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Go Slack postMessage (attachements ver)
package slack
import (
func PostMessage(channel string, title string, link string, message string) string {
attachements := [1]map[string]string{{
"pretext": title,
"title": title,
"title_link": link,
"text": message,
"color": "#2ecc71",
d, _ := json.Marshal(attachements)
data := url.Values{}
data.Set("token", os.Getenv("SLACK_API_TOKEN"))
data.Add("channel", channel)
data.Add("username", "your bot name")
data.Add("link_names", "1")
data.Add("attachments", string(d[:]))
client := &http.Client{}
r, _ := http.NewRequest(
r.Header.Add("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded")
resp, _ := client.Do(r)
return resp.Status
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