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Last active Apr 2, 2020

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BiwaScheme glue functions
;;; generic utils ;;;
(print "loading generic utils")
;;convenient shorthand for lambda (^ (x) x)
(define-macro (^ params . expr)
`(lambda ,params ,@expr))
;;normalize parameter list e.g. (x), xs, (x . xs) into (x), (xs), (x xs)
(define (flatten-param-list xs)
(cond ((null? xs) ())
((pair? xs)
(cons (car xs)
(flatten-param-list (cdr xs))))
(else (cons xs ()))))
(define-macro (when-let1 sym expr . body)
`(let ((,sym ,expr))
(when ,sym ,@body)))
;;set! that returns the value
(define-macro (set!! sym val)
`(begin (set! ,sym ,val)
(define-macro (push! x xs)
`(set! ,xs (cons ,x ,xs)))
(define-macro (push!! x xs)
`(set!! ,xs (cons ,x ,xs)))
;;cdr o assoc
(define-macro (ascdr sym alist)
`(cdr (assoc ,sym ,alist)))
;;wrap the value in a list if it's not already a list
(define-macro (list-pure x)
(if (pair? x) x
`(list ,x)))
(define-macro (let*-pat- binds body)
(if (null? binds) body
(lambda ,(caar binds)
(let-pat- ,(cdr binds) ,body))
(list-pure ,(cadar binds)))))
;; WARNING: heavy
;; kind of like destructuring-bind
(define-macro (let*-pat binds . body)
`(let-pat- ,binds ,(cons 'begin body)))
;;; js-interface ;;;
(print "loading js interface")
;; <o> eye: lousy ref
(define(<o> field obj)
(let1 res (cond ((pair? obj)
(cdr (assoc (symbol->string field) obj)))
((falsy? obj) ())
((vector? obj)
(if (<= (vector-length obj) field) ()
(vector-ref obj field)))
(else (js-ref obj field)))
(if (falsy? res) () res)))
(define-macro (<?> k)
`(<o> ,k ?))
;; shorthand for js-invoke
(define-macro (: obj method . args)
`(js-invoke ,obj ,method ,@args))
;; load js symbols into toplevel
(define-macro (import-js-symbols . syms)
(lambda (sym)
`(define ,sym (js-eval ,(symbol->string sym))))
(import-js-symbols window document console BiwaScheme Object
Function JSON Array encodeURI _)
;;destructure js obj (shallow)
(define-macro (let-js-obj-fields binds obj . body)
`(let ,(map (^ (bind) `(,bind (js-ref ,obj ,(symbol->string bind)))) binds)
;;js-closure with proper parameter handling
(define-macro (js-close fn)
(let ((sym1 (gensym)))
`(js-closure (lambda (,sym1)
(if (vector? ,sym1)
(apply ,fn (vector->list ,sym1))
(,fn ,sym1))))))
;;shorthand for (js-close (lambda (...) ...))
(define-macro (jlambda params . body)
`(js-close (lambda ,params ,@body)))
(import-js-symbols biwa_interpreter)
(define (biwa-log x)
(console-log x)
(: biwa_interpreter 'log x)
;; ;apropos ;;;
(print "loading apropos")
;; list almost all symbols in the toplevel
(define (oblist)
(let ((top (: Object 'keys (<o> 'TopEnv BiwaScheme)))
(core (: Object 'keys (<o> 'CoreEnv BiwaScheme))))
(js-array->list (: top 'concat core))))
(define *oblist* '())
;; apropos: search oblist
(define (apropos sym . fresh)
(if (or (null? *oblist*) (car (list-pure fresh)))
(set! *oblist* (oblist)))
(let ((str (if (symbol? sym) (symbol->string sym) sym)))
(filter (lambda (fname)
(> (: fname 'search str) -1))
;; Miscellaneous ;;
(define-macro (comment . xs)
;;;;; example html generation
(comment (element-insert!
