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script to download walpapers from


  1. install Node.js
  2. install Lumo: npm install -g lumo-cljs
  3. save script locally
  4. run the script with the URL, e.g:
    ./gallery.cljs ""

gallery list

  • Night Lights -
  • Glaciers -
  • Glorious Earth -
  • Most Popular -
  • Cupola Views -
  • North America -
  • South America -
  • Europe -
  • Africa -
  • Asia -
  • Australia / New Zealand -
  • Art Gallery -
  • Atlantic -
  • Pacific -

Steps to find a gallery URL:

  • go to and select the gallery you wish to download
  • open the network tab in the browser and look for the XHR request with the option, e.g:

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@iku000888 iku000888 commented Aug 18, 2017

Just wanted to drop a thanks for this sample.
It has a lot of good examples when it is your first dive into lumo :)


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@crocket crocket commented Jul 20, 2018

I think lines 1-9 can improve.

#!/usr/bin/env lumo
(require '[cljs.nodejs :as node]
         '[clojure.pprint :refer [pprint]]
         '[clojure.string :as string :refer [join split starts-with?]]

(js/process.on "uncaughtException" js/console.error)
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