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Basic git post-receive hook file to deploy a Rails app.
# Production environment
export RAILS_ENV="production"
# This loads RVM into a shell session. Uncomment if you're using RVM system wide.
# [[ -s "/usr/local/lib/rvm" ]] && . "/usr/local/lib/rvm"
exit_with_error() {
echo "[DEPLOY] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An error has occurred !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
exit 1
# Initial directory is .git, so go to the working copy directory
cd ${APP_PATH}/current
echo "**********************************************************************"
echo " Deploying application... "
echo "**********************************************************************"
# Add everything to the index and then reset hard to both sweep changed files
# (like cached pages) and update the working copy.
echo "[DEPLOY] - * Updating application working tree"
env -i git add .
env -i git reset --hard || exit_with_error
env -i git pull origin master
echo "[DEPLOY] - * Linking Configuration and directories"
ln -nfs ${APP_PATH}/shared/config/database.yml ${APP_PATH}/current/config/database.yml || exit_with_error
ln -nfs ${APP_PATH}/shared/log/ ${APP_PATH}/current/log || exit_with_error
ln -nfs ${APP_PATH}/shared/bundle/ ${APP_PATH}/current/vendor/bundle || exit_with_error
echo "[DEPLOY] - * Running bundle"
bundle install --deployment --without development test || exit_with_error
echo "[DEPLOY] - * Migrating database"
bundle exec rake db:migrate || exit_with_error
echo "[DEPLOY] - * Restarting application"
mkdir -p tmp/
touch tmp/restart.txt
echo "[DEPLOY] - * Successfully deployed application to ${APP_PATH}/current"

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commented Jan 21, 2014

Thanks for posting this file! Could you explain how line 9 works with rvm being used globally?

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