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Last active October 8, 2021 19:20
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install minikube

curl -LO
rpm -Uvh minikube-latest.x86_64.rpm

install and run libvirt

dnf install @virtualization
systemctl start libvirtd
systemctl enable libvirtd

minikube cleanup

minikube delete
rm -rf ~/.minikube

prepare minikube for Rook

  • we use the kvm2 dirver
  • make sure that the user (non root) is part the libvirt group:
$ sudo usermod -aG libvirt $USER && newgrp libvirt
  • run minikube (with 8 CPUs):
$ minikube start --cpus 8 --vm-driver=kvm2
  • create an sdb partition in minikube
$ UUID=$(uuidgen)
$ IMAGE=/var/lib/libvirt/images/minikube-$UUID
$ sudo qemu-img create -f raw $IMAGE 30G
$ sudo virsh attach-disk minikube $IMAGE vdb --cache none --persistent
  • restart minikube to use that partition:
$ minikube stop
$ minikube start
  • verify it is there:
$ minikube ssh lsblk
vda    253:0    0 19.5G  0 disk 
`-vda1 253:1    0 19.5G  0 part /mnt/vda1
vdb    253:16   0   30G  0 disk 


  • get the Rook code:
git clone
  • enter the ceph yamls directory:
cd rook/cluster/examples/kubernetes/ceph
  • install basic rook operator
kubectl apply -f crds.yaml -f common.yaml -f operator.yaml

since bucket notification support is still work-in-progress, replace image in: operator.yaml with:

  • install the ceph cluster
kubectl apply -f cluster-test.yaml

in order to workaround an issue with rabbitmq, replace the ceph image in: cluster-test.yaml with

  • install the object store
kubectl apply -f object-test.yaml

and wait for the RGW to run:

kubectl -n rook-ceph get pod -l app=rook-ceph-rgw

to workaround the rabbitmq issue, change the following conf parameter in the RGW:

ceph -c ceph.conf config set client.rgw.8000 rgw_allow_secrets_in_cleartext true

now we can set a storage class, topics, notifications, and OBCs. Documentation is here


operator logs:

kubectl logs -l app=rook-ceph-operator -n rook-ceph -f 

RGW logs:

kubectl logs -l app=rook-ceph-rgw -n rook-ceph -f 


install the rabbitmq operator

kubectl apply -f ""
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