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Swoole - Asynchronous & concurrent & distributed networking framework for PHP.

Swoole is an event-based & concurrent framework for internet applications, written in C, for PHP.


The network layer in Swoole is event-based and takes full advantage of the underlaying epoll/kqueue implementation, making it really easy to serve thousands of connections.

ywarnier /
Created January 11, 2014 22:24 — forked from lovasoa/


PHP script that converts ODT to HTML

ophir.php is a lightweight script that parses an open document file and outputs a simple HTML file, with very few tags (contrarily to most other tools that do the same).


Currently, the script parses bold (b tag), italic (i tag), underline (u tag), quotations (blockquote tag), images (using data URIs), links, headings (h1, h2, ...), lists (ul and li), tables (table tr and td) annotations and footnotes. Ophir.php can also ignore or remove some tags on demand. This can be useful if you want to extract only unformatted text from a document, or if you don't want tables, footnotes or annotations in the resulting HTML, or if the application that generated the ODT file produced unnecessary formatting informations ...


Everything that is not mentioned in the feature section is not supported.