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Created July 8, 2018 07:40
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PoC: Offloading L3 FIB into a NIC hardware through tc
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import pyroute2
import socket
from pyroute2.netlink import rtnl
import subprocess
import time
from operator import itemgetter
class TCL3Switch(object):
def __init__(self, l3mdev_ifname, block=1, chain=0):
self._ipr = pyroute2.IPRoute()
self._l3mdev_ifindex = self._get_ifindex(l3mdev_ifname)
self._vrf_table_id = self._get_vrf_table_id(self._l3mdev_ifindex)
self._l3mdev_slaves = self._get_l3mdev_slaves(self._l3mdev_ifindex)
self._block = block
self._chain = chain
def _get_ifindex(self, ifname):
return self._ipr.link_lookup(ifname=ifname)[0]
except IndexError as e:
raise ValueError(f"ifname {ifname} is missing") from e
def _get_vrf_table_id(self, ifindex):
link = self._ipr.get_links(ifindex)[0]
for linkinfo in link.get_attrs("IFLA_LINKINFO"):
if linkinfo.get_attr("IFLA_INFO_KIND") == "vrf":
table_id = linkinfo.get_attr("IFLA_INFO_DATA").get_attr("IFLA_VRF_TABLE")
if table_id is not None:
return table_id
raise ValueError(f"Failed to find VRF table id for ifindex {l3mdev_ifindex}")
def _get_l3mdev_slaves(self, ifindex):
slaves = self._ipr.get_links(*self._ipr.link_lookup(master=ifindex))
slave_map = dict([(l["index"], l.get_attr("IFLA_IFNAME")) for l in slaves])
return slave_map
def _build_neighbour_flows(self):
neighbours = self._ipr.get_neighbours(state=rtnl.ndmsg.NUD_REACHABLE, family=socket.AF_INET)
for neigh in neighbours:
if neigh["ifindex"] in self._l3mdev_slaves.keys():
flow = dict(
yield flow
def _build_route_flows(self):
routes = self._ipr.get_routes(table=self._vrf_table_id, family=socket.AF_INET)
for route in routes:
dst = route.get_attr("RTA_DST")
dst_len = route["dst_len"]
oif = route.get_attr("RTA_OIF")
gateway = route.get_attr("RTA_GATEWAY")
if dst is None and dst_len == 0:
# default route
dst = ""
if route["type"] == rtnl.rt_type["unicast"] and gateway and oif:
gateway_neigh = self._ipr.get_neighbours(state=rtnl.ndmsg.NUD_REACHABLE, ifindex=oif,
flow = dict(
yield flow
except IndexError:
def _build_flows(self):
flows = list(self._build_neighbour_flows()) + list(self._build_route_flows())
flows.sort(key=itemgetter("dst_len"), reverse=True)
return flows
def _generate_flower_filters(self):
flows = self._build_flows()
for flow in flows:
command = f"flower dst_ip {flow['dst']}/{flow['dst_len']}"
if flow["action"] == "redirect":
ifname = self._l3mdev_slaves[flow['redirect_ifindex']]
command += f" action pedit ex munge eth dst set {flow['redirect_mac']}"
command += f" pipe mirred egress redirect dev {ifname}"
yield command
def set_ingress_qdisc(self):
for ifname in self._l3mdev_slaves.values():
command = f"tc qdisc add dev {ifname} ingress_block {self._block} ingress", shell=True)
def install_filters(self, pref_start):
filters = list(self._generate_flower_filters())
for pref, flower_filter in enumerate(filters, start=pref_start):
command = f"tc filter add block {self._block} protocol ip chain {self._chain} pref {pref} {flower_filter}", shell=True)
return len(filters)
def delete_filters(self, pref_start, num):
for pref in range(pref_start + num - 1, pref_start - 1, -1):
command = f"tc filter del block {self._block} protocol ip chain {self._chain} pref {pref}", shell=True)
def run(self, pref_offset=(1, 1001)):
pref_index = 0
pref_start = pref_offset[pref_index]
num_old = 0
while True:
num_new = self.install_filters(pref_start)
pref_index = (pref_index + 1) % 2
pref_start = pref_offset[pref_index]
self.delete_filters(pref_start, num_old)
num_old = num_new
if __name__ == '__main__':
import sys
l3mdev_ifname = sys.argv[1]
l3sw = TCL3Switch(l3mdev_ifname)
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