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td-agent.conf for Solr log for parsing query log.
type tail
path /opt/solr/solr-4.9.0/example/logs/solr.log
pos_file /var/log/td-agent/solr.log.pos
tag raw.solr.log
format /^(?<loglevel>[^ ]*) (?<hyp>[^ ]*) (?<time>[^ ]* [^ ]*) (?<class>[^ ]*) \[(?<core>[^ ]*)\] webapp=\/(?<webapp>[^ ]*) path=\/(?<path>[^ ]*) params={(?<params>[^ ]*)} hits=(?<hits>[^ ]*) status=(?<status>[^ ]*) QTime=(?<Qtime>[^ ]*) /
time_format %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S.%L;
<match raw.solr.log>
type fields_parser
remove_tag_prefix raw
# add_tag_prefix debug
parse_key params
# fields_key params
pattern ([\w|\.]+)=([^ &]*)
<match solr.log>
type elasticsearch
type_name solr_log
host localhost
port 9200
logstash_format true
include_tag_key true
tag_key @log_name
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