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from typing import Dict, Any, Optional
def extract(raw_data: Dict[Any, Any]) -> Dict[Any, Any]:
if not isinstance(raw_data, dict):
raise TypeError("Failed to load data: Data type must be dict")
return raw_data
def _change_data_types(raw_data: Dict[Any, Any]) -> Dict[str, int]:
return {str(k): int(v) for k, v in raw_data.items()}
except Exception as e:
raise e
def transform(struct: Dict[str, int]) -> Dict[str, int]:
prepared_data: Dict[str, int] = _change_data_types(struct)
return {k: v ** 2 for k, v in prepared_data.items()}
def load(
struct: Dict[str, int], database_id: str
) -> Optional[Dict[str, Dict[str, int]]]:
database: Dict[str, Dict[str, int]] = {"squared": {}}
if database_id == "squared":
database[database_id] = struct
return database
return None
if __name__ == "__main__":
# Define the data
data: Dict[str, int] = {
"a": 213,
"b": 314,
_id: str = "squared"
new_data: Optional[Dict[str, Dict[str, int]]] = load(transform(extract(data)), _id)
if new_data:
print(new_data) # {'squared': {'a': 45369, 'b': 98596}}
assert new_data == {"squared": {"a": 45369, "b": 98596}}
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