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yohgaki/bench.php Secret

Last active Aug 29, 2015
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PHP Script that benchmarks verious timing safe functions.
$iterations = 1000000;
$data_size = 1024;
$funcs = ['str_siphash_compare', 'str_xxhash32_compare', 'str_md5_compare', 'str_byte_compare', 'str_byte_compare2', 'str_word_compare', 'str_compare' ];
foreach($funcs as $f) {
benchmark($f, $iterations, $data_size);
function benchmark($f, $i, $dsz) {
$d1 = file_get_contents("/dev/urandom", 0,NULL,-1,$dsz);
$d2 = file_get_contents("/dev/urandom", 0,NULL,-1,$dsz);
$n = 0;
$start = microtime(TRUE);
while($n < $i) {
if ($f($d1,$d2)) {
echo 'Error: '.$f.' '.$n.$d1.$d2.PHP_EOL;
printf('%-20s Elapsed: %f Iterations: %d DataSize: %d'.PHP_EOL, $f, microtime(TRUE)-$start, $i, $dsz);
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