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yuriy77k/ Secret

Forked from pro100skm/
Created Nov 24, 2018
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HYDRO audit report


This is the report from a security audit performed on HYDRO by pro100skm.

The audit focused primarily on the security of HYDRO contract.

In scope



In total, 2 issues were reported including:

  • 0 high severity issues.

  • 0 medium severity issues.

  • 2 low severity issues.

  • 0 minor observations.

Security issues

1. Known Issues of ERC20 Standard

Severity: low


approve + transferFrom mechanism allows double Withdrawal attack before decreasing approved ballance to zero.

2. Representation

Severity: low


Better use decimal variable in calculating totalSuplay amount.


There weren't detected any high severity vulnerabilities that can directly hurt the HYDRO smart contract. We highly recommend you to complete other bugbounty before use.

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