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World's oceans are also acidifying to a similar rate as the Permian extinction (but again in 100 years instead of 20k-60k), with an anoxic event locked in after 1,000ppm or 360 gigatons, which we will reach by 2100 at the latest. So that's whatever's left wiped out.

And here's what's currently happening with food production. Two different groups of 200+ scientists and academics, separately from each other, each warned of near-term global collapse:

Examples of record-breaking crop failures currently happening:

Scientific studies projecting future crop failures:

News articles about projected crop failures:

Given that our response to the pandemic has been to largely ignore the science and try to get back to business as usual and we're still largely pretending that climate change isn't happening, I don't really have much hope for continued existence of human civilization.

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