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vimperator setting file
" vimperator setting
" vimp colorscheme ~/vimperator/colors
colorscheme yymm_sweets
" Title
set titlestring=Firefox
" detail = 5 lines
" set verbose=5
" j,k * 3
noremap j 3<C-e>
noremap k 3<C-y>
" h:1page back / l:1page return
noremap h <A-Left>
noremap l <A-Right>
" tabnew
noremap <silent> tn :<C-u>tabnew<CR>
" mybookmarks
map b :open about:mybookmarks<CR>
" gt gT -> J/K
noremap H gT
noremap L gt
"hint -> alphabet
set hintchars=asdfghjklzxcvbnm
" hint mode -> open newtab
"noremap f F
"noremap F f
" d -> Nop
noremap d <Nop>
" gh -> Nop
noremap gh <Nop>
" google search
map ,g :open<space>google<space>
map ,G :tabopen<space>google<space>
" tab-history
nnoremap < :tabh back<CR>
nnoremap > :tabh forward<CR>
" vimperator-copy.js
map ty :copyurl -t<CR>
map ry :copyurl -r<CR>
map my :copyurl -m<CR>
" no beep
set visualbell
highlight Bell display:none
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