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# This isn't meant to be ran as a script, but line-by-line
# Props to Binary ( for helping me with this
# 0: Create a Scaleway instance and SSH into it
ssh root@...
# 1: Install Nix
apt-get install bzip2
adduser user # set a password, doesn't matter what because it's not staying long
adduser user sudo
View swagger.json
"swagger": "2.0",
"info": {
"version": "1.0",
"title": "RedBot Configuration API"
"paths": {
"/redbot/{bot-id}": {
"get": {
"tags": [

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am yogsototh on github.
  • I am yogsototh ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASB9axNN7YTw6AKkfRe8lAepI3rGMErpBB1wiqJavQVmAAo

To claim this, I am signing this object:



When starting on Mac, the Emacs doesn't have some environment variable set correctly. Typically it is terrible when you use GPG, pinentry-mac, gpg-agent But also a lot of different variables used to make git works correctly, etc...


  1. Create the file ~/bin/


The Advanced Threat Security Team in Cisco's Security Business Group is building a global scale, multi-product security platform with an emphasis on Threat Intelligence and Incident Response support.

Our system runs as a distributed cluster in the cloud, and shrunk down to a single on-premises appliance. This keeps us focused on simple solutions, clear abstractions between services, composition of

View handler.clj
(ns mtest.handler
(:require [compojure.api.sweet :refer :all]
[ring.util.http-response :refer :all]
[schema.core :as s]))
(s/defschema Pizza
{:name s/Str
(s/optional-key :description) s/Str
:size (s/enum :L :M :S)
:origin {:country (s/enum :FI :PO)
View commit-msg
# This file should be in .git/hooks/commit-msg
# It uses the current branch name to prefix the commit message.
name=$(git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD | sed 's/\(issue-[0-9]*\).*/\1/')
if [ $name != 'HEAD' ]; then
cat $1 | sed "s/^$name: //" | egrep -v "^#" > $1.tmp
echo -n "$name"': ' > $1
cat $1.tmp >> $1
View metrics.json
"ring.handling-time.CONNECT": {
"max": 0,
"mean": 0.0,
"min": 0,
"percentiles": {
"0.75": 0.0,
"0.95": 0.0,
"0.99": 0.0,
"0.999": 0.0,

Add Java Cacert

Use the preceeding script when you get

SSLHandshakeException General SSLEngine problem

You generally need to add the certificate for the website you want to add.

View app.elm
import Signal exposing (Address,Mailbox,mailbox)
import Html exposing (..)
import Html.Attributes exposing (..)
import Html.Events exposing (onClick,on,targetValue)
import Task exposing (Task,andThen)
import Http exposing (multipart,stringData)
import Time exposing (every,second)
main : Signal Html