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Last active Jan 16, 2018

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public final class ReosurcesGetter {
public List<File> get(String path, String extension) {
File rootFile = new File(getClass().getResource(path).getPath());
return getRecursiveFiles(rootFile, extension);
// ファイルを再帰的に取得
private List<File> getRecursiveFiles(File file, String extension) {
Optional<File[]> maybeFiles = Optional.ofNullable(file.listFiles());
List<File> result = new ArrayList<>();
maybeFiles.ifPresent(files -> {
.filter(f -> f.isFile())
.filter(f -> hasTargetExtention(f.getName(), extension))
.forEach(f -> result.add(f));
.filter(f -> f.isDirectory())
.forEach(f -> result.addAll(getRecursiveFiles(f, extension)));
return result;
private boolean hasTargetExtention(String fineName, String extension) {
String[] arr = fineName.split("\\.");
return arr[arr.length - 1].equals(extension);
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