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Google Summer of Code'22 @zulip Work Report

Google Summer of Code 2022 @Zulip - Work Report


This Google Summer of Code my work at Zulip mostly revolved around the settings area, I also have worked around popovers, modals and compose area, In these areas, In specific I have added some new features, improved design(UI/UX), done code refactoring, code migrating, code cleanup, and bug fixing.

Find here my working timeline of GSoC coding period. Zulip > GSoC > Yogesh Sirsat


Most of the GitHub pull requests mentioned below describe the changes in their description or commit message; you will also find references to issues they fix and discussion threads about that change on; and if pull requests make design changes, you will also find screenshots and gifs about that design change.

Open pull requests

settings: Replace extraneous pointer cursors on text with text cursor. #22995(Draft)

custom_profile_fields: Fix empty field choices issue of select field. #22903

settings_users: Migrate "Manage user" and "Manage bot" modal to full profile modal. #22853

tables: Remove the use of bootstrap from tables. #22497

Merged pull requets

settings_bots: Make it possible to add bots from Organization settings > Bots. #22629

i18n: Add translation tags to default external accounts name. #22977

custom_profile_fields: Display data of default external account type in edit form modal. #22942

custom_profile_fields: Some improvements in settings > custom profile fields. #22818

settings_users: Change text of deactivate confirmation modals. #22592

bots: Improve bots profile summary. #22567

custom_profile_fields: Some changes for default "External account" type profile fields. #22371

bots: Allow bot owners to unsubscribe their own bots from streams using UI. #22333

Pull requests that are opened before coding period but have worked on during coding period

  • Pull requests that are still open

    popovers: Design changes for user profile popover. #21465

    compose: Disable send button while uploads are in progress. #21166

  • Pull requests that got merged

    tables: Cleanup of table-striped CSS block. #22032

    custom_profile_fields: Make "Add and Edit custom profile field" form into modals. #21878

    compose: Improve tooltip on compose box "x" button. #21655

    custom_profile_fields: Allow display in user profile popover. #21588

My experience with Zulip

In short, it has been a fantastic experience, nothing short of an adventure; I learned a lot, mostly during the code and product design reviews process, such as how to write cleaner and more readable code, how to implement UI/UX in a more user-friendly way, seeing members of the Zulip community communicating and discussing helped to improve my communication; Zulip is a very active community that has enabled me to process my work in an unstoppable manner.

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