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Created Nov 30, 2011
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jboss async context log
12:49:37,425 INFO [stdout] (http-- initial request
12:49:38,427 INFO [stdout] (Timer-1) counter: 0
12:49:38,431 INFO [stdout] (http-- sending data: Test data: 1322650178427
12:49:38,433 INFO [stdout] (http-- done: null
12:49:38,433 INFO [stdout] (http-- restarting async
12:49:38,434 INFO [stdout] (http-- async start
12:49:38,434 INFO [stdout] (http-- async complete
12:49:39,427 INFO [stdout] (Timer-1) counter: 1
12:49:40,427 INFO [stdout] (Timer-1) counter: 2
12:49:41,427 INFO [stdout] (Timer-1) counter: 3
12:49:42,428 INFO [stdout] (Timer-1) counter: 4
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