".*"))))
(define (duplicate n x)
(map (lambda (_) x)
(iota nil 0 n)))
(define bt2w builtin_english_token_to_words)
(define (token_to_words token name)
(let ((prepunc (item.feat token "prepunctuation"))
(punc (item.feat token "punc"))
(tok-name (item.feat token "name")))
((string-matches tok-name ".*\-.*")
(append (bt2w token (string-before tok-name "-"))
(bt2w token (string-after tok-name "-"))))
((string-equal name "(")
(cons "khakho" (bt2w token name)))
((string-equal name ")")
(append (bt2w token name) (list "kohkha")))
((string-matches prepunc "\(+")
(append (duplicate (length prepunc) "khakho")
(bt2w token name)
(if (string-matches punc "\)+")
(duplicate (length punc) "kohkha")
((string-matches punc "\)+")
(append (bt2w token name)
(duplicate (length punc) "kohkha")))
((string-matches prepunc "'")
(cons "quote" (bt2w token name)))
(t (bt2w token name)))))
(define (name->words name)
(cond ((string-matches name ".*-.*")
(append (name->words (string-before name "-"))
(list "dash")
(name->words (string-after name "-"))))
((string-equal name "*")
(list "star"))
((string-equal name "/")
(list "division"))
(t (let ((utt0 (eval (list 'Utterance 'Text name))))
;;just needs to get Token from name. Don't do this if possible.
(utt.synth utt0)
(token_to_words (cadr (utt.relation.items utt0 'Token)) name)))))
(define (sexpr->words expr)
((pair? expr)
(append '("khakho")
(apply append (map sexpr->words expr))
(t (name->words (format nil "%s" expr)))))
;;(load "/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/festival.el")
(require 'festival)
(festival-load "~/.festivalrc")
(festival-say-string "Emacs started. Let's get hacking.")
(defun festival-say-sexpr (sexpr)
(message (format "%s" sexpr))
`(set! utt1 (eval (list 'Utterance 'Words
(sexpr->words ',sexpr)))))
(festival-send "(utt.synth utt1)\n")
(festival-send "( utt1)\n"))
(defun readout-slime-output (event)
((and (eq (car event) :write-string)
(not (equal "\n" (cadr event))))
(festival-say-string (cadr event)))
((and (eq (car event) :emacs-rex)
(eq (car (cadr event)) 'swank-repl:listener-eval))
(car (read-from-string (cadr (cadr event)))))))
(defun festival-slime-hook-start ()
(add-hook 'slime-event-hooks 'readout-slime-output))
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