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A FreeCAD macro that checks all visible objects for lines too tiny for Revit
import FreeCAD,FreeCADGui,Part
minl = 0.8 # 0.8 millimeters is the minimum line size that Revit is able to swallow. Pitiful, I know...
edges = []
if FreeCAD.ActiveDocument:
for o in FreeCAD.ActiveDocument.Objects:
if o.ViewObject.Visibility == True:
if o.isDerivedFrom("Part::Feature"):
if o.Shape:
for e in o.Shape.Edges:
if e.Length <= minl:
if edges:
result = Part.makeCompound(edges)
r = FreeCAD.ActiveDocument.Objects[-1]
r.ViewObject.LineWidth = 3

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@yorikvanhavre yorikvanhavre commented Dec 4, 2018


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