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install start-stop-daemon to centos, fedora, redhat.
cd /usr/local/src
tar zxvf apps-sys-utils-start-stop-daemon-IR1_9_18-2.tar.gz
cd apps/sys-utils/start-stop-daemon-IR1_9_18-2
gcc start-stop-daemon.c -o start-stop-daemon
cp start-stop-daemon /usr/sbin/
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itbj commented Mar 31, 2017


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guodage commented Aug 16, 2017


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JamesCullum commented Apr 3, 2018

Cleaner version, that removes all temporary files and doesn't change the working directory

# Download file
wget -O ~/start-stop-daemon.tar.gz

# Extract the directory
mkdir ~/start-stop-daemon
tar zxvf ~/start-stop-daemon.tar.gz -C ~/start-stop-daemon

# Compile and move executable
gcc ~/start-stop-daemon/apps/sys-utils/start-stop-daemon-IR1_9_18-2/start-stop-daemon.c -o ~/start-stop-daemon/start-stop-daemon
cp ~/start-stop-daemon/start-stop-daemon /usr/sbin/

# Clean up
rm -rf ~/start-stop-daemon
rm -f ~/start-stop-daemon.tar.gz

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