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html5 audio queue
<!doctype html>
//This plays a file, and call a callback once it completed (if a callback is set)
function play(audio, callback) {;
if (callback) {
//When the audio object completes it's playback, call the callback
audio.addEventListener('ended', callback);
//Changed the name to better reflect the functionality
function play_sound_queue(sounds) {
var index = 0;
function recursive_play() {
//If the index is the last of the table, play the sound
//without running a callback after
if (index + 1 === sounds.length) {
play(sounds[index], null);
} else {
//Else, play the sound, and when the playing is complete
//increment index by one and play the sound in the
//indexth position of the array
play(sounds[index], function() {
//Call the recursive_play for the first time
function play_all() {
play_sound_queue([new Audio(""), new Audio(""), new Audio("")]);
<a href="javascript:;" onclick="play_all();">PLAY THIS!</a>
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yuraloginoff commented Dec 10, 2020

No license or copyright needed. Free for commercial and personal usage.

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ghost commented Sep 30, 2021

Works great! It seems that there's a noticeable delay (1-2 seconds) before the next sound start's playing though. Do you know what could be causing this?

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