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Move pull requests from GitHub to Gerrit
import os
import sys
import github
import sh
import jinja2
import yaml
import re
WORKING_DIR = "/Users/yuvipanda/suchaworking"
CONFIG_PATH = os.path.expanduser('~/.suchabot.yaml')
OWNER = "wikimedia"
CHANGE_ID_REGEX = re.compile('Change-Id: (\w+)')
COMMIT_MSG_TEMPLATE = jinja2.Template("""{{pr.title}}
Contains the following separate commits:
GitHub: {{pr.html_url}}
{% if change_id %}Change-Id: {{change_id}} {% endif %}""")
config = yaml.load(open(CONFIG_PATH))
gh = github.GitHub(username=config['github']['username'], password=config['github']['password'])
def is_git_repo(path):
return os.path.exists(path) and os.path.exists(os.path.join(path, '.git'))
def path_for_name(name):
return os.path.join(WORKING_DIR, name.replace('/', '-'))
def ensure_repo(name):
fs_name = name.replace('/', '-')
clone_folder = os.path.join(WORKING_DIR, fs_name)
if is_git_repo(clone_folder):
sh.git.pull('origin', 'master')'-s')
sh.git.clone(GERRIT_TEMPLATE % name, fs_name)
def get_pullreq(name, number):
gh_name = name.replace('/', '-')
pr = gh.repos(OWNER, gh_name).pulls(number).get()
return pr
def gerrit_url_for(change_id):
return ",%s,n,z" % change_id
def format_commit_msg(pr, commit_summaries, change_id=None):
return COMMIT_MSG_TEMPLATE.render(pr=pr, commit_summaries=commit_summaries, change_id=change_id)
# Assumes current directory and work tree
def get_last_change_id():
header = str(sh.git('--no-pager', 'log', '-n', '1'))
def do_review(name, pr):
gh_name = name.replace('/', '-')
path = path_for_name(name)
sh.git.branch('-D', 'tmp')
sh.git.checkout('-b', 'tmp')
commit_summaries = sh.git('--no-pager', 'log', '--no-color', 'master..tmp')
# Author of last patch is going to be the author of the commit on Gerrit. Hmpf
author = sh.git('--no-pager', 'log', '--no-color', '-n', '1', '--format="%an <%ae>"')
branch_name = 'github/pr/%s' % pr.number
if branch_name in sh.git.branch():
print "already exists!"
change_id = get_last_change_id()
sh.git.reset('--hard', 'HEAD~1')
sh.git.merge('--squash', 'tmp')
sh.git.commit('--author', author, '-m', format_commit_msg(pr, commit_summaries, change_id))
gh.repos(OWNER, gh_name).issues(pr.number)'Updated in Gerrit: %s' % gerrit_url_for(change_id))
sh.git.checkout('-b', branch_name)
sh.git.merge('--squash', 'tmp')
sh.git.commit('--author', author, '-m', format_commit_msg(pr, commit_summaries))
change_id = get_last_change_id()
gh.repos(OWNER, gh_name).issues(pr.number)'Submitted to Gerrit: %s' % gerrit_url_for(change_id))
if __name__ == '__main__':
name = sys.argv[1]
pr_num = sys.argv[2]
print do_review(name, get_pullreq(name, pr_num))
# Stupid bad bad script
# But works
# Usage:
# ./sync-gerrit.bash <Pull Request URL> <topic-branch-name>
rm -rf .git/rebase-apply
git checkout master
git branch -D tmp
git checkout -b tmp
curl $1.patch | git am
git checkout master
git checkout -b $2
git merge --squash tmp
git commit
git review

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@yuvipanda yuvipanda commented Mar 16, 2013

Should really be python, and will hopefully be python by tomorrow.

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