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# "testwebhook" is the name of our target list
Add-PnPWebhookSubscription -List testwebhook -NotificationUrl
# The command above outputs the following
# Id : 080e41c2-3c30-4c4d-8d1c-fa22249aedc0
# ClientState :
# ExpirationDateTime : 12-Mar-18 22:00:00
# NotificationUrl :
# Resource : 6efa3b51-f514-4b88-9117-3d158e3f8fe2
# We can also remove the subscription with the following Cmdlet
Remove-PnPWebhookSubscription -List testwebhook -Identity 080e41c2-3c30-4c4d-8d1c-fa22249aedc0
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