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Fish shell function that open file by Xcode
# ~/.config/fish/functions/
function xcode -d "Open file by Xcode"
set -l file $argv[1]
set -l a_option $argv[2]
set -l application $argv[3]
if test -z $a_option
set a_option -a
set application Xcode
else if test $a_option != -a
echo "Error: Option supports only '-a'"
return 1
else if test -z $application
echo "Error: Need to specify Xcode when using -a option"
return 1
set -l match_pattern (string match -nr 'Xcode' $application)
if test \( -z $match_pattern \) -o \( $match_pattern != '1 5' \)
echo "Error: Only application with 'Xcode' prefix are supported"
return 1
open $file $a_option $application
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