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Renders a FreeCAD file to png
This renders a FreeCAD .FCStd file to a .png file in the same directory
Usage: path/to/someFile.FCStd
- make sure you have the latest version of FreeCAD installed
- make sure you have the pivy (python bindongs for coin3D) package installed
- make sure FreeCAD is importable from python (use the commented line below if needed)
- on linux, the X server must have indirect rendering enabled in order to be able to do
offline PNG rendering. Unfortunatley, this is turned off by default on most recent
distros. The easiest way I found is to edit (or create if inexistant) /etc/X11/xorg.conf
and add this:
Section "ServerFlags"
Option "AllowIndirectGLX" "on"
Option "IndirectGLX" "on"
(if your xorg.conf already has a "ServerFlags" section, just add the two options in it).
There might be other ways for other distros though, google for "enable indirect glx"
with your distro name and version
BACKGROUND = (1.0,1.,1.0) # white background
import os # builtin python lib
import sys # builtin python lib
# if needed, uncomment and set the path to your (or FreeCAD.pyd on windows) below:
# sys.path.append("/path/to/")
# Another way, more system-independent, is to symlink your file to
# .local/lib/Python3.7/site-packages (user-wide) or
# /usr/lib/python3.7/dis-packages (system-wide)
# (using your version of python3 instead of 3.7 in the links above if applicable)
import FreeCAD # main freecad lib, to be imported before any other FreeCAD component (will add their paths to sys)
import OfflineRenderingUtils # the offline rendering utilities module
# build full filepaths (not 100% required, relative paths work in python too, but always safer)
freecadFile = os.path.join(os.getcwd(),sys.argv[-1])
baseFileName = os.path.splitext(freecadFile)[0]
# open FreeCAD file
doc =
# build color dict
colors = OfflineRenderingUtils.getColors(freecadFile)
# get the camera data from the file (used in some functions below)
camera = OfflineRenderingUtils.getCamera(freecadFile)
# build coin scene
scene = OfflineRenderingUtils.buildScene(doc.Objects,colors)
# export to PNG
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