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Last active Jan 25, 2019
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A service for fetching basic SharePoint list information
import { ServiceScope, ServiceKey } from "@microsoft/sp-core-library";
import { SPHttpClient } from "@microsoft/sp-http";
* The List service contract
export interface IListService {
configure(webUrl: string, listId: string);
getListData(): Promise<IListData>;
export interface IListData {
Title: string;
ItemsCount: number;
const SERVICE_KEY_TOKEN = "ListService";
* List service default implementation
export class ListService implements IListService {
private _listId: string;
private _webUrl: string;
constructor(private serviceScope: ServiceScope) {}
* Set the configuration of the service
* @param webUrl The URL of the SharePoint web
* @param listId THe ID of the list to work on
public configure(webUrl: string, listId: string) {
this._webUrl = webUrl;
this._listId = listId;
* Gets basic information about the configured SharePoint list
public getListData(): Promise<IListData> {
const apiUrl = `${this._webUrl}/_api/web/lists(guid'${this._listId}')?$select=Title,ItemCount`;
const client = this.serviceScope.consume(SPHttpClient.serviceKey);
return client.get(apiUrl, SPHttpClient.configurations.v1)
.then(r => r.json())
.then(r => ({
Title: r.Title,
ItemsCount: r.ItemCount
} as IListData));
public static serviceKey: ServiceKey<IListService> = ServiceKey.create(SERVICE_KEY_TOKEN, ListService);
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