(getelem "#content")
(element-new `(ul
,@(map (^ (message)
`(li class "list-elem"
'("testing" "html" "generation"))))))
(define-macro (json x)
`(: JSON 'stringify ,x))
(define (falsy? x)
(or (js-undefined? x)
(js-null? x)
(null? x)
(not x)))
(define (comp<o> . xs)
(lambda (obj)
(fold-left (^ (acc k) (<o> k acc)) obj xs)))
(define (atom->string x)
(cond ((symbol? x) (symbol->string x))
((number? x) (number->string x))
((boolean? x) (if x "true" "false"))
((string? x) x)
((falsy? x) "")
(else (raise (list->vector (list "not an atom: " (json x)))))))
(define (qsel q)
(: document 'querySelector q))
(define (qsel-all q)
(vector->list (: ((comp<o> 'Array 'prototype 'slice) window) 'call (: document 'querySelectorAll q))))
(define-macro (w/js-cont continuation . body)
(let ((cont (gensym))
(kont (gensym)))
`(lambda (,cont)
(let ((,kont (symbol->string (gensym))))
(js-set! window ,kont (js-close ,cont))
(let ((,continuation (js-eval (string-append
", [x])"))))
(define (compose-c/cc . fs)
(letrec ((vals (list->vector
(map (^ (f i)
(f (lambda (res)
(timer (lambda ()
(vector-set! vals i res)
(when cont (cont)))
(iota (length fs)))))
(cont #f))
(call/cc (lambda (k) (set! cont k)))
(vector->list vals)))
(define (js-cont-multiplify k)
(js-call (js-eval "(f)=>((...xs)=>f(xs))") k))
(define (fetch-json url . opts)
(w/js-cont kont
(: (: (: window 'fetch url (alist->js-obj opts))
'then (js-eval "(x)=>x.json()"))
'then kont)
(define (listen-change selector . accessor)
(lambda (k)
(begin (console-log "ADDING HANDLER")
(add-handler! selector "change"
(lambda (e)
(if (null? accessor)
(.. e 'target 'value)
((car accessor) e))))))
(.. (qsel selector) 'value)))
(define-macro (build-query . keys)
`(: (list->vector
(list ,@(map (^ (key) `(string-append (symbol->string ',key) "=" (atom->string ,key))) keys)))
'join "&"))
(define (js-map+ obj . xs)
(if (null? xs)
(begin (js-set! obj (atom->string (car xs)) (cadr xs))
(apply js-map+ (cons obj (cddr xs))))))
(define (js-map . xs)
(apply js-map+ (cons (js-obj) xs)))
(define toplevel-cc #f)
(biwa-log (format "~s hibernating" (call/cc (lambda (k) (set! toplevel-cc k) "Z"))))
(define (call/cc/halt f . name)
(let ((v (call/cc f)))
(if (eq? v 'halt)
(toplevel-cc (car name))
(begin (biwa-log (format "~s resumed with ~s" (car name) v))
(define (vec->lis vec)
(vector->list (: (.. Array 'prototype 'slice) 'call vec)))
;;document level event handler
(define (listen-document-event event class)
(lambda (k)
(add-handler! document event
(lambda (e)
(when (member class (vec->lis (.. e 'target 'classList)))
(k e))))
(define (pick-alist alist . keys)
(filter (^ (pair) (member (car pair) keys))
(define (alist-edit alist . edits)
(map (^ (pair)
(let ((edit (assoc (car pair) edits)))
(cons (car pair)
(if edit ((cdr edit) (cdr pair))
(cdr pair)))))
(define (alist-sub-keys alist . subs)
(map (^ (pair)
(let1 sub (assoc (car pair) subs)
(cons (if sub (cdr sub)
(car pair))
(cdr pair))))
(define (encode-form obj)
(apply string-append
(lambda (pair)
(format "~a=~a~%" (car pair) (encodeURI (atom->string (cdr pair)))))
(js-obj->alist obj))))
(define-macro (maybe expr)
(let ((k (gensym))
(x (gensym)))
(lambda (,k)
(let1 ,x ,expr
(if (falsy? ,x) 'halt
(,k ,x)))
(define (post-text target body)
(call/cc/halt (fetch-json target
'("method" . "post")
`("headers" . ,(js-obj "Content-Type" "text/plain"))
`("body" . ,body))
;; turn stuff into list
(define (->l x)
(cond ((list? x) x)
((vector? x) (vector->list x))
(else (js-obj->alist x))))
(define (map-keys fn . objs)
(apply map (cons fn (map (^ (o) (->l (: Object 'keys o))) objs))))
<!-- use with emacs-biwa.el: -->
window.biwa_interpreter = (function () {
var biwa_interpreter = new BiwaScheme.Interpreter((err)=>{
sock.send("ERROR: " + err);
var resp = null;
var sock = new WebSocket('ws://');
console.log('WebSocket connection established');
sock.send("Got a client connected.");
biwa_interpreter.evaluate(, function (result) {
return biwa_interpreter;
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