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Equal column spacing for Android RecyclerView GridLayoutManager by using custom ItemDecoration


public class ItemOffsetDecoration extends RecyclerView.ItemDecoration {

    private int mItemOffset;

    public ItemOffsetDecoration(int itemOffset) {
        mItemOffset = itemOffset;

    public ItemOffsetDecoration(@NonNull Context context, @DimenRes int itemOffsetId) {

    public void getItemOffsets(Rect outRect, View view, RecyclerView parent,
            RecyclerView.State state) {
        super.getItemOffsets(outRect, view, parent, state);
        outRect.set(mItemOffset, mItemOffset, mItemOffset, mItemOffset);


In your source code, add ItemOffsetDecoration to your recyclerview.
Item offset value should be half size of the actual value you want to add as space between items.

mRecyclerView.setLayoutManager(new GridLayoutManager(context, NUM_COLUMNS);
ItemOffsetDecoration itemDecoration = new ItemOffsetDecoration(context, R.dimen.item_offset);

Also, set item offset value as padding for its recyclerview, and specify android:clipToPadding=false.


DONE. You will get an equal spaces around items.

Thanks, works like a charm !

Thanks, I need some help on other problem.
I want to make items equally spaced in a RecyclerView. Items are not displayed in Grid but are displayed Linearly.
Suppose screen can hold 5 items. Now if list contains less than 5 items then they should take up the whole screen by equally increasing space between them. And if no of items are greater than 5 then user can scroll and the minimum space is maintained between 2 items.
How can I achieve this.

krishnameena commented Jul 5, 2016

It is working fine but I am calling new Activity from the recyclerview and when I am coming back to my previous activity the space automatically becomes 2 times every time. Any solution for that ?

tiwiz commented Aug 17, 2016

@krishnameena: have you tried calling RecyclerView.removeItemDecoration() in the onStop method? :-)

@tiwiz You just saved me loads of fruitless searching. Thank you very much!

Thanks! I spent whole day trying to find a solution.

him407 commented Dec 30, 2016

Thank you, it is work for my apps.

This is amazing.

amazing! Thank you very much :-) 👍 💯

what is the offset value that u mentioned?

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