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(ns pallet-simple
(:use [pallet core compute resource])
(:use [pallet.crate.automated-admin-user])
(:use [pallet.crate.couchdb :only (couchdb)])
(:use [ :only (java)])
(:use [pallet.crate.jetty :only (jetty)]))
(def ec2-access-id "Your-Access-ID-Here")
(def ec2-secret-key "Your-Secret-Key-Here")
(def ec2-service (compute-service "ec2" :identity ec2-access-id :credential ec2-secret-key))
(defnode couchnode {:image-id "us-east-1/ami-da0cf8b3" :min-ram (* 7 1024) :min-cores 2}
:bootstrap (phase (automated-admin-user))
:configure (phase (java :openjdk)
(converge {couchnode 5} :compute ec2-service)
(lift couchnode :compute ec2-service
:phase (phase (jetty)))
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