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Last active Nov 10, 2019
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Reverting from Open WRT to OEM firmware for Zyxel Armor Z2 NBG6817


I'm using Manjaro but this is valid for Arch.

Install atftp and net-tools. I'm using trizen and ohmyzsh aliases.

trin atftp net-tools

Set up OEM firmware in TFTP server home

cd /tmp
unzip ARMOR\ Z2\ \(NBG6817\)_V1.00\(ABCS.9\)
rm NBG*
rm ARMOR\ Z2\ \(NBG6817\)_V1.00\(ABCS.9\)
mv V1.00\(ABCS.9\)C0.bin ras.bin
mv ras.bin /srv/atftp
cd /srv/atftp
sudo chown atftp:atftp ras.bin

Start and check TFTP server

# BEFORE Starting
# change your LAN ip to

# start tftp server
sudo systemctl start atftp.service
# check status
sudo systemctl status atftp.service
# check you can retrieve the file
cd ~
get ras.bin
# check the file is in the current directory
ls -lah ras.bin

Before rebooting the router with the WPS button pressed, make sure you open a terminal and run:

journalctl /usr/bin/atftpd -f

You should see something similar to this, while rebooting the router:

nov 10 17:45:42 yolosan-pc atftpd[27663]: Serving ras.bin to
nov 10 17:45:42 yolosan-pc atftpd[27663]: timeout option -> 5
nov 10 17:45:42 yolosan-pc atftpd[27663]: blksize option -> 1468
nov 10 17:45:46 yolosan-pc atftpd[27663]: Server thread exiting

It means that the router got the firmware.

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