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yrashish/ Secret

Created Apr 13, 2021
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Image Building Method Ease of use Time taken for first time build and push Time taken for subsequent build and push time without changes Time taken for subsequent build and push with changes Space utilization Memory consumption
Docker simple Complex 1 minute 41 seconds 24.26 seconds 38.27 seconds 664 MB 138.7MiB
Docker Multistage Complex ~ 4 minutes 12.3 seconds 2 minutes 79 seconds 237 MB 139.8MiB
Jib without Docker Easy 33.03 seconds 12.39 seconds 17.73 seconds 214 MB 116.8MiB
Jib with Docker Complex 56.60 seconds 24.41 seconds 34.34 seconds 214 MB 115.4MiB
Buildpack Easy 3 minutes 40 seconds 53.69 seconds 258 MB 121.8MiB
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