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Arduino ESP32 save DHT11 to Google Sheet by IFTTT
#include <WiFi.h>
#include <WiFiMulti.h>
#include <HTTPClient.h>
//pls use sketch/include library/manage library find simpledht by winlin
//or you can use another library
#include <SimpleDHT.h>
int pinDHT11 = 2; //set dht11 at pin2
SimpleDHT11 dht11(pinDHT11);
WiFiMulti wifiMulti;
char* WifiSSID="YouSSID";
char* WifiPassword="YouPassword";
//1.replace https with http
//2.replace youreventname with your event name
//3.replace yourkey at the end of url with your key
String IFTTTUrl="";
void setup() {
wifiMulti.addAP(WifiSSID, WifiPassword);
for(uint8_t t = 4; t > 0; t--) {
Serial.printf("[SETUP] WAIT %d...\n", t);
void loop() {
// wait for WiFi connection
if(( == WL_CONNECTED)) {
//=======Reading dht11 data==============
Serial.println("reading DHT11...");
byte temperature = 0;
byte humidity = 0;
int err = SimpleDHTErrSuccess;
//reading data
if ((err =, &humidity, NULL)) != SimpleDHTErrSuccess) {
Serial.print("Read DHT11 failed, err="); Serial.println(err);
return;//dht read error
Serial.print("Reading OK: ");
//=======dht11 data read==========
//regenerate url string with temp and humd
String url=IFTTTUrl+"?value1="+String((int)temperature)+"&value2="+String((int)humidity);
//Start to send data to IFTTT
HTTPClient http;
Serial.print("[HTTP] begin...\n");
http.begin(url); //HTTP
Serial.print("[HTTP] GET...\n");
// start connection and send HTTP header
int httpCode = http.GET();
// httpCode will be negative on error
if(httpCode > 0) {
// HTTP header has been send and Server response header has been handled
Serial.printf("[HTTP] GET... code: %d\n", httpCode);
// file found at server
if(httpCode == HTTP_CODE_OK) {
String payload = http.getString();
} else {
Serial.printf("[HTTP] GET... failed, error: %s\n", http.errorToString(httpCode).c_str());
delay(30000);//send data every 20 seconds
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