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Created October 8, 2020 05:37
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Kubeflow test sample
# Add kfctl to PATH, to make the kfctl binary easier to use.
export PATH=$PATH:"/usr/bin"
# Use the following kfctl configuration file for the standard AWS setup:
export CONFIG_URI=""
# export CONFIG_URI=""
# Set an environment variable for your AWS cluster name, and set the name
# of the Kubeflow deployment to the same as the cluster name.
export AWS_CLUSTER_NAME="kubeflow-sample"
# Set the path to the base directory where you want to store one or more
# Kubeflow deployments. For example, /opt/.
# Then set the Kubeflow application directory for this deployment.
export BASE_DIR=$(pwd)
export KF_DIR=${BASE_DIR}/${KF_NAME}
export CONFIG_FILE=${KF_DIR}/kfctl_aws.yaml
mkdir -p ${KF_DIR}
# Download your configuration files, so that you can customize the configuration before deploying Kubeflow.
wget -O kfctl_aws.yaml $CONFIG_URI
mv ./kfctl_aws.yaml ${KF_DIR}
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