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Triggers Description Requirement
API Gateway Trigger AWS Lambda function over HTTPS API Endpoint name
API Endpoint Deployment Stage
Security Role
AWS IoT Trigger AWS Lambda for performing specific action by mapping your AWS IoT Dash Button (Cloud Programmable Dash Button) DSN (Device Serial Number)
Alexa Skill Kit Trigger AWS Lambda to build services that give new skills to Alexa --
Alexa Smart Home Trigger AWS Lambda with desired skill Application ID (Skill)
Application Load Balancer Trigger AWS Lambda from ALB Application Load Balancer
Listener (It is the port that ALP receivce traffice)
CloudFront Trigger AWS Lambda based on difference CloudFront event. CloudFront distribution, Cache behaviour, CloudFront event (Origin request/response, Viewer request/response).
To set CloudFront trigger, one need to publish the version of Lambda.
Runtime is limited to Node.js 6.10
/tmp/ space is not available
Environment variables, DLQ & Amazon VPC's cannot be used
CloudWatch Events Trigger AWS Lambda on desired time interval (rate(1 day)) or on the state change of EC2, RDS, S3, Health. Rule based on either Event Pattern (time interval)
Schedule Expression (Auto Scaling on events like Instance launch and terminate
AWS API call via CloudTrail
CloudWatch Logs Trigger AWS Lambda based on the CloudWatch Logs Log Group Name
Code Commit Trigger AWS Lambda based on the AWS CodeCommit version control system Repository Name
Event Type
Cognito Sync Trigger Trigger AWS Lambda in response to event, each time the dataset is synchronized Cognito Identity Pool dataset
DynamoDB Trigger AWS Lambda whenever the DynomoDB table is updated DynamoDB Table name
Batch Size(The largest number of records that AWS Lambda will retrieve from your table at the time of invoking your function. Your function receives an event with all the retrieved records)
Kinesis Trigger AWS Lambda whenever the Kinesis stream is updated Kinesis Stream
Batch Size
S3 Trigger AWS Lambda in response to file dropped in S3 bucket Bucket Name
Event Type (Object Removed, Object Created)
SNS Trigger AWS Lambda whenever the message is published to Amazon SNS Topic SNS Topic
SQS Trigger AWS Lambda on message arrival in SQS SQS queue
Batch size
Limitation: It only works with Standard queue and not FIFO queue
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