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A manual data clensing and drawing of probability plot
from scipy.stats import norm
quantiles = [] # records midpoints that we calculate
quantiles_percent = [] # records the proportion of the date lie below the quantile
for i, val in enumerate(returns[:-1]):
quantiles.append((val + returns[i+1])/2)
sorted_quantiles = sorted(quantiles)
qp_array = np.array(quantiles_percent).reshape(-1,1)
tq_array = np.array(sorted_quantiles).reshape(-1,1)
qq_df = pd.DataFrame(np.concatenate((qp_array, tq_array), axis=1),
columns=['percent_below', 'quantile'])
qq_df['theoretical_quantile'] = [norm.ppf(percentage) for percentage in qq_df['percent_below']]
ax = qq_df.plot.scatter(x='theoretical_quantile', y='quantile', label='actual')
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