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sublimetext open file at cursor

Open keyboard bindings file, and add a line to it

    { "keys": ["alt+o"], "command": "open_file_at_cursor" } // this one
import sublime, sublime_plugin
import os.path, string
import re
VALID_FILENAME_CHARS = "-_.() %s%s%s" % (string.ascii_letters, string.digits, "/\\")
filename_re = re.compile(r'[\w/\.-]+')
class OpenFileAtCursor(sublime_plugin.TextCommand):
def run(self, edit):
for region in self.view.sel():
# Find anything looking like file in whole line at cursor
whole_line = self.view.substr(self.view.line(region))
row, col = self.view.rowcol(region.begin())
while col >= len(whole_line) or whole_line[col] in VALID_FILENAME_CHARS:
col -= 1
m =, col)
if m:
filename =
sublime.status_message("Opening file '%s'" % (filename))
sublime.status_message("No filename discovered")
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