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Created May 11, 2015
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module Free where
import Control.Applicative (Applicative(..))
data Free f a = Pure a | Free (f (Free f a))
instance Functor f => Functor (Free f) where
fmap f (Pure a) = Pure (f a)
fmap f (Free fa) = Free (fmap (fmap f) fa)
instance Functor f => Applicative (Free f) where
pure = Pure
Pure f <*> Pure a = Pure (f a)
Pure f <*> Free ma = Free (fmap (fmap f) ma)
--Free mf <*> Pure a = Free (fmap (fmap (\f -> f a)) mf)
Free mf <*> a = Free (fmap (<*> a) mf)
instance Functor f => Monad (Free f) where
return = Pure
Pure a >>= f = f a
Free m >>= f = Free (fmap (>>= f) m)
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