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yurukov /
Last active February 11, 2023 13:35
Transforms EPSG8122 to WGS84, reduces the precision and simplifies the structure if size is too big

Requires proj4 and simplify-geojson. Receives coordinates in EPSG:8122 projection as regularly used in Bulgarian arcgeo government servers. Transforms to geojson format with reduced precision of less than a meter. Then if the size of the resulting file is bigger than 20k characters, it simplifies it to reduce load on processing later on.

yurukov / bash commands
Last active March 19, 2017 16:54
Данни за спирките и линиите на градския транспорт във Варна
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wget -O stops.json ""
echo -n '{"type":"FeatureCollection","features":' > stops.geojson
sed 's_{"id"_\n{"type":"Feature","properties":{"id"_g;s_"text"_"name"_g;s_,"position":{"lat":_},"geometry":{"type":"Point","coordinates":[_g;s_,"lon":_,_g;s_}}_]}}_g' stops.json | sed 's_\[\([0-9.]\+\),\([0-9.]\+\)\]_[\2,\1]_g' >> stops.geojson
echo '}' >> stops.geojson
wget -O site
grep -o '/bg/Line/Routes/[^"]\+' site | sed 's_.*/__'| sort -un > linenumbers
for i in `cat linenumbers`; do echo -en $i"\t"; wget -q -O - "$i&direction=0" | grep -o '"id":[0-9]\+,"text"' | sed 's_"id":\|,"text"__g' | tr '\n' ',' | sed 's_,$__'; echo ""; done > lines.tsv
yurukov / bash commands
Last active April 7, 2022 12:24
Данни за спирките на градския транспорт в Пловдив
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wget -O plovdiv.html ""
grep -o '"number"[^}]\+' plovdiv.html | sed 's_"number":__;s_"\?,"\(name\|lat\|lng\)":"\?_\t_g;s_'"'"'_"_g;s_\\\\__g' | sort -n > stops.tsv
grep 'zul.sel.Listcell' plovdiv.html | grep -v "label:'Линия" | sed "s_\['zul[^{]*{__" | tr '\n' '|' | sed 's_,\[\]\],|__g' | tr '|' '\n' | sed "s_'}label.*'}label:'_\t_;s_'}label:.*_\t_;s_label:'[0-9]*\|'},\[\]\]\]\].*\| __g" > lines.tsv
echo -e "id\tname\tlat\tlng\tlines" > plovdiv.tsv
paste stops.tsv lines.tsv | sed 's_\t\t_\t_;s_"_""_g' | awk -F "\t" '{print $1"\t\""$2"\"\t"$3"\t"$4"\t"$5}' >> plovdiv.tsv
yurukov / bash commands
Last active March 7, 2018 13:04
Данни за спирките и линиите на градския транспорт в София
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wget -O a1
wget -O a2
wget -O a3
grep -h -o 'for="line[0-9]\+">[^<]\+' a* | sed 's_.*line__;s_">_\t_' > lines
mkdir l
for i in `sed 's_\t.*__' lines|sort -n`; do wget -q -O "l/$i.json" "$i"; echo -n "."; done
for i in l/*; do echo -e `cat $i` | sed 's_{"geometry":_\n{"geometry":_g' > temp; mv temp $i; done
echo '{"type": "FeatureCollection", "features": [' > stops.geojson
grep -h geometry l/* | sed 's_}}]}_}},_' >> stops.geojson
sed -i '$ s_}},_}}]}_' stops.geojson
View Marking neighboring municipalities
This is a small util for marking neighboring municipalities.
jquery, leaflet v101
When a municipality is marked as red, you need to click on all blue municialities
which are its neighbors. when that's done, you click on the red municipality itself
yurukov / scraper.js
Created April 5, 2016 14:05
Scraper for all pharmacies in Bulgaria
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function download(filename, text) {
var element = document.createElement('a');
element.setAttribute('href', 'data:text/plain;charset=utf-8,' + encodeURIComponent(text));
element.setAttribute('download', filename); = 'none';
yurukov / map.geojson
Last active March 3, 2016 14:24
Водоснабдителните зони на София
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yurukov / query.sql
Created February 23, 2016 20:10
Get the 24 h average level for PM10 in Sofia air quality data
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SELECT a.timest,a.level, a.isinvalid, (select round(avg(a1.level)) from air_sofia a1 where a1.station=a.station and a1.param=0 and a1.isinvalid=0 and a1.timest>=a.timest - interval 12 hour and a1.timest<a.timest + interval 12 hour) level24,(select count(a2.level) from air_sofia a2 where a2.station=a.station and a2.param=0 and a2.isinvalid=0 and a2.timest>=a.timest - interval 12 hour and a2.timest<a.timest + interval 12 hour) validcount FROM air_sofia a where param=0 and station=1
yurukov / README
Last active February 8, 2016 11:20
Scraper for the dog registry in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
1. Open
2. Select 50 entries per page
3. Copy JS in console and run
4. Back up the downloaded data file
5. Extract all addresses:
awk -F '\t' '{print $4}' plddogs.tsv | grep -v address | sed 's_,\? \?\(ет\|ап\)\.\? \?[0-9]\+ \?__g;s_ \?№ \?_ _' |sort -u > addr
6. Geotag the addresses:
php geotag.php addr > addrg
7. Merge geotagged addresses with scaraped data and exclude columns:
for i in `sed 's_\t_|_g;s_ _\__g' plddogs.tsv | grep -v address`;
yurukov / README
Last active August 29, 2015 14:27
Permalink update support and optimization of jetpack share module for WP
I updated my permalink structure from .../Y/m/d/title to .../Y/title.
Naturaly the share button count was set to 0 due to the new URL. My
solution was to use the old URL structure for the share buttons only
for posts before the update. The downside of this is that old posts
will be shared with the old url structure. Thus when shared, there'll
be another 301. Upside - share count is kept.
Also, I wanted to optimize the scripts written to the footer by the
share module of jetpack. The registered js file includes all the
scripts for opening the share dialogs in a new window. These are the