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public abstract class BindViewHolder<T> extends RecyclerView.ViewHolder {
public BindViewHolder(View itemView) {
abstract void onBind(int position, T item);
public class IconViewHolder extends BindViewHolder<String> {
public SimpleDraweeView icon;
public IconViewHolder(View itemView) {
ButterKnife.inject(this, itemView);
public void onBind(int position, String item) {
public class ListRecyclerAdapter<T, VH extends BindViewHolder<T>> extends RecyclerView.Adapter<VH> {
private List<T> mList = Collections.emptyList();
protected Action3<VH, Integer, T> mOnBindViewHolder;
protected Func2<ViewGroup, Integer, VH> mOnCreateViewHolder;
public ListRecyclerAdapter(List<T> list) {
mList = list;
public static <R, VHH extends BindViewHolder<R>> ListRecyclerAdapter<R, VHH> create() {
return create(new ArrayList<>());
public static <R, VHH extends BindViewHolder<R>> ListRecyclerAdapter<R, VHH> create(List<R> list) {
return new ListRecyclerAdapter<>(list);
public VH onCreateViewHolder(ViewGroup parent, int viewType) {
if (mOnCreateViewHolder != null) return, viewType);
return null;
protected ListRecyclerAdapter<T, VH> createViewHolder(Func2<ViewGroup, Integer, VH> onCreateViewHolder) {
mOnCreateViewHolder = onCreateViewHolder;
return this;
private boolean onBindViewHolderSupered;
public void onBindViewHolder(VH viewHolder, int position) { // final, DO NOT Override until certainly
onBindViewHolderSupered = false;
onBindViewHolder(viewHolder, position, mList.get(position));
if (!onBindViewHolderSupered) throw new IllegalArgumentException("super.onBindViewHolder() not be called");
// super me
public void onBindViewHolder(VH viewHolder, int position, T item) { // final, DO NOT Override until certainly
onBindViewHolderSupered = true;
if (mOnBindViewHolder == null) {
mOnBindViewHolder = (v, p, i) -> v.onBind(p, i);
}, position, item);
public ListRecyclerAdapter<T, VH> bindViewHolder(Action3<VH, Integer, T> onBindViewHolder) {
mOnBindViewHolder = onBindViewHolder;
return this;
public int getItemCount() {
return mList.size();
ListRecyclerAdapter<String, IconViewHolder> listAdapter = ListRecyclerAdapter.create();
listAdapter.createViewHolder((parent, viewType) -> new IconViewHolder(LayoutInflater.from(context).inflate(R.layout.item_icon, parent, false)));
icons.setLayoutManager(new LinearLayoutManager(activity));
listAdapter.notifyDataSetChanged(); // TODO hook List.add(), List.addAll(), etc. modifitable operations

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yongjhih commented Jun 29, 2015

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