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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang='ja'>
<!-- ChromeだけOK -->
<textarea id='' name='' cols='30' rows='10' placeholder='ああ&#x000A;あああ'></textarea>
<!-- ダメ -->
<textarea id='' name='' cols='30' rows='10' placeholder="あああ&lt;br&gt;あああ"></textarea>
<!-- ChromeだけOK -->
<textarea id='' name='' cols='30' rows='10' placeholder='ああ
<!-- には User agents should present this hint to the user when the element's value is the empty string and the control is not focused (e.g. by displaying it inside a blank unfocused control). All U+000D CARRIAGE RETURN U+000A LINE FEED character pairs (CRLF) in the hint, as well as all other "CR" (U+000D) and "LF" (U+000A) characters in the hint, must be treated as line breaks when rendering the hint. には placeholder = string without line breaks
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