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Created September 24, 2014 09:18
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07:20 <yuvadm> i think we have a time zone diff here :) let's try this async'ly
07:22 <yuvadm> I think the relevant function here is add_field in the BaseSchemaEditor
07:24 <yuvadm> the right thing to do, i guess, is to edit the field.default directly, since it's just a field clone?
07:24 <yuvadm> (somewhere around line 422)
07:24 <yuvadm> or is there a better way to to this?
17:42 <andrewgodwin> I think the best way is to modify "effective_default"
17:42 <andrewgodwin> that's the function that's already there for the purpose of returning defaults that aren't exactly what their field says
19:53 <yuvadm> awesome i'll try that, thanks!
19:54 <yuvadm> i also added a unit test, but i failed to actually get it to fail
19:55 <yuvadm> any thoughts on what i should be asserting?
19:55 <yuvadm> i think i tried asserting something on the migration action.field.default
19:55 <andrewgodwin> You want to try adding a null=False field to a table with data in it
19:55 <andrewgodwin> under Postgres
19:55 <andrewgodwin> that checks the actual result
19:56 <yuvadm> will do that, thanks for the pointers :)
19:57 <andrewgodwin> it won't fail under sqlite, but since you're testing it always works, the one test will be fine
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